Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Sydney

Highest Paying Jobs in Sydney, New South Wales! Find the highest paying jobs in Sydney Australia and start applying today!
Highest Paying Jobs in Sydney

When it comes to major capital cities in Australia, Sydney wins with the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product per capita).

According to the latest data, Sydney’s GDP per capita comes in at A$84,700. It has a steep lead over other cities like Perth (GDP A$72,800), Melbourne (GDP A$70,500), and Brisbane (GDP A$68,800).

For those who are looking to land a high-paying job with great prospects, Sydney has a lot to offer, especially now that the economy and job market are starting to recover from the turmoil brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This guide breaks down the highest-paying jobs in Sydney for those who are looking to make a career change and for students who are planning ahead and want to earn a good salary as soon as they graduate.

What Salary Is Considered Rich in Sydney?

The average salary in Sydney, Australia is about A$76,000 per year. To be considered “rich” in Sydney, though, you’d need to earn quite a bit more than this.

Salaries of over A$100,000 per year, for most people, would likely fall into the “rich” or “comfortable” category. However, considering the cost of living in Sydney (which is 100 per cent higher than Australia’s national average), a higher income may be required to cover all of a person’s (or family’s) expenses and leave enough leftover for other luxuries.

This is especially true if you are married, have multiple children, etc. The more expenses you have to keep track of, the higher your salary will need to be for you to not feel stressed out or overwhelmed by those extra costs.

What Is the #1 Highest-Paid Position in Sydney?

Of all the best-paid jobs in Sydney, which one pays the best? What’s the number one highest-paying job in Sydney?

Based on the latest data, surgeons, on average, typically earn higher salaries than any other worker in Sydney, Australia. Their salaries range from A$196,000 on the low end to A$624,000 on the high end, with an average of about A$400,000 per year.

A surgeon’s earning potential can vary quite a bit depending on the types of surgeries they perform and the types of patients they work with, too. For example, a heart transplant surgeon earns an average of A$480,000 per year, whereas a pediatric surgeon earns a bit less, around A$373,000 per year.

For those who don’t want to become surgeons, the good news is that there are plenty of other highly paid jobs available in the Sydney area. Listed below are the 20 highest-paying jobs worth considering if you want to earn a great salary now and in the future:

20. Marketing Director

Average Annual Salary: A$142,000 per year

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19. Digital Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$147,000 per year

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18. Information Technology (IT) Project Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$160,000 per year

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17. Construction Project Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$172,000 per year

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16. Chief Information Officer

Average Annual Salary: A$176,000 per year

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15. Airline Pilot

Average Annual Salary: A$184,000 per year

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14. Advertising Sales Director

Average Annual Salary: A$184,000 per year

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13. Construction Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$184,000 per year

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12. College Professor

Average Annual Salary: A$192,000 per year

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11. Architectural Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$192,000 per year

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10. Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: A$208,000 per year

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9. Financial Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$211,000 per year

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8. Orthodontist

Average Annual Salary: $196,417

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7. Chief Financial Officer

Average Annual Salary: A$224,000 per year

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6. Chief Executive Officer

Average Annual Salary: A$240,000 per year

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5. Bank Manager

Average Annual Salary: A$256,000 per year

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4. Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: A$272,000 per year

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3. Internal Medicine Specialist

Average Annual Salary: A$333,000 per year

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2. Judge

Average Annual Salary: A$336,000 per year

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1. Surgeon

Average Annual Salary: A$400,000 per year

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Top 5 Highest-Paying Industries in Sydney

If you want to earn a high salary here, you’ll need to know about the highest-paying industries in Sydney. The following are 5 of the best fields to pursue a career in if you want to make great money and have a fulfilling job with excellent prospects:

1. Healthcare

For most people, it’s not surprising to learn that the healthcare industry is one of the highest-paying in Sydney. After all, surgeons, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have to put in a lot of time and effort to develop their skills and learn what’s needed to keep patients safe and healthy.

