Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Tampa

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Highest Paying Jobs in Tampa

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Tampa

By the end of 2022, economists estimate that Tampa, Florida will have a GDP per capita of $42,127. Tampa’s economy has grown steadily over the last several years, and it has also seen a significant increase in job opportunities.

Are you looking for work in Tampa? Do you want to find a high-paying job? If so, keep reading.

This guide breaks down the highest-paying jobs in Tampa and the highest-paying industries in Tampa. You’ll also learn about the highest-paying jobs in Tampa for fresh graduates, and the kinds of degrees required to be qualified for them.

What Salary Is Considered Rich in Tampa?

In addition to knowing about the best-paid jobs in Tampa, it’s also helpful to know about the general cost of living and average salary in this city. This information makes it easier for you to answer the question “what salary is considered rich in Tampa.”

The average salary in Tampa is around $67,000 per year. This is about the same as the average salary across the United States. At the same time, though, the cost of living in Tampa is a bit lower than average, which means your dollars can stretch a bit farther here.

Tampa is particularly more affordable compared to other major cities, including Miami. For example, the average cost of living is 18.43 percent lower in Tampa compared to Miami, and the average home price is 64.4 percent less than it is in Miami.

Based on the cost of living in Tampa and the average salary for a resident here, it’s safe to say that a salary of over $100,000 would likely be considered rich or wealthy in this city. A salary of $100,000 or more would probably provide you with plenty of disposable income while also making sure all of your bills are paid. 

What Is the #1 Highest-Paid Position in Tampa?

Now that you know what it takes to live comfortably in this city, it’s time to talk about the best-paid jobs in Tampa. There are plenty of high-paying jobs here, including the number 1 highest-paid position: Family Medicine Physician.

A family medicine physician is a medical doctor who provides a variety of primary care services, from performing exams and check-ups to diagnosing illnesses and writing prescriptions. The average salary for a family medicine physician in Tampa is $245,770 per year (nearly 4 times the average salary for a Tampa resident). 

Because these professionals do such important work and are in such high demand, it’s understandable that they are paid so well. If a career as a family medicine physician isn’t ideal for you, there are plenty of other great jobs to consider in this city.

Listed below are the top 20 highest-paying jobs in Tampa, ranked from lowest to highest salary:

Top 5 Highest-Paying Industries in Tampa

For those who know they want a high-paying career but don’t know exactly what they want to do, sometimes, it’s helpful to take a step back and learn about the highest-paying industries in Tampa instead.

Listed below are the top 5 highest-paying industries in this city, along with a list of the top 3 careers in each industry and their job prospects:

The healthcare industry is, not surprisingly, one of the highest-paying industries in Tampa (and the United States). There’s a high demand for medical professionals in Tampa, and this demand, combined with the high level of skill required of healthcare workers, makes these jobs some of the highest-paying ones in the city. 

Top 3 Careers

  • Family Medicine Physicians: Average Salary $245,770 per year
  • Specialist Dentists: Average Salary $235,990 per year
  • Other Physicians and Ophthalmologists: Average Salary $216,340 per year

Job Prospects: The job prospects for those in the healthcare industry are very promising. As we mentioned above, there is a high demand for healthcare professionals in Tampa, so it’s not too hard to find a job and get hired when you start your search, as long as you have the appropriate education and training.

The information technology industry is another one of the highest-paying industries in Tampa. The tech sector is booming throughout the country, and Tampa is no exception. This means there are lots of jobs — many of which are high paying — available in this field. 

Top 3 Careers

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers: Average Salary $150,150 per year
  • Computer Network Architects: Average Salary $106,190 per year
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists: Average Salary $99,780 per year

Job Prospects: Because this industry is growing so rapidly, there are lots of job opportunities available in the information and technology sector. Job prospects look great for those who want to work in this field, whether they’re searching for entry-level positions or higher-up, management-level jobs.

Would you consider applying to these high-paid jobs in Tampa?

There are lots of businesses that operate out of Tampa, including public companies like Mosaic and Masonite, along with lots of small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to work in the business or admin sector, you’ll find plenty of high-paying opportunities that are worth considering.

Top 3 Careers

  • Marketing Managers: Average Salary $145,740 per year
  • Sales Managers: Average Salary $143,840 per year
  • Human Resources Managers: Average Salary $124,040 per year

Job Prospects: Because there are so many businesses — of all sizes — in Tampa, there are also lots of job opportunities for those who want to work in this industry. If you have a business background, or if you’re a recent graduate, you’ll likely be able to find jobs soon after you start your search, whether you’re looking for entry-level jobs or management-level positions.

The engineering industry is another high-paying industry that provides lots of job opportunities in the Tampa area. All kinds of engineers are needed here and earn above-average salaries, especially as they progress in their field and move into management positions.

Top 3 Careers

  • Architectural and Engineering Managers: Average Salary $143,420 per year
  • Mining and Geological Engineers: Average Salary $127,900 per year
  • Electronics Engineers: Average Salary $98,710 per year

Job Prospects: There are lots of businesses that need help from engineers in Tampa, which means that job prospects look very good for those who want to work in this industry. It doesn’t matter what kind of engineer you are. You will likely have an easy time finding job openings that align with your skills and training background when you start looking in the Tampa area.

