Why Should You Get A Part-Time F&B Job In Singapore

Part time jobs are a great opportunity to still learn new things and new skills, and here's how you can get started in a part time F&B job in Singapore.
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While many people start working part-time jobs for money, they end up getting a whole lot more out of the job. An excellent industry for part-time jobs in the food and beverage industry. Many people engage in part-time F&B jobs because they’re easily accessible and have a low barrier to entry.

From students to fully mature adults, people of all ages all have the option to work in the F&B industry. Even older people can look to get a part-time F&B job to help them stay active. Let’s take an in-depth look at why you should look to get a part-time F&B job in Singapore. 

What Are the Benefits of Working A Part-Time F&B Job in Singapore?

Aside from the monetary benefit, many people tend to ignore the other benefits that working a part-time F&B job offers. You’d be surprised to see how much you’ll gain by working in a part-time F&B job in Singapore. 

Many career advisors suggest that working in an F&B job can help future workers become more well-rounded and learn valuable skills. Without much further ado, here are the main benefits of working a part-time F&B job in Singapore. 

Gain Job Experience

When you’re competing for a bigger job, it helps to have a resume full of work experience that you can show to future employers. Part-time F&B jobs will help you gain valuable job experience and help build up your CV. The stronger your CV, the better chances you have of landing an excellent job in the future. 

Not only will it help build your CV, but working a part-time F&B job will teach you a lot of skills that you can transfer to any position in the future. They’ll also help serve as a safety net in testing times in the future. If you run into any financial trouble, you’ll be able to fall back on part-time F&B jobs. 

Learn the Art of Saving Money

Most of you who have work experience will realize how different it feels to spend money that you earn yourself. As kids, most of you will have grown up watching your parents try and save as much money as possible, even if it meant doing something that didn’t make sense at that time.

However, as you earn from your part-time job, you’ll realize that money that you earn yourself tends to feel heavier in the pocket. You’ll also start going the extra mile to help save on a few cents and look to decrease your expenses in whatever way possible. 

More Time for Learning

When you’re working a part-time job, you’ll have a lot more time on your hands in comparison to a full-time job. Part-time F&B jobs offer flexible hours, and you can choose a career that meets your schedule the best. After you’ve done your shift, you’re free to do whatever you please in your free time. 

It’s a good idea to use the free time to learn more skills that can help further your career. Enroll in a course or engage in self-study; whatever you do, working a part-time job will give you more time to focus on yourself.

Network and Make Contacts

An underrated advantage of working a part-time F&B job is that it presents you with an excellent opportunity to network and make connections. One of the most exciting aspects of working in a restaurant is that no two days will be the same. You’re going to meet loads of new people. If they’re regulars, it gives you an even better opportunity to make a connection. 

Go the extra mile to ensure that essential connections prefer your service and ask for you whenever they come to the restaurant. That way, you’ll be able to make a genuine connection and reach out to them when you’re looking for more opportunities. Making the right connections can help you go a long way!

Responsibilities and Time Management

Part-time jobs are flexible, so it’s possible for you to pick up more than one F&B job. Picking up multiple jobs can seem daunting, but it’ll be a great lesson in responsibility and time management. Each job that you get will present a different set of responsibilities and time management requirements. 

They’ll teach you to be more organized and help you adopt a lifestyle that supports your career. When you’re jumping through different jobs, it’s only natural that you’re going to learn by making mistakes. Those mistakes will help you grow and ultimately give you more skills to help in your future job endeavors.

Part-Time Jobs Can Become Full-Time

When you get into a part-time job, there’s always the opportunity that it can potentially turn into a full-time opportunity based on performance. Recruitment and talent acquisition are significant challenges for companies, and part-time jobs allow them to evaluate a candidate’s ability. 

Looking for new talent is also expensive and time-consuming. Instead of finding new full-time employees, organizations would prefer to convert temporary employees into permanent ones!

There’s always a chance that your part-time position might turn into a full-time one. That’s why you should try your hardest to leave a good impression on every employer. It’ll increase your chances of landing a full-time position.

