Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Indonesia

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Highest Paying Jobs in Indonesia

Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Indonesia

The latest data shows that the average salary in Indonesia is 449,269,780 IDR (equal to $29,978 USD). However, the most common salary is around 104,934,550 IDR (equal to $7,001 USD).

The cost of living in Indonesia is relatively low, (54.3 percent lower than in the United States). However, it can still be tricky to find jobs that pay more than the country’s most common salary and help you keep up with rapidly rising costs brought on by inflation.

If you’re in the market for a new job, there’s a good chance that salary is one of the top factors you’re taking into account when looking for job openings.

This guide breaks down the top 30 highest-paid job openings in Indonesia that are worth pursuing. You’ll also find more information on where to look for and find job openings in this country. 

What Are the Top 30 Highest-Paid Job Openings in Indonesia?

Many of the highest-paying jobs in Indonesia are also the most in-demand job openings in Indonesia.

Looking for work and want to earn as much as possible? This list is an excellent starting point. 

Here are 30 of the highest-paid jobs in Indonesia:

Average Salary: 514,287,407 IDR

Salary Range: 358,733,172 IDR to 649,640,870 IDR

What Do Risk Directors Do?

Risk directors oversee company policies and procedures. They make sure they comply with the country’s laws and guidelines. They also oversee operations, business planning, and budget creation.

Average Salary: 267,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 142,000,000 IDR to 406,000,000

What Do Project Directors Do?

Project directors oversee all aspects of specific company projects. They coordinate with other partners, assign tasks, supervise members of the project team, oversee implementation, handle reporting, and make adjustments as needed. 

Average Salary: 229,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 110,000,000 IDR to  360,000,000 IDR

What Do Operations Directors Do?

Operations directors ensure company goals are met. They negotiate contracts, manage budgets, and work with senior managers from other departments as needed.

Average Salary: 266,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 125,000,000 IDR to 420,000,000 IDR

What Do Marketing Directors Do?

Marketing directors oversee all aspects of a company’s marketing projects. They create and manage campaigns, work alongside project managers and other high-ranking employees, and ensure the company achieves its marketing goals.

Average Salary: 217,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 111,000,000 IDR to 334,000,000 IDR

What Do Accounting Managers Do?

Accounting manager jobs are some of the highest-paid jobs in Indonesia because of the responsibilities those in this field have.

They must manage a company’s accounting staff and oversee important tasks like financial reporting, collections, billing, budget preparation, and payroll.

Average Salary: 98,400,000 IDR

Salary Range: 48,200,000 IDR to 154,000,000 IDR

What Do Chefs Do?

Chefs work in restaurants, hotels, and resorts. They are responsible for planning menus, overseeing food preparation and service, and managing waitstaff. 

Average Salary: 406,730,147 IDR

Salary Range: 288,318,016 IDR to 511,680,665 IDR

What Do Software Developers Do?

Software developers design and develop software products for various clients. They may work in-house, as part of an agency, or as freelancers. 

Average Salary: 155,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 74,100,000 IDR to 282,000,000 IDR

What Do Teachers Do?

Teachers work with students of all ages. They provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed once they graduate. 

Average Salary: 141,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 90,400,000 IDR to 271,000,000 IDR

What Do Nurses Do?

Nurses are in charge of taking vitals, administering medication, and educating patients. They work in clinics and hospitals alongside physicians and other healthcare workers. 

Average Salary: 261,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 120,000,000 IDR to 415,000,000 IDR

What Do Hotel Managers Do?

As tourists start streaming into the country, the position of a hotel manager is becoming one of the most in-demand job openings in Indonesia. Hotel managers oversee all hotel staff members and help them provide visitors with a good experience.

Average Salary: 63,800,000 IDR

Salary Range: 33,200,000 IDR to 97,700,000 IDR

What Do Nannies Do?

Nannies are childcare professionals. They work with families and care for their children while the parents work. They may also work with tourists who need someone to watch their children while they explore.

Average Salary: 177,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 88,500,000 IDR to 274,000,000 IDR

What Do Automotive General Managers Do?

Automotive general managers work at automotive dealerships and oversee daily operations. This includes managing staff, procedures, sales, and the dealership’s budget.

Average Salary: 261,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 120,000,000 IDR to 414,000,000 IDR

What Do Construction Managers Do?

Construction managers oversee construction projects. They coordinate with other workers, assign tasks, and assist with quality control. 

Average Salary: 249,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 129,000,000 IDR to 380,000,000 IDR

What Do Psychologists Do?

Psychologists work with clients in need of mental health support. They listen to clients’ concerns and help them develop healthy coping skills for anxiety, depression, etc.

Average Salary: 199,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 108,000,000 IDR to 301,000,000 IDR

What Do Customer Service Managers Do?

Customer service managers oversee customer service workers, who respond to questions and complaints. They ensure customers are satisfied and loyal to the company.

Average Salary: 356,776,978 IDR

Salary Range: 252,907,809 IDR to 448,837,842 IDR

What Do Directors of Engineering Do?

