22 Best Job Sites in the US

Looking for a new job? Find your next job on one of the job portals listed here on our list of the Best Job Sites in the US!
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As is the case with countries throughout the world, the US has experienced major changes in its job market over the last year and a half.

Despite taking a hit at the beginning of the pandemic, the economy is starting to recover, and there are currently millions of jobs available throughout the country (this includes approximately 2.4 million job openings for those who don’t have college degrees).

If you’re looking for a job right now, make sure you’re utilizing the best job sites to help you narrow down your search and find the right fit for your needs, goals, and skills. Job sites make it easier to streamline your search and help you apply for openings more efficiently than you could if you were working with a recruitment agency or searching for leads on social media.

Not sure which job sites to check out? Read on to learn more about the best job sites in the US.

One of the best job sites in the US is GrabJobs.

GrabJobs is a mobile-first job search platform that’s accessible via mobile app and desktop computer. It was designed with the goal of helping job seekers find open positions as smoothly, quickly, and painlessly as possible. It’s also free for applicants to use.

GrabJobs is currently used by over 5,000 companies throughout the world, including the United States. Through this platform, you’ll find that you can learn about openings in your area in no time.

Job seekers will love GrabJobs’ automatic profile generation feature, which helps them to apply for jobs in less than a minute. It offers lots of career resources, too, including online courses and articles that every job seeker can learn from.

CareerBuilder is one of the largest online job boards in the world, and it’s full of listings for job seekers in the United States to check out. Currently, there are more than 125 million candidate profiles stored in CareerBuilder’s database, so it’s safe to say it’s a popular choice.

Not only does CareerBuilder make it easy for you to streamline your search by selecting specific categories, but it also offers extensive career advice and a resume builder for those who haven’t had time to prepare this crucial document yet.

Glassdoor is another popular job site for US-based job seekers. It allows them to easily conduct job searches based on specific keywords, location, job type, salary, and more.

Glassdoor is also unique because it shows in-depth reviews from past and current employees on things like workplace culture, salary, and benefits packages. If you want to get a clear sense of what a company is like before applying for a job, Glassdoor is the site for you.

Job2Careers is a beloved job site that millions of job seekers throughout the US have used successfully. This platform is powered by Talroo, which touts itself as a complete talent attraction tool for employers.

Job2Careers is an excellent website to visit if you’re looking to conduct a highly optimized job search and access lots of listings for positions in your area. It also offers resume-building advice, interview tips, and more.

Monster regularly ranks as one of the best job sites in the United States, and for good reason. It’s one of the country’s longest-running sites and offers a free job search tool with lots of filters to help you weed out jobs that aren’t a good fit for you.

Monster also offers lots of resources and career advice to help you sharpen your skills and increase your chances of getting hired.

Snaphunt is a highly effective hiring platform that allows companies to find, screen, and hire people from around the globe including the USA. Employers can advertise their job free of charge on Snaphunt by signing for an account and gain instant access to relevant talent from a pool of over 2 million candidates and a sourcing reach of over 650 million profiles from multiple data sources across the web while also having their job postings distributed to more than 20 job sites.

Resume-Library is another one of the best job sites in the United States. This is a Boston-based job site that allows job seekers to search for openings listed by more than 12,000 companies in the US. It offers a variety of filters, too, to help you narrow your search based on job title, state, city, industry, and more.

If you’re looking for a job in the US that pays hourly, Snagajob is a great resource to check out. This international job board features ads from a wide range of industries, from hospitality and food service to retail and customer service.

Millions of people use and find jobs through Snagajob every day, so your chances of getting hired with this platform look quite good.

For those who are trying to find jobs in the US and are interested in working for the federal government, USA JOBS is the site to visit.

Through this website, it’s easy for job seekers to search for openings, upload resumes and other documents, and apply for federal government jobs in no time. USA JOBS also offers unique hiring paths for different populations, including Native Americans, military spouses, family members of overseas workers, and more.

ZipRecruiter is well-known as one of the best job sites in the US.  

Originally, ZipRecruiter was meant to be a tool for small business owners to list jobs at lower costs. Now, it’s evolved into a full-blown employment marketplace.

Whether they access it on a desktop or through the mobile app, ZipRecruiter uses AI to connect job seekers and businesses. The app is particularly popular, though, because it offers notifications and keeps job seekers in the loop regarding the status of their applications.

