10 Most Flexible Home-Based jobs in Australia

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Most Flexible Home-Based Jobs in Australia

10 Most Flexible Home-Based jobs in Australia

Working from home is hardly a new concept, but it sure became the norm during the pandemic. And while several companies chose to go back to stationary mode after the virus loosened its grip, many either shifted to a hybrid mode, or stayed completely remote. In 2022, Office for National Statistics reported as many as 13.4 million people working from home. 

Working in your pyjamas, attending meetings with your pooch in your lap, saving on the long commuting hours… One can surely see the appeal in working from the comfort of home. Add to that saving on parking expenses, day care/ pet sitting expenses, and food, and it’s hard to imagine ever going back to a stationary office. However, there are just as many cons to working from home. Lack of movement, reduced social interaction, and an imbalanced work-life routine make a strong case against remote jobs. But if the WFH culture has won you over, keep reading to find out about the ten most flexible home-based jobs in Australia. 

Is Australia a good place for Home-Based Jobs?

Australian professionals prefer a relaxed work environment and yet don’t back down from a hard day at work. People in the workforce work longer hours in Australia than workers in other cultures. Pre-covid, this meant longer time away from home given that most Australians used to drive to work.  However, the nature of work has since changed.

ABS households’ impact of COVID-19 surveys, the Families in Australia Survey, showed that 46% of Australians started working from home during the pandemic. The number has since come down to 40% in 2022, which is still a jump from the 24% recorded in February 2020. 

While the rise in home-based jobs may seem like a win-win situation for some, 49% of workers in such jobs claimed to face more difficulties balancing work and home while working from home. Yet, as revealed in the survey, the majority of the employed professionals working from home expressed a wish to continue the model instead of going back to stationary mode. 

How to Find Home-Based Jobs in Australia?

We are in the digital age. There is no doubt about that. In 2018, almost 50% of all job applications came from job boards. Due to the rise of online recruitment market, many companies now pay more attention to their online recruitment strategies to source and lure the best talent. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, given the myriad of benefits online job sites provide for job applicants and recruiters alike. 

For applicants, the process to apply for a job online on job sites is quick and hassle free.  Many job postings and responses are updated in real time which helps applicants stay in the loop. One doesn’t need to walk into one office after another to drop in their resume. It’s possible to apply to hundreds of jobs within a week’s time.  Each offer on a job portal also mentions details about the job profile, responsibilities, benefits, and salary offered, making it easier for the applicant to get a complete idea of what to expect from the role. 

Aside from that, many job sites provide unique features on their portals which makes the job application process that much smoother. 

Easily one of the best online job sites, GrabJobs makes the job-seeking process a breeze. Its Learning Hub section offers an array of online courses to help applicants upskill. The site features several educational blogs, such as this one here about the Best Job Sites in Australia, and also, an automated interview- reminding system which reminds candidates 24h before an interview. The latest Salary Guide feature allows you to view general information about the salary of any profession in a particular industry. 

ArtsHub Australia is Australia’s most trusted online resource and job site dedicated to the arts. Their vision is to create a vibrant, diverse, and successful arts industry and culture and their online job site reflects the same. It allows for the most recent articles and visual arts displays on the website for job seekers to explore.  This portal also provides information about the performing arts industry for interested parties.  The unique ‘Grant Finder’ function allows artists to search and apply for various grants. The site features news, educational pieces, and opportunities for those who are interested in the arts, making the platform one of its kind job site. 

Adzuna is a straight-forward job search engine that will helps connect candidates to with recruiters It integrates with newspapers to ensure that job postings are reaching qualified candidates, also ensuring in the process that all jobs come from pre-vetted companies. Adzuna’s unique feature is its calculating tool—ValeMyCV, which allows you to find out how much you should be getting paid given your educational background, skills, and experience.  

Top 10 Most Flexible Home-Based Jobs in Australia

This job is ideal for those who love to teach and enjoy working with students. Maybe you’ve always been great at Math, or maybe you know your way around the History books, tutoring can be a great idea for a home-based job for teaching any subject you’re particularly good at. With many students opting for online lessons nowadays, you could expand your student base to different cities as well. 

You’re not required to have a lot of previous experience, however if you have a degree in the subject you plan to teach, you’re likely to get paid better. As a tutor, you can also look forward to learning innovative communication, building patience, and critical thinking. 

Tutors in Australia can make up to AU$60,000.  

