Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Qatar

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Highest Paying Jobs in Qatar

Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Qatar

Are you looking for work in Qatar? Are you struggling to decide which career you want to pursue?

In either case, knowing the highest-paying jobs in Qatar will help you make a choice that provides the most returns for years to come.

This convenient guide makes it easy for you to learn about the most well-paid jobs in Qatar with salary details. It features the top 30 jobs with good salaries and a strong demand for workers to help you figure out what you want to do with your future.

What are the highest-paid and most in-demand jobs in Qatar?

Some jobs come with high salaries and require a particular set of skills. Others pay a lower salary but are in high demand, meaning there are lots of opportunities for you to find work and enjoy job security.

Regardless of your specific needs and what you want out of a career, you can use this list as a jumping-off point. Check out the top 30 highest-paying jobs in Qatar and most in-demand jobs in Qatar below.

Average Salary: 65,933 QR per month

Salary Range: 34,758-99,858 QAR QR per month

What do surgeons do?

Surgeons have some of the most demanding jobs in Qatar. They operate on patients who are struggling with illnesses or injuries and do their best to help them recover and regain their health.

Surgeons come to work in Qatar from all over the world, so this is also an excellent job for foreigners who want to expand their skills and take their careers abroad.

Average Salary: 116,667 QR per month

Salary Range: 87,500,250-1,3416,705 QR

What do chief executive officers do?

The chief executive officer position is one of the highest-paying jobs in Qatar, particularly those who oversee large corporations.

A CEO is responsible for the entire company and must make decisions that consider everyone’s best interests. They collaborate with other executives and department heads to help them make the right decisions.

Average Salary: 20,000 QR per month

Salary Range: 15,000-23,000 QR per month

What do information technology managers do?

Information technology or IT managers are responsible for handling all of a company’s computer-related needs.

They answer questions, address issues that affect productivity (such as network slowdowns), and take steps to ensure the company’s data is secure and protected from hackers.

Average Salary: 33,000 QR per month

Salary Range: 24,750-37,950 QR per month

What do marketing project managers do?

A project manager is the point person for a specific project — and a marketing project manager oversees all elements related to completing a marketing project. They may supervise a particular campaign, for example, and work with other members of the marketing team to ensure it gets completed on time and according to the client’s specifications.

Average Salary: 15671 QR per month

Salary Range: 8,038-23,305 QR per month

What do human resources managers do?

A career as a human resources manager is a great choice for anyone looking for jobs in Qatar with salary growth potential.

Human resources managers’ salaries range significantly, depending on the size of the company they work for, their experience level, etc. In most cases, though, their job is the same — to manage the people who work at a company and make sure they have the skills and resources needed to do their jobs effectively.

Average Salary: 43,400 QR per month

Salary Range: 21,300-67,700 QR per month

What do magistrate judges do?

Magistrate judges oversee civil and criminal cases. They preside over the court, hear arguments from both sides, and make a final ruling, calling on their legal experience and expertise to help them make a decision.

Average Salary: 29,108 QR per month

Salary Range: 14,008-45,733 QR per month

What do lawyers do?

A lawyer defends and represents their client in front of a judge. They listen carefully to their client’s concerns and problems and then create a case to help them achieve the desired result. 

Lawyers also handle behind-the-scenes tasks like writing and reviewing contracts.

Average Salary: 17,146 QR per month

Salary Range: 128,595-197,179 QR per month

What do IT consultants do?

An IT consultant is an independent professional who works with businesses of varying types and sizes.

They collaborate with business owners and members of the IT department to help them improve their systems and make them more efficient. They also provide training to help IT workers troubleshoot technical challenges and better support colleagues and customers.

Average Salary: 6,995 QR per month

Salary Range: 524,625-804,425 QR per month

What do civil engineers do?

Civil engineers are tasked with building and repairing major structures like bridges and roads. They must make sure these structures are correctly constructed to keep people safe as they travel throughout the country.

Average Salary: 8,958 QR per month

Salary Range: 67,185-103,017 QR

What do mechanical engineers do?

Mechanical engineers work on a variety of different machines — including transportation machinery like elevators and escalators — and carry out various tasks, including everything from designing to repairing. 

Average Salary: 26,566 QR per month

Salary Range: 13,683-40,433 QR per month

What do real estate managers do?

Real estate managers work in the commercial real estate sector and oversee everything related to maintaining their properties and keeping their business on track.

For example, they collect financial data and prepare financial statements, hire and supervise maintenance workers, and negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors. They often set income rates as well.

Average Salary: 42,900 QR per month

Salary Range: 19,916-68,250 QR per month

What do orthodontists do?

Most people think of orthodontists as dentists who apply braces and straighten people’s teeth. 

