Top Career Paths Worth Pursuing in Australia

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Career Paths Worth Pursuing in Australia

Top Career Paths Worth Pursuing in Australia

Australia managed to bypass much of the financial chaos during COVID-19 owing to its strict border control and solid pre-pandemic economic figures. In 2020, the unemployment rate stood at 6.46%; but the resilient workforce (consisting of 13+ million people across six states) in 2022 brought that number down to 3.4% –– a remarkable decrease.

Despite these promising economic numbers, today, the cost of living in Australia remains relatively high––roughly AUD $5,530 per month for a family of 4, without rent. As a result, it is important to have a salary as part of a career that is not only meaningful but rewarding. 

In this article, we will tell you how to start your career path worth pursuing in Australia––and the job titles and industries that are the most in-demand and the most well-paying. 

Starting your Career Path in Australia

Training and Education

Depending on the type of career you are looking to start, you might consider taking some specialized training and education courses to stand out from the rest. Many careers that earn top dollar for their employees will likely require higher education in the form of a business, science, or arts degree, or even a doctoral degree.

Australia’s three-tiered education system features 1) primary 2) secondary and 3) tertiary levels of education. This is an overview of the different levels and qualifications available as per the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF):

Level 1

Certificate I

Level 2

Certificate II

Level 3

Certificate III

Level 4

Certificate IV

Level 5


Level 6

Advanced Diploma OR Associate’s Degree

Level 7

Bachelor’s Degree

Level 8

Bachelor’s Honours Degree OR Graduate Certificate OR Graduate Diploma

Level 9

Master’s Degree

Level 10

Doctoral Degree

Australia has some excellent colleges and universities in which to learn specialized and general knowledge that will prepare you for a great and rewarding career. 

Find help with career centers

There are plenty of resources available across the continent for helping qualified (and even beginner) jobseekers find employment in Australia. Whatever your level of education, skills, training, or availability, there is a job site to help place you where you need to be. 


GrabJobs is the best option for hiring Australians. It is a cost-effective recruitment solution that automates sourcing, screening, and interviewing of candidates––and includes over 5,000 companies using the job platform to simplify their hiring process. Auto-generated job seeker profiles mean that users can begin applying for new jobs in under a minute, making it great for employers looking to hire quickly and easily.  

Other great career platforms and job sites in Australia to consider include:

Demonstrate the qualities of a great employee

If you are just starting on your career journey, your experience is likely low. So, in order to impress any potential employers, especially during a job interview, it is best to exhibit some of the top qualities business owners are looking for. 

  • Strong communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict management abilities 
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Dedication

Top 10 Best + Most In-Demand Jobs in Australia

Top companies hiring: AECOM, hatch, WSP Australia, Peregrine Corporation

Average annual salary: AUD $84,000

Job description: These highly in-demand positions require dedicated and skilled candidates to design, plan, develop, and manage construction projects throughout Australia –– whether it’s the repair of roads, buildings, and railways, or the maintenance of canals, bridges, and coastal systems. There are also plenty of junior civil engineering jobs available for recent graduates.

Top companies hiring: Downer, Northern Plumbing & Drainage, Laser Plumbing Australia

Average annual salary: AUD $76,000 

Job description: Throughout much of the modernized world, and especially in Australia, skilled plumbers are in very high demand due to the varied expertise of their trade. With the necessary training in place, licensed plumbers can find plenty of companies looking to hire them. 

Top companies hiring: Hitachi Energy, Curtin University, Water Corporation (Perth), Santos

Average annual salary: AUD $104,000

Job description: Many of the most in-demand jobs in Australia fall within the Information Technology industry. As more audiences continue to move their personal and business lives online, the need for highly efficient IT Security Specialists (also known as Cyber Security Analysts) will grow. 

Top companies hiring: Cummins Inc., Logistics Executive Group, Procter and Gamble

Average annual salary: AUD $89,000 

Job description: The supply chain is a delicate industry made up of companies that require skilled candidates to oversee all elements of movement––from distribution to storage––of their materials and products. Across Australia, there is a growing demand for skilled supply and distribution managers who can oversee these processes.

Top companies hiring: Epworth, Mercy Health Australia, Catholic Healthcare

Average annual salary: AUD $98,000

Job description: Due to Australia’s robust healthcare industry, nursing jobs throughout the continent are in high demand –– especially as many regions are still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The long-term care that millions of residents will require in 2023 and beyond makes nursing jobs vital to Australia’s future.  

Top companies hiring: Payworx, Nexus Silicon Technologies, Eilbeck Cranes

Average annual salary: AUD $62,000

Job description: Firms throughout Australia are consistently searching for highly qualified and skilled people in the welding trade. Welders review blueprints and assemble or repair metal components during construction projects or when performing on-site maintenance work. This highly in-demand work is challenging, but welders are typically very well-paid. 

Top companies hiring: Ryman Healthcare, TFE Hotels, SoYa Hotel Group, IHG Hotels & Resorts

Average annual salary: AUD $63,000

Job description: Hotels and restaurants in Australia thrive on tourism and the need for qualified Hospitality Managers, who run the day-to-day operations of such businesses, is always in demand.   

Top companies hiring: Octopus, Fortescue, Newcrest Mining, SMA Australia

Average annual salary: AUD $84,000

Job description: Electrical skills are in high demand right now throughout Australia, and many companies are looking to bring on talented electrical engineers. Consider brushing up on your technical knowledge if this type of job interests you. 