Get Free Food

Everyone loves getting free food, and most F&B outlets offer their employees the occasional free meal. It all depends on the outlet, though. Some might be more generous than others, and some might only offer a discount. Free food is the best kind of food, and by working part-time in an F&B outlet, you give yourself the chance to get free meals. 

What do you think is the most attractive benefit of working a part-time F&B job?

Top 7 Learning Points from Part-Time F&B Jobs in Singapore

 An F&B side gig isn’t just a tool to earn more money on the side. Working in the industry can help develop many transferable skills that’ll help in your future work. Most part-time F&B jobs involve you taking on several different responsibilities.

If you’re working as a server, your responsibilities include greeting customers, getting their orders, ensuring their orders reach the table on time, and a whole host of other things. Here are the skills you can learn from working part-time F&B jobs in Singapore!

Dealing with Unpredictability

The Covid-19 pandemic has come with a can of worms that no one expected to see in 2020. Now, a new strain of the virus has been found in the UK while the United States and other places are reporting the second wave of the original Covid-19 virus. Even with a vaccine in place, it is difficult to predict when things will go back to normal in the tech industry or if it will go back to normal at all.

Keeps you Sharp

When you first start working an F&B side gig, you’ll notice that working in a restaurant requires you to stay on your toes. Servers need to be sharp because they need to remember the order, the table, then relay the order to the kitchen. At the same time, they need to ensure that they’re catering to the customer as well.

Chefs need to be on their toes as well, as do restaurant managers. The ultimate goal in the F&B industry is to ensure that you satisfy the customer so they return and recommend the place to their friends as well. After you spend some time working part-time F&B jobs, you’ll be at the top of your game.

Teamwork and Communication

If you don’t know about the value of teamwork, then the F&B industry is a great place to learn. The secret behind every big restaurant or café is a well-functioning team. Once you start working part-time F&B jobs in Singapore, you’ll realize that not communicating effectively with your co-workers can cause everything to fall apart. 

Working in an F&B outlet will teach you how to communicate effectively and eliminate severally unnecessary communication habits. You’ll learn how to get your message across quickly and deal with all different kinds of people.

While working in a restaurant, you’ll need to communicate and listen to your co-workers effectively. Once you get it down, you’ll have two skills that employers just about everywhere value a lot!

Sales Skills

A great skill that you can pick up from working in an F&B outlet is sales. If you’re working as a server, your job will include selling any new products, seasonal promotions, and combo packages. The better you become at selling them, the more successful the F&B outlet. 

While many people might say that they aren’t a fan of sales and don’t enjoy selling stuff, it’s an invaluable skill. Most successful business owners and CEOs are effectively good salespeople. The objective might not be selling a tangible product but selling ideas and philosophies. You can use the skills you learn selling new dishes and drinks and apply them to selling your ideas! 

Time Management

Time management is an underrated skill, and getting mastery over it will help you get far in life! Working part-time F&B jobs in Singapore will teach you how to maximize your ability to juggle tasks in a set period. Most outlets apply a rotating shift system and sudden overtime calls. You can expect outlets to be busier during certain times of the day and certain seasons. 

Not only will working a part-time F&B job teach you how to adapt to different people and situations, but you’ll also need to be able to adapt to an evolving schedule. 

Physical Fitness

An underrated skill that you learn while working part-time F&B gigs is remaining physically active. When you work in an F&B outlet, one of the requirements is to quick on your feet. You’ll need to get to customers quickly and promptly return to the kitchen staff to give details. 

You’ll need to have good hand-eye coordination because you’ll be carrying plates while maneuvering through narrow lanes. Any tiny slips can lead to a very embarrassing outcome. After a few weeks of working in an F&B, you’ll be physically fitter than you were before. 

Dealing with Difficult People

A significant feature of working in an F&B is that you never know who will come through that door. We’ve all seen those videos online of people being obscene to restaurant workers and disrespecting them. A common theme you’ll notice in the video is that the restaurant worker almost always manages to deal with the situation in a graceful manner. 

