The Complete Dubai Salary Guide 2024

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Dubai Salary Guide

Rich in cultural heritage, Dubai is a place where tradition meets modernity. Around 85% of the population in Dubai comes from abroad. English is the common language of business, so there is no difficulty fitting in the UAE’s culture for English speakers. There are a lot of business and job opportunities in this culturally diverse country.

The UAE has several industries in the energy sector that require science, technology, and engineering specialists. There is also an increasing demand for accounting experts, finance specialists, and tax specialists. The business and banking graduates can also find many openings in their related fields.

You can find and get jobs through international companies in your home countries, and it’s better to secure the job before undertaking an international move. Many recruitment agencies advertise for multiple positions in the UAE. Moreover, there are short-term contracts in the construction, oil and gas, and retail industries. There are numerous high-demand jobs in Dubai in 2024, despite the pandemic outbreak. Many markets in Dubai are continuously growing, and they need new talent right now.

The UAE job market offers countless opportunities for people with a variety of talents and educational backgrounds. Different sectors that provide opportunities include marketing, finance, procurement, sales, business development, logistics, construction, IT, telecom, engineering, hospitality, and tourism. The Dubai salary range depends on the nature of the job, skillsets, and qualifications. Unique skillsets such as cultural and emotional intelligence, critical problem solving, and being multilingual increases the chances of higher-paying employment.

There are multiple job openings in different sectors and a vast number of career opportunities. In this article, we are going to have a look at the most in-demand jobs in Dubai. Moreover, we will see the average and expected salary range, income tax details, and benefits of working in the UAE.

So let’s first discuss those skills that are in high demand.

UAE Salary Guide

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What skills are in high demand in Dubai in 2024?

Here are the top 10 skills that are in high demand in Dubai.

Software developers are in high demand in the UAE. As advanced technologies have disrupted businesses and organizations, they need advanced systems engineers to stay attuned to the changes. The growth of tech startups and fintech firms is increasing in the UAE. As a result, the demand for web and mobile developers, DevOps engineers, full-stack developers, system administrators, and network engineers is also rising. It is among many other in-demand jobs in Dubai for 2024.

The continuous growth of software companies in Dubai is remarkable, and they require new employees. These companies offer high salaries to software developers and system programmers. You can learn new technical skills through different institutes. Many online platforms like edX, Coursera, Udemy, and Codecademy offer courses to learn these skills.

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User experience and user interface design jobs are in high demand due to the advancement in information technology and web design. Every software program depends on a sleek, responsive, and easy to use interface.

UI and UX designers have to make an interface that is easy to understand by the users. They use tools like photoshop and illustrator to design the screens. Front-end developers then use languages like HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and more to convert these designs into user interfaces. You can learn using these tools and languages through online platforms or by taking short courses.

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Data mining is another advanced skill to learn for getting a job in Dubai. It is the procedures and operations of discovering patterns and behaviors from large data sets. It uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and statistics.

Industries realize the importance of offering a digitalized and seamless experience to customers. Therefore, the demand for data scientists, data architects, and machine learning experts is rising. You can acquire these skills through edX, Coursera, Udacity, IBM, and Dataquest.

You can learn more about data mining here.

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Search engine optimization is one of the most in-demand skills in Dubai. It is a technique used to optimize a website to rank at the top in search engines like Google. Learning this skill should be on your list because there are many job opportunities in this field. It is an easy to learn skill that helps you to secure a job in Dubai. You can acquire SEO and SEM skills through Udemy, Search Engine Watch, Webmaster World, and Quicksprout.

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In the past few years, businesses have become digitized in the whole world. Through increased digitization and the latest technologies, there is an increased risk of cyberattacks. Due to the rapid advancement in technology, the risks associated with them also increased. There is a need for cybersecurity and risk managers to access the danger posed by these technologies.

There is a need to integrate cloud infrastructure in organizations due to the rapidly increasing volumes of data. Cloud engineers and data analysts are in high demand. There are many online courses available on different platforms to learn about cloud computing and cybersecurity.

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Companies in Dubai adopt cautious approaches to hiring sales and marketing professionals. The trend for marketing and sales is changing due to the advancement in technology. Everyone is moving their businesses online, so there is stiff competition.