Top companies hiring: Citadel, Hudson, Pragmateam, WiseTech, HelloFresh

Average annual salary: AUD $92,000

Job description: There are tons of openings for skilled software developers throughout Australia. If you have a robust software development portfolio and development experience under your belt, you’ll have your pick of jobs working for all kinds of companies, from those in the manufacturing field to healthcare providers.

Top companies hiring: Accenture, UniSuper, Ventia, The Star Entertainment Group

Average annual salary: AUD $84,000 

Job description: An effective Systems Analyst collects and stores information on sales numbers, market research, logistics, and other online behaviors. Qualified candidates provide technical expertise and organizational skills to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data before presenting it to help people and businesses make more informed work decisions.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia

Top companies hiring: KBE Legal Talent, IMC Financial Markets, Hall & Wilcox

Average annual salary: AUD $400,000

Job description: Solicitors provide legal services to people in need––and they are typically compensated based on how valuable they are to their clients, depending on the degree of seriousness in which they find themselves, the higher they’ll pay to have a more experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent them in court. Even solicitors who specialize in reading wills, buying/selling a property, or putting together contracts are well-paid because of the importance of the work involved.

Top companies hiring: St. Vincent’s Health Australia, Mercy Health Australia, Marie Stopes Australia

Average annual salary: AUD $386,000

Job description: Anesthesiologists hold the lives of patients undergoing surgery in their hands––they are doctors who administer the drugs (not only anesthesia) that prevent patients from feeling pain or sensation during major surgical procedures. Not only are they responsible for addressing any patient issues or discomforts before they are put under, but they are also in charge of facilitating long-term recovery in patients.

Top companies hiring: CardioScan, Alfred Health, Eastern Health, Cardiac Society of Australia

Average annual salary: AUD $350,000

Job description: Focusing on the cardiovascular system, Cardiologists spend their time studying diseases and disorders of the heart and blood vessels, while offering treatment, prevention, and management solutions to patients.  Because of the high skill and extensive education and training necessary, they are very well paid.

Top companies hiring: Drake International, PCL Construction, Akaysha Energy

Average annual salary: AUD $350,000

Job description: If you have a construction or trades background and consider yourself to be a great project manager, there’s a good chance you can land one of the many positions that are available throughout Australia. They are in charge of project builds and worksites, and typically manage dozens if not hundreds of employees.

Top companies hiring: Northeast Health Wangaratta, Lloyd & Cowan, Prospect Health

Average annual salary: AUD $305,000

Job description: Surgeons provide advanced health care to people from all walks of life, making them extremely in-demand positions. Due to the high-risk nature of a surgeon’s day-to-day tasks, including the quick thinking across multiple patient cases, and the qualifications and experience expected, these critical jobs are so well-paid.

Top companies hiring: Maven Dental Group, Zest Business Group, National Dental Care

Average annual salary: AUD $304,000

Job description: Due to the nature of this specialist branch of healthcare, orthodontists in Australia are very well paid. Like a dentist, an Orthodontist performs a critical service to the public in the form of advanced oral care. The skills required are intense, and the work itself is challenging, but the salaries are some of the highest in the country.

Top companies hiring: Revolut, McArthur, Meritos, Rainbow Club Australia

Average annual salary: AUD $300,000

Job description: CEOs make crucial business decisions that affect a company’s bottom line, not to mention the livelihoods of all employees. Because the job of the CEO is so important to the overall function of an organization, and because they absorb so much of the risk, the compensation is typically the highest of anyone else on the payroll. 

Top companies hiring: Alquemie Group, Morton Philips, Hays, Galvin Group

Average annual salary: AUD $280,000

Job description: The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing the company’s money –– including scheduling, overseeing budgets, determining the spend vs. costs figures within multiple departments, and so on. These high-paying jobs come with even higher pressure due to the expectations, as well as the robust financial knowledge, and tough decision-making that impacts the lives of all employees.

Top companies hiring: Unisys, Turner & Townsend, University of Sydney, Canva

Average annual salary: AUD $260,000

Job description: An effective Project Manager plans and allocates resources for a company, as well as prepares budgets, monitors project statuses, and ensures that stakeholders are kept well-informed throughout a project’s life cycle.

Average annual salary: AUD $200,000

Job description: Entrepreneurs in Australia who have started a business from the ground up can expect to earn significantly high salaries since their ideas are typically borne out of their qualifications, talents, interests, or personal situations, and shaped toward many different profitable market opportunities. 

Careers With the Most Job Opportunities in Australia

If you are looking to grow your career in Australia, you’ll need to know where to start. And which positions are best aligned with your long-term lifestyle plans. Here’s a breakdown of the career paths in Australia that have the greatest growth opportunities. 




Healthcare (Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Surgeon, Registered Nurse)


Science and Technology (Civil Engineer, Systems Analyst, Software Developer)


Trades (Plumber, Welder, Construction Manager)


Business and Finance (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer)


Legal (Solicitor, Legal Partner, Paralegal)


Hospitality (Hospitality Manager, Restaurant Manager, Server, Bartender)


Creative and Design (Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Art Director, Creative Director)


Education (Professor, Translator, Tutor)


Aviation (Pilot, Flight Attendant, Ground Control Crew Member)


Self-Employed (Entrepreneur, Business Manager)

Top Career Paths Worth Pursuing in Australia

There you have it! The most promising career paths––including the most in-demand and well-paying jobs and industries––in Australia. Everybody’s career path is unique to their specific situation. If you are looking to get the ball rolling in pursuit of your professional dreams, let GrabJobs help. Not in Australia? Discover how GrabJobs can assist you, wherever you are.  

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