How to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan

Looking for the best jobs in Dubai as a Pakistani expat? Find how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan!
get a job in Dubai from Pakistan

How to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan

Dubai is currently home to over 400,000 Pakistanis. People from Pakistan make up 13 percent of the total population in Dubai!

Dubai is a popular destination for Pakistanis seeking work outside their home countries. Are you curious about how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan? If so, this guide is for you.

Below, you’ll learn why Dubai is a great place to work, how you can prepare for and find a job here, and the top 15 in-demand jobs in the city.

Why Is Working in Dubai as a Pakistani Popular?

Before discussing how to apply for a job in Dubai, let’s talk about the benefits of working here as an ex-pat from Pakistan. Why is this city so popular among Pakistanis? Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Similar cultures: Dubai and Pakistan are relatively close to each other and have similar cultures, creating an easy transition for many ex-pats.
  • Similar religious beliefs: The majority of Pakistanis (96.4 percent) are Muslim, and Islam is the predominant religion in Dubai, accounting for 58 percent of the city’s residents. 
  • Large community: Because so many Pakistanis already live here, Dubai is an enticing city for those looking to immigrate. They know they’ll have a community of like-minded people when they arrive.
  • Relatively simple visa requirements: To immigrate from Pakistan to Dubai, Pakistanis must have a valid passport (that doesn’t expire in the next six months), a recent photograph, and copies of essential documents, including personal bank statements, bank account maintenance letter, visa request letter, chamber of commerce certificate, police character certificate, an airline ticket, and hotel booking.

How Should I Prepare to Get a Job in Dubai from Pakistan?

If you want to learn how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan, it’s essential to prepare before you start applying for open positions. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for work in a new country and city:

  • Prepare essential visa documents (including those listed in the previous section)
  • Start searching for jobs early (learn where to search in the next section)
  • Pay attention to job roles and eligibility requirements
  • Research each company in-depth to understand culture and values
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws and rules of Dubai 
  • Apply for jobs at the right time of year (recruiting activity is high from March to May)
  • Adapt your CV to each job listing
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to cater to the Dubai job market
  • Start building a network of professionals in Dubai
  • Get a local Dubai phone number (recruiters prefer to work with people already settled in the city)

How to Get a Job in Dubai from Pakistan?

One can take many approaches when deciding how to apply for a job in Dubai. Here are some of the most effective options to check out:

1. Online Job Boards

These days, one of the easiest ways to find Dubai jobs for Pakistanis is to online apply. Look for ads posted on online job sites like GrabJobs. 

These sites help you search for Dubai jobs for Pakistanis and online apply in seconds. They’re updated consistently, too, meaning you can discover new opportunities every day (or maybe even multiple times per day).

2. Recruitment Agencies

Another option is to connect directly to Dubai recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Some businesses specifically cater to Pakistanis looking to immigrate to and work in Dubai.

Search for Dubai recruitment agencies in Pakistan near you and reach out via phone or email to learn more about their process.

3. Online Forums

Online forums like Reddit and Quora can also be good options for job seekers.

These sites are popular among Dubai residents, including business owners who may be looking to hire new employees. You can learn about openings that might not be listed on job sites yet and apply early, increasing your chances of getting hired.

4. Referrals

Do you know any Pakistani ex-pats who are already living in Dubai? If so, reach out and ask them if they know of job opportunities that might work for you. Referrals often strengthen your chances of getting hired and can help you land jobs more easily.

5. Walk-In Interviews

You may also be able to find opportunities for walk-in interviews for Dubai in Pakistan.

These interviews allow you to meet with recruiters in-person (or possibly via video). They can be particularly convenient for those who want to immigrate to Dubai but are still living in Pakistan. 

Reach out to recruitment agencies to find out if a walk-in interview for Dubai in Pakistan is an option.

What Skills and Job Positions Are In-Demand in Dubai?

If you focus on the most in-demand positions, you’ll have an easier time finding and getting hired for jobs in Dubai as a Pakistani ex-pat. The following are 15 high-demand jobs to check out:

Average Salary: AED 145,622 per year

Salary Range: AED 105,576-174,455 per year

What do personal and professional coaches do?

Personal and professional coaches are individuals (often with a bachelor’s degree, but there aren’t any strict education requirements) who help others manage their personal or professional lives. 

A personal coach (or life coach) may help their clients make decisions about their education, identify strengths and weaknesses, etc. A professional coach may help you make plans and set goals to level up in your career and earn a promotion, transition to a new field, etc. 

Average Salary: AED 198,840 per year

Salary Range: AED 144,333-245,976 per year

What do digital marketers do?

Digital marketers are marketing professionals who help businesses build their online presence to build brand awareness, promote specific products or services, and make more sales.