Businesses are adapting and embracing digital marketing skills to leverage the online marketplace for future success. Therefore, they need social media experts and digital marketers to advertise their products and enhance sales.

Moreover, companies need data analytics professionals who can use data to gain useful insight. Data analytics impacts digital marketing by making accurate predictions and judgments. Build your digital marketing skills by taking free courses and learning online marketing tools to get high-paying jobs in Dubai.

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The business analyst is one of the highly demanded jobs in Dubai. BI analysts gather data through a variety of ways and analyze it to make future predictions for business. They provide a data-driven analysis of competitors and provide an accurate snapshot of where a company stands in the marketplace.

Businesses are now producing and acquiring more data than ever before. It is necessary to hire BI analysts to enhance the technological and operational systems of an organization. There is a high demand for BI experts across industries in Dubai. You can learn Business Intelligence with online courses on edX, Coursera, and Udemy, and the skills will enhance the chances of getting a job in Dubai.

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Dubai manufacturing firms are hiring new professionals to boost the economy and encourage significant investment. Some international companies are struggling to build up their workforce and new volumes of work.

Procurement, quality control, and research and development are also among the roles in-demand. Businesses offer personal and professional development programs to attract recruits. It helps to build up their confidence and commitment to firms.

In the manufacturing and supply chain world, companies require professionals with a hands-on approach and relevant of experience. Having a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing and supply chain with relevant experience can help secure an excellent job.

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As the number of startup companies is increasing in Dubai, there is a rising demand for accounts and finance professionals to organize their processes. Larger corporations and multinational companies focus on candidates with transformed management experience and technical expertise. Startups, on the other hand, look for accountants to streamline costs.

Chief financial officers deliver business targets. Therefore, they are in high demand in Dubai in both startups and large corporations. Job opportunities related to accounts and finance depend on education and experience. You can secure a job in Dubai if you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance with years of relevant experience.

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Although the recruitment activities were slow in the past year but are expected to rise in 2021. Emerging startups are seeking HR professionals to support growth. HR roles continue to expand for the restructuring of organizations. However, it requires more extensive skills and experience.

Businesses and firms make assessments and implement early-stage reference checks to ensure that HR professionals are the right fit. The most in-demand roles in the human resource are HR generalists for the smaller businesses, C&B professionals with strong local experience, and training professionals to improve performance.

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What high-demand skills are you interested in?

What are the expected salary ranges for the jobs in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the leading business hubs in the UAE, and there are endless opportunities to grow. When it comes to Dubai salary packages, all it matters are skills and experience. There are different salaries and wages for various jobs, but here in this article, we will discuss the expected salary range for the most in-demand jobs in Dubai.

The Dubai salary range for a job in accounting and finance varies with the skills, experience, and qualifications. The expected salary range for accountants ranges from 10,000AED to 26,000AED per month. The finance manager’s salaries range from 14,000-36,000 AED per month.

The top companies hiring for accountants and finance managers in Dubai are Halian-UAE, NTS Groups, Innovations Groups, Green Gulf Careers, and Guidepoint Global. Due to the continuous growth and development in different industries, there are plenty of jobs available for accountants and finance managers.

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The lowest salary for the supply chain managers in Dubai is 16,000 AED, while the highest range is 70,000 AED depending upon the skill, experience, and nature of the job. The expected salary range is around 35,000 AED per month.

The top logistic and supply chain companies in Dubai are UKR shipping LLC, Iridium, HND Freight and Logistics, ABC Cargo, and Eagle Shipping LLC. Demand for supply chain managers is increasing in Dubai, and there are so many options and directions available in this field.

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A person working as a software engineer in Dubai typically earns 20,000 AED per month. It ranges from 20,000-50,000 AED.

Top software development companies in Dubai are Iflexion, Cubix, 7EDGE, Powercode, and Light IT. Jobs in the software industry include mobile and web development, cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, system programmers, and network engineers.

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Sales managers typically earn approximately 20,000 AED per month. The expected salary ranges from 12,000-45,000.

Emirates Chalhoub group, Deloitte, Al Tamimi & Company, and Kharafi National are the top companies for sales in Dubai. Sales jobs are one of the in-demand jobs in Dubai. All you want is sales experience and a degree in the relevant field.

