Why you should be a dog walker!

Are dogs your passion? Learn why you should consider a part-time job as a dog walker!
why you should be a dog walker

You love animals and being active! Here are the top reasons why you should be a dog walker:

Stay Healthy & Fit

Pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives, just like you! Working as a dog walker will keep you on your feet for much of the day. Most dog walkers offer services of one hour or half-hour walks for their pet-owner clients. If you manage to squeeze two or more hour-long walks into a single day, you could burn that extra calories and stay healthy and fit!
Dog walking is not all about cardio! Your upper body will also experience the benefits of this part-time gig! Especially if you’re walking a strong and active do breed. Keeping control of your pet friend requires will train your arms and shoulders, meaning you will be getting an all-round workout, helping you maintain a healthy weight while earning extra income!

Improve Your Mental Health

Dog walking works wonders for your mental health! Studies have proven that spending time with dogs can reduce the level of the stress-inducing hormones and give you much-needed piece of mind! If swapping busy office life with long walks in the park and the sounds of nature is what you are craving for, dog walking is the answer!

Be Your Own Boss

Craft your own schedule, work as much as you feel like and most importantly, decide how much to charge! Dog walking offers the flexibility you are craving in your part-time job!
Are you convinced? If you believe that dog walking is for you, head on to GrabJobs and start searching for your next dog walking gig!

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