Digital marketers are creative individuals with experience using a variety of platforms, from social media to email marketing platforms. They handle numerous projects, from writing blog posts and social media captions to recording videos and podcasts. 

Average Salary: AED 202,125 per year

Salary Range: AED 146,304-250,040 per year

What do graphic designers do?

Graphic designers play a critical role in helping businesses build brand awareness. They design logos, website graphics, social media graphics, and other visual media that help people distinguish a specific company from its competitors.

Average Salary: AED 124,966 per year

Salary Range: AED 92,754-152,929 per year

What do administrative assistants do?

Administrative assistants work with various professionals and help them handle tasks like scheduling, responding to emails, creating reports, and organizing files. They may have a front desk position and welcome people into the office, or they may work exclusively alongside one person.

Average Salary: AED 354,840 per year

Salary Range: AED 244,872-445,487 per year

What do hotel managers do?

Hospitality is a major economic contributor in Dubai, and hotel managers play a significant role in helping the hospitality industry thrive. They oversee all operations at the hotel, ensure everything is running smoothly, and provide guests with a positive experience from check-in to check-out.

Average Salary: AED 249,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 156,000-489,000

What do nurses do?

Nurses are healthcare professionals who work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations.

Nurses assist physicians in caring for patients and supporting them through their recovery. They also communicate with patients’ families and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Average Salary: AED 457,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 242,000-694,000 per year

What do general practitioners do?

General practitioners are medical doctors that work in hospitals and clinics. They work with patients and help them manage acute and chronic health conditions. They also offer preventative care.

Average Salary: AED 177,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 83,100-280,000 per year

What do medical laboratory technicians do?

Medical laboratory technicians perform lab tests for patients. They take blood or other bodily fluids (such as urine and saliva) and test them to help physicians diagnose conditions, determine treatment plans, and discuss preventative measures.

Average Salary: AED 283,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 130,000-451,000 per year

What do e-commerce specialists do?

E-commerce specialists are online sales professionals. They help businesses manage and increase online conversions by carrying out responsibilities like monitoring site activity and analytics, executing digital ad campaigns, and conducting customer research. 

Average Salary: AED 150,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 73,500-234,000 per year

What do business development associates do?

Business development associates are consultants who work with business owners and help them achieve specific goals and enhance business performance.

These associates may evaluate current processes and protocols to identify issues holding the company back. They also create plans to overcome those issues and make the company more profitable.

Average Salary: AED 148,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 68,100-235,000 per year

What do sales representatives do?

Sales representatives often work for retail stores or other businesses. They’re responsible for generating leads and guiding prospects through the sales funnel, encouraging them to decide to invest in a specific product or service.

Some sales representatives work exclusively online, while others are telesales professionals and try to convert clients over the phone. There are numerous options for those who want to pursue a sales career in Dubai.

Average Salary: AED 213,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 107,000-331,000 per year

What do translators do?

Translators are crucial in a city as diverse as Dubai. Translators are responsible for taking messages delivered in one language and translating them to a different language. They must make sure all elements of the message transfer over — not just the words used but the tone and subtext behind them.

Translators must be fluent in more than one language. They must also understand how to speak and read/write those languages, too, as they may be asked to translate in multiple formats (speeches, written documents, etc.). 

Average Salary: AED 234,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 112,000-368,000 per year

What do software developers do?

Software developers are tech professionals responsible for designing and building software solutions.

They often work as freelancers, assisting various entrepreneurs in creating software products for their businesses. However, they may also work in-house for one specific company and handle all of that business’s software development needs.

Average Salary: AED 574,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 279,000-842,000 per year

What do finance managers do?

Finance managers play a significant role in helping businesses understand and manage their finances.

These professionals are more than just accountants or consultants. They oversee all aspects of a company’s financial health, from income to expenses to investments. They’re also responsible for making sure the company spends its money wisely and make decisions that will yield the most significant returns on investment.

Average Salary: AED 275,000 per year

Salary Range: AED 126,000-509,000 per year

What do teachers do?

Teachers work in schools and help students develop their knowledge of specific subjects. 

Teachers are needed for pupils of all ages in Dubai, from preschoolers all the way to seniors in high school. In addition to teachers with expertise in certain subjects, there’s also a need for teachers who can cover a wide range of materials when teaching primary school students. 

You Know How to Get a Job in Dubai from Pakistan: Now What?

At first, it can be tricky to figure out how to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan. If you follow the tips and guidelines discussed above, though, you’ll have a much easier time learning about openings for in-demand jobs and getting hired.

To learn about the latest job openings in Dubai, include GrabJobs in your arsenal of search tools. This site is regularly updated with jobs in Dubai and throughout the UAE, is easily filterable, and is completely free.

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