Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Brazil

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Highest Paying Jobs in Brazil

Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Brazil

Many Brazilians are struggling with the rising cost of living throughout the country. The results of one survey showed that 63 percent of Brazilians feel that their family’s income isn’t sufficient to keep up with the cost of living — a year ago, the number was just 55 percent.

Whether you’re a Brazilian citizen or an expat who has relocated to the area, a well-paying job will help you live comfortably, keep up with inflation, and enjoy a higher quality of life.  

What kind of job should you apply for?

This guide lists the top 30 highest-paying jobs in Brazil. You’ll also find advice on how to find the best jobs for expats in Brazil, the top jobs in Brazil for English speakers, job opportunities in Brazil for foreigners, and much more.

What are the highest-paying jobs in Brazil?

There are plenty of job opportunities in Brazil for foreigners and locals alike. Here are the top 30 highest-paying jobs in Brazil worth considering:

Average Salary: R$3,751 per month

Salary Range: R$1,820-7,662 per month

What do doctors do?

Doctors are healthcare professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases.

They have a variety of specialties, from pediatricians, who work with children, to cardiologists, who handle matters related to the cardiovascular system.

Average Salary: R$73,424 per month

Salary Range: R$51,130-98,109 per month

What do chief financial officers do?

Chief financial officers hold the top finance-related positions at an organization.

They review financial and operational data, make predictions based on that data, and advise other executives to ensure they make the best financial decisions.

Average Salary: R$18,458 per month

Salary Range: R$8,673-29,466

What do bank managers do?

Bank managers oversee all operations for a specific branch office.

They supervise other bank employees, including loan officers, tellers, and customer service representatives. They may also handle tasks related to hiring, training, and scheduling employees.

Average Salary: R$13,100 per month

Salary Range: R$6,800-20,000 per month

What do university professors do?

A university professor teaches students and colleges and universities, either in-person or online.

They create lesson plans, teach classes, administer exams, submit grades, and advise students as they plan for their futures. They also conduct and publish research.

Average Salary: R$4,128 per month

Salary Range: R$3,096-47,472 per month

What do lawyers do?

Lawyers represent clients in court in front of judges and juries.

Some lawyers work for corporations and represent the business in legal matters, whereas others work with individuals who are dealing with divorces, accusations of crimes, etc.

Average Salary: R$23,200 per month

Salary Range: R$11,400-36,100 per month

What do judges do?

Judges oversee courts and legal cases.

They determine sentencing outcomes, rule on laws, and handle other legal matters. They have extensive legal experience and have spent years working in the legal field before being appointed.

Average Salary: R$13,300 per month

Salary Range: R$6,500-20,700 per month

What do public relations managers do?

Public relations managers work with professionals and businesses to help them make good impressions on the public.

They handle press releases, public statements, social media profiles, speeches, and other communications that could influence how people think of a particular company.

Average Salary: R$48,466

Salary Range: R$363,495-557,359

What do chief executive officers do?

A chief executive officer or CEO is the head of a company.

They oversee all operations and make decisions (with the help of other executives) that keep the business running smoothly and profitably.

Average Salary: R$9,000 per month

Salary Range: R$6,750-10,350 per month

What do geologist do?

Geologists are earth scientists.

They study the environment and the impact humans have on the earth in various environments (such as the rainforest in Brazil). They also search for natural resources.

Average Salary: R$15,454 per month

Salary Range: R$115,905-177,721 per month

What do IT product managers do?

An information technology (IT) product manager oversees the development of a specific product. 

They manage other team members, including developers and designers, to ensure they put out a high-quality product that meets customers’ expectations.

Average Salary: R$11,500 per month

Salary Range: R$5,630-17,900 per month

What do financial analysts do?

Financial analysts collect and analyze data for organizations and individuals.

They use the data they’ve collected to create reports for clients or supervisors and help them make informed decisions.

Average Salary: R$8,189 per month

Salary Range: R$614,175-941,735

What do dentists do?

Dentists are responsible for diagnosing and treating issues related to a person’s teeth and gums.

Dentists are members of the healthcare industry and often specialize in fields like pediatrics, oral surgery, etc.

Average Salary: $R5,751 per month

Salary Range: $R4,000-8,564 per month

What do mechanical engineers do?

Mechanical engineers design and build a wide range of machines. Examples include everything from generators and engines to refrigerators and air conditioners.

Average Salary: $R6,000 per month

Salary Range: $R4,500-6,900 per month

What do software developers do?

Software developers help build software systems from the design, program, build, deploy and maintain software using many different skills and tools. They also ensure that those systems remain functional.

Average Salary: $R10,755 per month

Salary Range: $806,625-1,236,825 per month

What do human resources managers do?

Human resources managers oversee all employees at a company.

They handle tasks related to hiring, onboarding, training, and firing. They also make sure the company is a safe and productive workplace for everyone.

Average Salary: $R24,900 per month

Salary Range: $R11,500-39,700 per month

What do orthodontists do?

Orthodontists are oral health professionals who help patients straighten crooked teeth. They may also assist with other mouth and jaw issues, such as underbites or overbites.

Average Salary: R$1,800 per month

Salary Range: R$1,400-3,000 per month

What do pilots do?