Those who work in the finance industry can also enjoy above-average salaries and lots of room for growth. There’s a high demand for finance experts who can advise businesses and individuals on how to make wise financial decisions and set themselves up for long-term success.

Top 3 Careers

  • Financial Managers: Average Salary $140,680 per year
  • Personal Financial Advisors: Average Salary $96,830 per year
  • Financial Examiners: Average Salary $85,790 per year

Job Prospects: Because of the high demand for finance experts in the Tampa area, it makes sense that the job prospects for those who want to work in this field are quite promising. You likely will be able to find a job, either with a firm or as an in-house advisor for a specific business, without having to do too much digging.

Top 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in Tampa for Fresh Graduates

If you’re a student, you probably are also curious about the highest-paying jobs in Tampa for fresh graduates. When you come straight out of college, you might not be qualified for a management position, but there are plenty of other high-paying jobs worth considering.

If you want to maximize your earnings as soon as you leave school, the following 5 jobs are all good ones to work toward.

A specialist dentist is someone who has graduated from dental school and then gone on to complete additional training in a particular specialty, such as pediatric dentistry or periodontics. 

It typically takes at least 9 years to become a specialist dentist (4 years of undergrad, 4 years of dental school, plus at least 1 year of specialized training). However, once you’ve finished this training, you can enjoy a high salary right out of the gate — much higher than what a general dentist would earn because your skillset is more advanced and less common.

The average entry-level salary for a specialist dentist is $167,770 per year. Over time, you can earn a lot more than this, though — $235,990 per year on average.

Family medicine physicians aren’t just the highest earners in Tampa. They also have some of the highest entry-level salaries — $144,960 on average.

Because there’s such a high demand for medical professionals, especially physicians, in Tampa, it’s understandable that they earn so much even when they’re fresh out of their residencies. Furthermore, the amount of time they spend in school also contributes to their high starting salaries.

To become a family medicine physician, you will need to complete 4 years each of undergrad and medical school. A 2 to 3-year residency is required afterward as well. It’s not easy to earn your place in this field, but it is worth it, especially if you want to earn a high salary as soon as you’re done with school.

Pharmacists also enjoy higher-than-average entry-level salaries when they finish school. If you’re interested in science and want to work in the medical field but don’t necessarily want to see patients in a traditional setting, a career as a pharmacist might be a good alternative.

Pharmacists are responsible for filling prescriptions and advising patients who come into the pharmacy. They do a very important job and are essential workers in pharmacies across the country, including in Seattle.

Pharmacists spend between 6 and 8 years in school, too, which is less than a lot of other medical professionals. The amount of time spent training depends on whether you earn a bachelor’s degree and then enter a doctor of pharmacy program, or if you participate in a dual degree program, which allows you to complete both degrees in just 6 years.  

If you want to earn a high salary but don’t want to work in the medical field, you’re in luck.

There are plenty of other high-paying jobs in Seattle for fresh graduates that don’t require medical training. For example, you could pursue a career as a mining and geological engineer. 

Mining and geological engineers are responsible for designing mines so that miners can remove minerals safely and efficiently.

Mining and geological engineers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited university.

This is not an easy program to complete, but it is a lot shorter than many other programs and allows you to become one of Seattle’s top earners once you’ve finished. Even as an entry-level mining and geological engineer, you can earn an average salary of $84,950, which isn’t bad for a fresh college graduate.

Another career for those who want to earn a high salary fresh out of college is a career as a materials scientist.

Materials scientists are responsible for studying various materials’ structures and chemical properties. This information is needed to help with the development of new products, as well as enhancing existing ones. They figure out how to strengthen and combine existing materials, as well as how to develop new ones.

To become a materials scientist, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related field. Some go on to earn master’s degrees, though, to increase their earning potential and job options.

It takes far less time to become a materials scientist compared to a physician or dentist (and many other high-paying jobs), so it’s worth considering if you have a passion for science. The average entry-level salary for a materials scientist is $69,320 per year, too, which also isn’t bad for a fresh graduate with limited job experience.

What Degree Pays the Most in Tampa?

If you want to qualify for one of the best-paid jobs in Tampa, whether it’s as a dentist or a materials scientist, you’ll need to have a degree from an accredited university. The table below breaks down some of the best degrees to consider earning, as well as the potential salary that can come with them:

Degree Type

Potential Salary


$245,770 per year


$235,990 per year


$127,900 per year

Doctor of Pharmacy

$127,290 per year


$111,790 per year

Of course, it’s important to note that there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll earn a specific salary just because you’ve obtained a particular degree. Your salary might end up being quite a bit higher or quite a bit lower than what’s listed in the table above, depending on when you graduate, the market and economy at the time, and which company you decide to work for.

At the end of the day, though, you can generally trust that you’ll earn more with a degree than without.

Find the Highest-Paying Jobs in Tampa Today

Do you know which of the highest-paying jobs in Tampa seems like the best fit for you?

Whether you’re a student who’s been having a hard time planning for the future or a professional who’s ready to change careers, this information can help you to make informed decisions and figure out what steps you need to take to prepare for your new, high-earning position. Start upskilling today so you can qualify for these jobs and increase your income.

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