LinkedIn isn’t just a social media platform for professionals. It’s also another well-known site that can help job seekers find employment faster.

LinkedIn makes it easy for you to search for a new job based on keywords, location, job type, and more. You can also upload your resume and apply directly through the site, too, which makes the job searching process simpler and much more efficient.

If you’re looking for specialized job platforms in the US and work in the tech/web development industry, Dice is an excellent website to check out.

Dice features an easy-to-use job search tool that makes it easy for you to find tech jobs that are perfectly matched to your experience, skill level, unique job needs, and more. Passive job seekers can also use Dice to stay informed about potential openings that might be a good fit for them.

Are you interested in jobs in the graphic design industry or another creative field? If so, Behance features lots of job listings for freelancers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job in video editing, web design, technical illustration, or UX design. Regardless of your specialty, you’ll find something that aligns with your goals through Behance’s simple, easy-to-use website.

If you have sales experience and are looking for a job in this field, visit SalesJobs.com.

With this site, you can get your resume in front of almost 50,000 companies throughout the US. Many people who upload their resumes and apply for jobs start getting responses within 24 hours.

SalesJobs.com also offers career advice for those who need help putting their best foot forward during the application process.

Are you a veteran looking for the best job sites in the United States? The good news is that there are lots of platforms specifically geared toward veterans, including HireVeterans.com.

HireVeterans.com describes itself as the #1 veteran jobs marketplace. It offers veterans access to thousands of listings and features jobs for people of all backgrounds, education levels, and skill levels.

In addition to applying for jobs online, through HireVeterans, job seekers can also learn about job fairs and other opportunities to meet with recruiters in person.

For those who are looking for high-paying jobs, The Ladders has lots of listings that are worth checking out.

The Ladders is the #1 job site for jobs that pay $100K per year or more. There are thousands of companies that list jobs through The Ladders, and new positions are added every day.

Do you want to get in on the ground floor of the next big startup? If so, AngelList is one of the top job platforms in the US for startup companies, especially tech startups.

Major companies like Twitch and Stripe have used AngelList to recruit new employees, and there are thousands of other businesses using it every day to bring on new team members. 

Previously known as LinkUp, Getwork is a long-running job site that uses proprietary technology to scour the internet for new job listings.

Getwork provides a high-quality database for job seekers who want to find work fast. It adds new listings within the same hour that they’re posted, so you can jump on new opportunities right away.

For those who are trying to find jobs in the US and want to be seen as more than just a resume, check out Scouted.

Scouted was created to utilize a more holistic hiring process. This platform focuses on personal attributes and uses a matchmaking style of hiring, which is particularly helpful for college students who are trying to find a good job after they graduate.

Mediabistro is one of the best job sites in the United States for people who want to work in PR, advertising, or journalism. After all, news outlets like CNN, Bloomberg, and PBS all use this site to source candidates!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a freelance position or a full-time gig. Either way, you can find something that aligns with your goals and skills when you search through Mediabistro.

Formerly known as “Beyond”, Nexxt remains one of the top online job boards in the U.S. This job board has one of the largest networks of job site partners in the US, so it provides job seekers with a wide range of listings to consider and apply for.

Nexxt offers simple and advanced job search options and allows users to sift through job openings throughout the country. It also provides a range of career resources, including helpful articles and news updates to help job seekers stay in the loop.

Adsnity is an International online advertising classified website where you can post online ads for free on professional, business, individual, and company level. Besides this, it is a great job search platform where you can find search jobs worldwide including the US. 

Start Using the Best Job Sites in the US Today

There are tons of great job sites in the US to check out if you’re looking for work. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re looking to join or what type of job you want. You’ll find something through these sites that will work for you.

Of all the best job sites in the US that are listed above, GrabJobs stands out as the top choice. It will help you to start your job-seeking journey right away and will get you back into the workforce (or into a new, better position) before you know it.

GrabJobs is an efficient recruitment platform that connects thousands of job-seekers and employers around the world on a daily basis. Individuals can rely on the platform’s free job search functionalities to receive job matching alerts and access the career resources library. They can also browse the online courses offered to build their career.

Check out GrabJobs, one of the best job sites in the United States, today to see how it can help you in your search.

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