Pilots fly planes. They also are responsible for creating flight plans, performing maintenance checks, and making sure their aircraft is ready for departure.

Average Salary: R$28,167 per month

Salary Range: R$2,112,525-3,239,955

What do marketing directors do?

Marketing directors oversee marketing teams at organizations.

They are responsible for managing other marketing employees, including digital marketers and social media marketers, and assist with creating and implementing campaigns, collecting data, generating reports, and sharing findings with higher-ups.

Average Salary: R$15,900 per month

Salary Range: R$7,800-24,800 per month

What do architectural managers do?

Architectural managers oversee teams of architects at architecture firms.

They develop products, address technical problems, set goals, create product development plans, and more.

Average Salary: R$2,751 per month

Salary Range: R$2,300-3,500 per month

What do construction managers do?

Construction managers are responsible for supervising and managing employees on construction sites.

They make sure projects stay on schedule and meet the client’s expectations. They also make sure project sites are free from safety hazards.

Average Salary: R$16,900 per month

Salary Range: R$8,790-25,900 per month

What do hospitality directors do?

Hospitality directors typically work at hotels and event venues. 

They ensure guests have a positive experience from start to finish and address issues related to catering, performers, seating, food and beverage options, and more.

Average Salary: R$13,200 per month

Salary Range: R$6,890-20,300 per month

What do import and export managers do?

Import and export managers oversee all elements of the import/export process.

They also make sure these processes are compliant with laws and licensing requirements. They develop systems and policies to streamline the processes, too.

Average Salary: R$9,021 per month

Salary Range: R$676,575-1,037,415 per month

What do supply chain directors do?

Supply chain directors create plans and processes to ensure supply chain operations run smoothly. 

They communicate with vendors and distributors, oversee other employees, and make sure the company can receive and ship its products.

Average Salary: R$16,900 per month

Salary Range: R$8,790-25,900 per month

What do risk management directors do?

Risk management directors search for and identify all the potential risks of a particular project or program.

They do their best to minimize loss for a company. They also look for potential legal issues that could affect the business.

Average Salary:  R$54,167 per month

Salary Range: R$4,062,525-6,229,205 per month

What do chief information officers do?

A chief information officer is an executive who manages, implements, and ensures the usability of various information and computer technologies.

They supervise IT employees and managers, collect data, and generate esports to help the CEO and other leaders understand how the company is doing.

Average Salary: R$2,467 per month

Salary Range: R$1,890-3,583 per month

What do psychologists do?

Psychologists work with patients to help them manage mental health challenges.

They often work with people experiencing depression or anxiety, as well as those recovering from a traumatic event, the loss of a loved one, etc.

Average Salary: R$18,917 per month

Salary Range: R$1,418,775- 2,175,455 per month

What do regional sales managers do?

Regional sales managers oversee all sales team members in a particular geographic location.

They are sales experts who work with sales teams to set goals, measure productivity and progress, provide training, and help the company increase its profitability.

Average Salary: R$32,725 per month

Salary Range: R$24,566-44,201 per month

What do director of engineerings do?

A director of engineering oversees all members of an engineering team at an organization.

Directors of engineering often assist with tasks like hiring and training. They also work on goal setting, project management, and budgets.

Average Salary: R$39,400 per month

Salary Range: R$19,300-61,400 per month

What do heart transplant surgeons do?

A heart transplant surgeon performs heart transplant operations on patients experiencing severe cardiovascular problems. They also consult with potential patients to help them understand the risks and benefits of a transplant procedure.

Average Salary:  R$16,400 per month

Salary Range: R$8,030-25,600 per month

What do college deans do?

A college dean oversees all matters related to a school’s educational, budgetary, and administrative issues.

They work hard to ensure that everyone, from students to professors, has a positive experience at their college or university.

How Can I Find A High-Paying Job In Brazil?

Whether you want to find the highest-paying jobs in Sao Paulo for locals, jobs in Brazil for English speakers, or simply one of the most common jobs in Brazil with a good salary, you have plenty of resources to utilize.

Here are some of the top options:

  • Online job boards: Sites like GrabJobs help you search for jobs across multiple industries and apply for openings in seconds.
  • Recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies can help you discover available jobs sooner and connect you with employers who can benefit the most from your skills.
  • Online forums: Asking questions on platforms like Reddit and Quora will help you connect with locals in Brazil and others who understand the job market and can provide insider advice. 
  • Referrals: If you know someone who works in a position you want or at a company that you want to work for, ask them for a referral. Knowing someone at the company can give you an advantage and increase your chances of getting hired.

What is a good salary for Brazil?

The latest data shows that the average monthly salary in Brazil is 2,947 Reals.

That being said, it’s important to note that salaries can vary quite a bit depending on the company you apply for, your experience level, etc. GrabJobs’ Salary Guide helps you understand the range of salaries you can expect from a given position and discover job openings in that field.

Look for the highest-paying jobs in Brazil today

You don’t have to spend hours searching for the highest-paying jobs in Brazil. Use this information shared above to jump-start your job hunt and discover the positions that are most likely to provide a good salary.

When you’re ready to start applying for the most common jobs in Brazil or the best jobs for expats in Brazil, GrabJobs is here to help. Use our free search tool to begin finding jobs today.

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