Affiliate Marketing allows you to earn a commission by recommending products and services you love on your social media or by word of mouth. The more products or services you sell, the more you earn through commission. Numerous affiliate marketing companies employ bloggers, influencers, and business owners to promote products or services. 

The job is perfect for those who have a hang of social media, have great communication skills, and can demonstrate good salesmanship. Approach affiliate marketing as a side hustle since it can take some time before it can serve as your full-time gig. 

You can make AU$72,212 annually working as an online affiliate marketer.  

Content creation may be time consuming but has great potential for passive income. Content creators have an array of products to choose from. Think of all the courses you see on platforms like Udemy or Coursera. If you have extensive knowledge in a particular field, you could create elaborate courses (language learning, pianoforte, digital marketing…the world is your oyster!) consider consolidating it all into a course. You could also create content such as product videos for businesses looking to put their brand on the map. 

As a content creator, you need to have good communication skills, research skills to understand your target audience, and analytical skills to understand specific metrics which ensure your product reaches the target audience. Content creators in Australia can earn as much as AU$50,000.

Businesses are increasingly required to be active on social media. You could help businesses promote their products and brand through social media marketing if you are skilled at using these platforms. 

You do not need previous experience to start off as a social media manager but a degree or diploma in a related field such as Communications, or Digital marketing can take you places. Additionally, creativity, communication skills, time management, and strong written skills will also come in handy when you start your journey. 

The average base salary for a social media manager in Australia is AU$50,000 – AU$80,000. 

If you’re mentally correcting everyone’s grammar or have a way with words, proofreading and writing can pave way to a great career which won’t require you to leave your home, or even your couch! There is a strong market for bloggers, journalists, technical writers, proofreaders, and copywriters who can plan, present, and adhere to deadlines.

 If you’re new to this industry, starting off freelance is a good idea. You could slowly build your base and profile, and learn things like CRM, using SEO tools and analytical tools. Strong command of the English language, strong writing skills, time management, editing, and storytelling are essential for this job. If you have that going for you, you can make between AU$70,000 – AU$100,000. 

Customer service jobs often require you to have internet access, a computer, and sometimes a headset. A representative gives information about the company’s products and services to potential as well as existing customers, ensures that the customers have a smooth experience, interact with customers and answer queries, and resolve complaints and conflicts. 

The job doesn’t require you to have any previous experience or a specific degree. Although, clients with good communication skills, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail are given preference. There’s a lot to learn as a customer service rep as well. You can improve your communications skills, develop your problem-solving skills, learn time management, and also move up the ladder in time to become a specialist or a manager. 

Customer care representatives in Australia can earn up to AU$53,500 annually.

Data entry clerks are a great option for a stay-at-home job which doesn’t require any particular qualification or previous experience. Data entry clerks are required to collect information from various clients, enter the data into central database, retrieve data as and when required, and transfer data from physical records to a digital databases. 

For that purpose, candidates with great attention to detail, communication skills, research skills, and typing skills are given preference. 

Data entry clerks in Australia can make up to AU$55,000 annually. 

Several businesses require a designated person to make travel arrangements for events, meetings, and excursions. The role requires to plan accommodations, book flights and hotels within the allocated budget. 

A bachelors in Travel and Tourism or Hospitality is preferred when it comes to this role, since travel managers also ensure creation and implementation of strategic travel policies according to the needs of the company. Necessary skills for this role are time management skills, organizational ability, strong interpersonal skills, and great attention to detail. 

Corporate travel managers in Australia can earn up to AU$85,000. 

Virtual assistants are fast becoming the need of the hour with so many companies going fully remote. Virtual assistants have the same responsibilities as that of a traditional assistant, only now, it’s all work from home. Some of these responsibilities include answering emails, making travel arrangements, arranging meetings, and other administrative tasks. 

A working laptop, stable internet connection, and a phone is all you need to start your journey as a virtual assistant in Australia. As long as you have great interpersonal skills, time management skills, organizational ability, and are attentive to details, a bachelor’s degree in any field will be enough to land this role. 

You can make up to AU$110,000 as a virtual assistant in Australia. 

Transcribers create texts based off audio and written recordings. The job entails accurately creating written versions of each recording, editing and reviewing documents for punctuation and grammar errors. 

A bachelor’s in any field of study will do, however transcription jobs require great attention to detail, listening good skills, strong editing and writing skills, and interpersonal skills.  One may start pick up transcription as a freelancer, but the job can be turned into a full-time role with some experience. 

Australian transcribers make an average salary of AU$49,4500 annually. 

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