Directors of engineering oversee all of a company’s engineering-related efforts. They coordinate with project managers and supervisors to ensure projects are done correctly, on time, and on budget. 

Average Salary: 300,294,123 IDR

Salary Range: 215,344,136 IDR to 376,852,238 IDR

What Do Real Estate Property Managers Do?

Real estate property managers oversee rental properties (residential and commercial). They handle repairs, make sure rent gets paid on time, deliver tenant notices, and more.

Average Salary: 275,895,012 IDR

Salary Range: 197,847,272 IDR to 346,232,727 IDR

What Do Shipping Managers Do?

Shipping managers make sure that products get packaged properly, shipped on time, and shipped to the right location.  

Average Salary: 178,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 88,800,000 IDR to 275,000,000 IDR

What Do Restaurant Managers Do?

Restaurant managers make sure restaurants run smoothly. They oversee staff, assign tasks, and help with budgeting, scheduling, and hiring. 

Average Salary: 479,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 235,000,000 IDR to 748,000,000 IDR

What Do Internists Do?

Internists are physicians who care for patients struggling with all kinds of illnesses. They specialize in treating the internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Average Salary: 258,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 127,000,000 IDR to 403,000,000 IDR

What Do Chief People Officers Do?

Chief people officers create and manage strategies that help businesses create and keep talented professionals on board.

Average Salary: 432,698,351 IDR

Salary Range: 305,388,578 IDR to 544,795,391

What Do Human Resources Managers Do?

Human resources managers are the head of a company’s human resources department. They assist with the hiring, onboarding, training, firing, and more.

Average Salary: 119,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 47,000,000 IDR to 228,000,000 IDR

What Do Import and Export Managers Do?

Import and export managers oversee all aspects of the import and export process. They also ensure these processes comply with the government’s laws and regulations.

Average Salary: 468,127,585 IDR

Salary Range: 329,429,066 IDR to 589,885,429 IDR

What Do Information Technology Project Managers Do?

Information technology (IT) project managers oversee all of a company’s tech-related projects. They assign tasks, execute plans, and assist with quality control.

Average Salary: 325,949,582 IDR

Salary Range: 234,077,777 IDR to 408,712,561 IDR

What Do Business Intelligence Consultants Do?

Business intelligence consultant positions are some of the most high-demand job openings in Indonesia. Lots of businesses need help to improve their efficiency, employee performance, and productivity.  

Average Salary: 209,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 113,000,000 IDR to 316,000,000 IDR

What Do Digital Marketing Managers Do?

Digital marketing managers oversee all of a business’s digital marketing strategies to help the company establish and maintain a strong online presence. 

Average Salary: 259,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 119,000,000 IDR to 412,000,000 IDR

What Do Heads of Public Relations Do?

Heads of public relations are in charge of managing a company’s public persona and ensuring the business has a good reputation. 

Average Salary: 271,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 133,000,000 IDR to 423,000,000 IDR

What Do Supply Chain Directors Do?

Supply chain directors are in charge of building business infrastructure that keeps supply chain operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Average Salary: 243,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 124,000,000 IDR to 375,000,000 IDR

What Do Warehouse Managers Do?

Warehouse managers oversee warehouse workers and ensure products are received, packaged, and shipped correctly and efficiently.

Average Salary: 242,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 121,000,000 IDR to 374,000,000 IDR

What Do Sales Directors Do?

Sales directors oversee companies’ sales teams. They create sales strategies, motivate sales reps, and ensure the team meets its goals.

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How Can I Find High-Paying Job Openings in Indonesia?

You can find openings for high-paying jobs in Indonesia using a variety of methods. The following are some of the most effective options:

1. Online Job Boards

Many of the best-paying jobs in Indonesia are advertised on online job boards like GrabJobs. These sites make it easy for you to search for jobs based on salary, education requirements, experience requirements, location, and more.

2. Recruitment Agencies

If you prefer working directly with someone to help you find a job, partnering with a recruitment agency is a good strategy. Recruitment agencies help to fill high-demand job openings in Indonesia and will connect you to companies that need employees with your specific skills.

3. Online Forums

It can be helpful to check out online forums like Reddit and Quora as well. These sites are used by people from all over the world — including Indonesia — and can help you learn about job openings and opportunities before they’re even advertised online.

4. Referrals

One of the most effective ways to find the best-paying jobs in Indonesia is to tap into your existing network. If you get referred by a friend or family member who works at a company, your chances of getting hired will go up significantly.

Do you know someone who has a job you’d like to have? If so, reach out to them and ask if they’ll put in a good word for you with the company’s hiring manager.

Find High-Paying Job Openings in Indonesia Today

Now that you know more about the highest-paid job openings in Indonesia, as well as how to look for them, your next step is to begin your search.

Start by looking for high-paying jobs in Indonesia on GrabJobs. This platform will simplify the search process and help you connect with employers right away.

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