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A construction project manager can earn around 35,000 AED per month. The minimum salary for a construction manager is 22,000 AED, while the maximum is 55,000 AED.

Top construction companies in Dubai are National Power Construction Corporation Limited, AECOM, Kharafi National, and Turner & Townsend International Limited.

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The expected salary range for a Marketing Manager is 19,000 AED to 61,000 AED. A person working as a marketing manager can earn around 35,000 AED per month.

Top companies for marketing in Dubai are EDS FZE, a social media marketing and lead generation company, Grank, Branddirect, and STEROID Integrated Marketing.

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Bank branch managers earn around 29,000 AED. The salary ranges from 6800 AED to 49,000 AED per month. Top companies include Emirates NBD, Barclays, deVere group, Citi, and UAE Exchange.

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Retail or business development managers typically earn around 35,000 EAD per month. The minimum and maximum salaries are 16,000 AED and 55,000 AED. Top companies in Dubai for Retail are Gulf Marketing Group, Al Tayer Group, Alshaya, and Majid Al Futtaim Retail.

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A person working as a Human Resource manager can earn around 32,000 AED per month. Salaries range from 16,000 AED to 50,000 AED. Top HR companies in Dubai are Adecco Middle East, Dragon Recruiting, BAC Middle East, and AL Farah HR consultancy.

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A telecommunications engineer can earn approximately 12,000 AED per month. Top telecommunications companies in Dubai are ABS Global, Du Telecoms, Smartworld, and Thuraya Telecommunications Company.

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What is the average salary in UAE across different industries in 2024?

The Dubai salary range varies with your experience, qualification, and negotiation skills. There are no standard salaries, but the salaries paid in UAE are similar to or greater than western salaries. For your ease, we have made a list of average salaries for different professions.

The average salary in UAE across different industries is listed below in the table.


Average Salary in UAE


14,000 AED

Finance Manager

45,600 AED

Sales Manager

37,400 AED

Business Development Manager

35,800 AED

Chief Executive Officer

49,500 AED

Chief Finance Officer

46,500 AED

General Manager

38,800 AED

Legal Assistant

11,200 AED

Customer Service Manager

29,700 AED

Human Resource Manager

32,400 AED

Construction Manager

35,300 AED

Hospitality/Hotel Manager

39,300 AED

Tourism/Travel Agent

13,000 AED

IT Manager

35,000 AED

Graphic Designer

12,800 AED

Civil Engineer

20,100 AED

Electrical Engineer

21,000 AED

Mechanical Engineer

21,200 AED

Aerospace Engineer

27,100 AED

Architecture Engineer

26,000 AED

What else should I know about salaries in Dubai?

Most salary packages are divided into basic salary and benefits. These benefits include health insurance, transportation allowances, medical accommodations, annual and paid medical leaves. Some companies offer a housing allowance to reduce the overall cost of living. They also often provide opportunities to earn bonuses on top of their base salary.

Only 5% of the employees in Dubai get family benefits like children’s education and childcare facilities. Moreover, there are two months of maternity paid leaves in the government sector, followed by reduced work hours for the next four months. In the private sector, mothers can claim up to 45 days of maternity leave without pay deduction.

UAE does not impose any personal or capital tax. It applies to both citizens of the UAE and expats. There is no special taxation regime for expats as they are treated in the same way as UAE citizens. There is a zero income tax policy in Dubai.

Renting a property in Dubai adds 5% of annual rent to the bill. Moreover, tourists might be charged up to 10% tax on the room rate and 10% on service charges. The bill includes the tourist tax, and it is imposed on every guest staying at a hotel, guest room, or apartment.

Final Thoughts

The average salary in UAE depends on several factors. These include skills, qualifications, experience, and type of job. Dubai is a fast-moving city, and the cost of living is high there. A market-competitive salary with several benefits is enough to meet your living expenses. There are endless opportunities in Dubai due to the growing economy. The Dubai salary is different for various jobs across several industries. From domestic workers to administrative assistants and construction experts, Dubai is a place for anyone to grow financially.

Find out the latest jobs across finance and accountancy, IT and telecom, human resources, legal, and business support industries. This guide on Dubai Salary across different industries in 2024 covered most of the information.

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