Virtually all careers in the healthcare field come with a higher-than-average salary. At the same time, though, some are more lucrative than others, including the following:

Top 3 Job Titles and Salaries
  • Heart Transplant Surgeon: Average salary A$480,000 per year
  • Pediatric Surgeon: Average salary A$372,000 per year
  • Internal Medicine Specialist: Average salary A$333,000 per year
Job Prospects

Prospects look great for most people who choose to pursue a healthcare career in Sydney. There’s always a strong need for skilled, compassionate individuals who can provide patients with a high level of care. Over the last year and a half, the demand for healthcare workers has become even more pressing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, so now would be the perfect time to make a career switch or start pursuing a degree in a healthcare-related field.

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2. Law

The legal industry is another high-paying industry worth considering in Sydney. Judges and lawyers earn very high salaries in exchange for their expertise, and other types of workers, such as paralegals, can also make above-average livings without having to put in quite as much time in school.

Top 3 Job Titles and Salaries
  • Judge: Average salary A$336,000 per year
  • Lawyer: Average salary A$208,000 per year
  • Paralegal: Average salary A$73,752 per year
Job Prospects

In some parts of the world, the job outlook for the legal industry is not as promising as it is for some other fields. However, it is still showing positive growth in Sydney and throughout Australia. According to a recent report published by Lawyers Weekly, 34 per cent of surveyed law firms said that they increased their staffing levels in 2020, and another 34 per cent reported maintaining a consistent headcount. Most of the cuts that took place during 2020 were among small and medium-sized firms, so job prospects look especially good for those who can get hired by a larger law firm.

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3. Business and Finance

There are plenty of high-paying jobs for Sydney residents looking to break into the business and finance sectors. These fields offer a wide range of roles for people of all experience levels, from fresh graduates to seasoned veterans, and many of them come with above-average salaries, including the following:

Top 3 Job Titles and Salaries
  • Bank Manager: Average salary A$256,000 per year
  • Chief Executive Officer: Average salary A$240,000 per year
  • Chief Financial Officer: Average salary A$224,000 per year
Job Prospects

There will always be a need for business-savvy and financially savvy individuals in Sydney, so job prospects for this industry look generally good now and moving forward. Even many entry-level positions are offering high salaries and are regularly accepting new applicants, so those without a lot of experience can still find ways to get a foot in the door and start working their way up.

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4. Architecture

The architecture industry also pays very well and offers good job prospects for those who have received a degree in architecture or a similar field. As the architecture field continues to expand and evolve, new job opportunities will arise (along with opportunities to make more money).   

Top 3 Job Titles and Salaries
  • Architectural Manager: Average salary A$192,000
  • Architectural Consultant: Average salary A$184,000
  • Architectural Assistant Manager: Average salary A$181,000
Job Prospects

Job prospects for those working in the architecture industry look very promising. This is true for everyone from entry-level architects to higher-ups like managers and consultants. The field shows signs of strong future growth, especially as Australia’s infrastructure needs continue to increase, both in the public and private sectors.

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5. Construction

The construction industry also offers very high salaries, especially for those in higher-up positions. People who work in the construction field get to enjoy a lot of job security, too, similar to those who work in the architecture field. After all, there will always be a strong need for skilled labourers who can assist with building private and public sector projects. 

Top 3 Job Titles and Salaries
  • Construction Manager: Average salary A$184,000 per year
  • Construction Project Manager: Average salary A$176,000 per year
  • Construction Operations Manager: Average salary A$168,000 per year
Job Prospects

Job prospects are promising for those in the construction field. Even those starting out in entry-level or labourer positions will have lots of opportunities to work their way up and earn leadership roles, which naturally come with higher salaries.

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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Sydney for Fresh Graduates

In addition to knowing about the highest-paying industries in Sydney, it’s also important for students to know the highest-paying jobs in Sydney for fresh graduates. If you’re currently in school, here are some of the best-paid jobs you may qualify for after you finish your education:

1. Business Consultant

Recent data shows that consulting is one of the top career options for recent graduates, and business consulting, specifically, is a great option to consider.