The sad truth behind it is that restaurant workers have to deal with disrespectful customers regularly. As you gain experience, you’ll become much more comfortable at being able to deal with disrespectful people. Working in an F&B will teach you a lot of patience, which is a valuable skill to have for the future!

How to Add Part-Time F&B Work Experience to A Resume?

Working in the F&B industry will teach you many skills, and it’s crucial that you learn how to translate that into your resume. Many people might feel like working part-time F&B jobs might not look good on the resume, but it’s all about how you word things. 

For students, including the part-time work experience will be very valuable. The part-time F&B work experience is likely the only job experience that you have. Even so, it’s still important to be able to effectively communicate what you learn from these jobs onto your CV.

Let’s say that John is a student that’s been working a few part-time F&B jobs on the side to earn extra money on the side. Pretty soon, John’s going to be applying for jobs in the real world and is looking to prepare his CV. 

This is how John adds his F&B work experience onto his CV:

XYZ Café – Assistant Restaurant Manager 

  • Coordinated a team of more than 10 servers to manage the restaurant effectively 
  • Communicated effectively and helped the restaurant retain several regular clients 
  • Managed the daily inventory levels in a restaurant and reported directly to the restaurant manager 

ABC Restaurant – Server 

  • Worked in a team alongside 20 other individuals to effectively manage customers 
  • Greeted and communicated with all customers that enter through the door
  • Helped bring in several new regular customers 
  • Successfully helped sell the restaurants new deals/ products/ combos

Tips to take note of

Being able to communicate effectively and work in a team are skills that almost every employer values. It’s a good idea to list attractive skills like these on your CV. Also, think about the position and its requirements. If you’re applying for a position as a food magazine editor or a critic, your experience in the F&B industry will do you a world of good. 

Having restaurant manager experience on your CV will also put you in an excellent position to get future administrative jobs. It’s a job that requires you to have a multi-faceted skill set that covers several different aspects. As does working as a server in a restaurant.

One of the critical things that you learn after working in an F&B outlet is selling things. Use that and sell yourself to future employers through your CV. 

How Can I Find Part-Time F&B Jobs in Singapore?

Now that you’re convinced to work part-time F&B jobs in Singapore, you might be wondering about where you can find them. That’s where you don’t have to worry because GrabJobs will cover everything you need.

Here’s a list of the top F&B jobs that you can apply to right now through GrabJobs!

  1. Pomellato – Café Management Service Trainee – $7 to $12/hour 
  2. Korea BBQ – Food & Beverage Server – $8 to $10/hour 
  3. Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Sake Bar – Part-Time Service Crew – $9 to $11/hour
  4. Old Town White Coffee – Service Crew – $9 to $10/hour 
  5. LA SAIGON PTE. LTD. – Kitchen Assistant – $1500 to $2500/month
  6. Coffee Smith North PTE. LTD – Barista All Around – $800 to $1400/
  7. Café Football Singapore – F&B Service Crew – $8/hour
  8. Old Town White Coffee – Bar Toast Crew – $9 to $10/hour 
  9. Nectar – Part-Time Service Crew – $7 to $8/hour 
  10. Whisk Management – Café Crew – $7 to $8/hour 
  11. Valle – Part-Time Crew Position – $9 to $10/hour 
  12. Three Buns Quayside – Part-Time Waiter/Waitress – $10 to $12/hour
  13. DEVELOP PTE. LTD – Junior Sous Chef – Up to $15/hour 
  14. RNR (AP) Pte Ltd – Subway Sandwich Artist – $50 to $90/day 
  15. National University of Singapore Society – Waiter/Waitress – $1400 to $1850/month

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There’s a lot you can gain from working part-time F&B jobs in Singapore. From practical communication skills to time management, doing a restaurant job will teach you a lot. You can look at the top F&B jobs by clicking here! Start applying and find a part-time gig with a reputable F&B outlet as soon as possible!



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