Those who have obtained a degree in business management or a similar field likely have a lot of knowledge about what various companies can do to improve day-to-day operations, increase efficiency, and increase their profits (all of which are things that most businesses are actively looking to do).

Business consultants don’t have to spend as much time in school as some other high-earning professionals (such as surgeons, judges, lawyers, etc.). After earning a 4-year degree, many graduates can find work right away consulting or working as an associate in a larger company. Both of these opportunities allow them to earn a generous starting salary while also gaining valuable experience.

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2. Accountant

An accountant is another example of a professional who can start earning a great salary right out of school.

To become an accountant in Sydney, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a similar field. Some also choose to go on and earn a master’ degree or above, but these often aren’t necessary.

Once you’ve finished school, you can start applying to accounting positions at various businesses, and you’ll likely hear a “yes” sooner than you think. After all, every company, whether it’s in the healthcare industry or the automotive industry, needs the help of a skilled accountant to keep its finances in order. 

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3. Surgeon

If you don’t mind spending a long time in school before you can start earning a high salary, a career as a surgeon is one worth pursuing.

After they graduate from medical school and complete the required internships (this usually requires around12 years of schooling after leaving high school), surgeons can start earning a lot of money right away.

Even the starting salary for most surgeons is well above the average salary in Sydney, which is good news when you stop and consider how much money most surgeons spend getting their education in the first place.

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4. Lawyer

Like surgeons, lawyers put in a lot of time and effort upfront to gain an education and learn the skills needed to be great at their jobs. Once their schooling is complete, though, most lawyers start earning generous salaries right away, especially if they get hired at a large firm.

Lawyers have good job prospects in Sydney right now. While a lot is expected of them once they start working, they’re also compensated very well for their time and talents.

If you’re not afraid of investing time, effort, and money right now, it’ll pay off and yield great returns in the future after you’ve graduated. 

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5. Engineer

Engineers in Sydney, Australia also typically earn a higher-than-average salary right after graduating, too. Although their salaries are not as high as the starting salaries for some other jobs, they’re still higher than the city’s average and can provide a very comfortable living for new graduates.

To become an engineer, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, etc.). When you’ve finished your schooling and have landed a job (which will likely happen very soon since there’s always a high demand for talented engineers in Sydney), you’ll find that your starting salary is well worth the time and effort you put in so you could earn your degree in the first place.

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Are you looking to get into one of these top 5 highest paying industries in Australia?

What Degree Pays the Most in Sydney?

Do you want to qualify for one of the highest-paying jobs in Sydney for fresh graduates? Do you want to maximize the returns you get from your university education?

If so, you need to make sure you’re working toward the right degree while you’re in school. This chart breaks down some of the best degrees to pursue if you want to land one of the best-paid jobs in Sydney after graduation:

Degree Type

Potential Salary


A$400,000 per year

Business Management

A$100,000 per year


A$70,000 per year


A$272,000 per year


A$90,397 per year

It doesn’t matter if you want to spend several years (over a decade, in the case of a surgeon) in school or if you want to earn a high salary after completing a standard 4-year degree (which is required for careers in engineering, accounting, business consulting, etc.). Regardless of your current goals and aspirations, there are plenty of options that will help you to start making a lot of money as soon as you graduate.

Remember, this table is just a general breakdown to help you see some of the most lucrative degree paths to consider. It’s not all-encompassing, though, and there are plenty of other great degrees you can pursue that will also help you make a great living in Sydney.

Are You Ready to Land One of the Highest Paying Jobs in Sydney?

Now that you know more about the highest-paying jobs in Sydney, are you ready to begin pursuing one?

It doesn’t matter if you need to go back to school, change your major while you’re in school, or start working on some new skills to make yourself more marketable. In either case, you now know what kinds of careers you ought to be working toward if a generous salary is important to you.

If you need more help finding the best-paid jobs in Sydney, GrabJobs is here to help. Check out our free job search tool today to narrow down your search and uncover lots of great options for every job seeker.

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