This task is a big part of their job, but they’re not just in the business of making people’s smiles look nicer. They also address jaw issues that can cause headaches and discomfort while eating, improving alignment and quality of life.

Average Salary: 27,900 QR per month

Salary Range: 15,100-42,100 QR per month

What do pilots do?

Pilots are paid very well in Qatar — above average compared to many other countries. They have big jobs, too.

Pilots operate and control planes, of course. They also monitor the plane’s engines, fuel consumption, and overall performance to keep passengers safe and make sure they reach their destinations on time.

Average Salary: 57,129 QR per month

Salary Range: 4,284,675-6,569,835 QR per month

What do chief financial officers do?

Chief financials are top-level executives who supervise everything related to a company’s finances.

From cash flow to investments, they must keep an eye on everything money-related and relay the most important information back to the company’s chief executive officer.

Average Salary: 9,717 QR per month

Salary Range: 728-775-1,117,455 QR per month

What do project engineers do?

The project engineer position is another one of the highest-paying jobs in Qatar.

This person is responsible for managing technical and engineering-related projects. They oversee all aspects of the project, from planning and assigning responsibilities to monitoring progress, scheduling check-ins, and meeting with clients to ensure they’re satisfied.

Average Salary: 4,471 QR per month

Salary Range: 2,200-6,873 QR per month

What do construction workers do?

Qatar is a rapidly growing country with lots of opportunities for construction workers, who work on everything from residential buildings to massive skyscrapers and other commercial facilities.

If you don’t mind heavy lifting and hard labor, working in the construction industry is a good way to earn a living here.

Average Salary: 29,100 QR per month

Salary Range: 13,400-46,300 QR per month

What do hospitality managers do?

The hospitality manager position is an excellent choice for those seeking hotel Jobs in Qatar with salary growth potential.

The salary for a hotel manager ranges significantly depending on the size of the hotel you work at, the amount of experience you have, etc. The basis of your job is the same, though, and involves managing the daily operations of hotels and resorts to make sure guests are happy and want to come back.

Average Salary: 10,900 QR per month

Salary Range: 5,210-17,100 QR per month

What do travel agents do?

Considering Qatar’s strong tourism sector, it makes sense that travel agents would be paid well and be in relatively high demand here.

If you are passionate about travel and want to help others have a good time on their vacations, this is a great position for you.

Average Salary: 10,844 QR per month

Salary Range: 8049-124,706 QR per month

What do registered nurses do?

Registered nurses are skilled healthcare professionals who keep hospitals and clinics running efficiently — while also making sure patients are cared for and receive the attention they deserve.

They do much of the heavy lifting that takes place in healthcare, including administering medications, placing IVs, and changing bandages.

Average Salary:  5,833 QR per month

Salary Range: 437,475-670,795 QR per month

What do digital marketing associates do?

Consider working as a digital marketing associate if you’re curious about jobs in Qatar for foreigners.

Many businesses based in Qatar need help from talented marketers who can promote their products or services and increase their reach online through blog posts, social media posts, email marketing, and more.

Average Salary: 4,000 QR per month

Salary Range: 3,000-4,600 QR per month

What do public relations specialists do?

A career as a public relations or PR specialist is a good option for people who enjoy marketing and communications-related tasks.

As a PR specialist, it’s your job to make a business or individual person look good to the public. You handle their communications with the rest of the world and help them ensure their messaging aligns with their target audience.

Average Salary: 16,400 QR per month

Salary Range: 8,631-24,558 QR per month

What do oil and gas engineers do?

This is one of the highest-paid engineering jobs in Qatar, and for good reason.

Oil and gas or petroleum engineers’ responsibilities include searching for and extracting oil from specific locations. They also make plans to make the extraction process as efficient as possible.

Average Salary: 1,063 QR per month

Salary Range: 79,725-122,245 QR per month

What do domestic workers do?

Domestic workers — also known as housekeepers — play a crucial role in keeping Qatar running smoothly.

They may work in people’s homes or in businesses, keeping them clean and organized. They may also work in hotels and resorts, maintaining private rooms and public spaces.

Average Salary: 5,052 QR per month

Salary Range: 3,789-58,098 QR per month

What do pharmacists do?

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing medications to patients.

They make sure prescriptions are filled correctly and offer advice to ensure patients take them as their doctor directed.

Average Salary: 4,500 QR per month

Salary Range: 3,375-5,175 QR per month

What do software engineers do?

Software engineers have many different career options. They can work as freelancers for many companies or as part of a software engineering agency. They can also work in-house for one specific company.

In all these situations, software engineers design and build software solutions. They also handle updates and maintenance to keep those solutions working correctly.

Average Salary: 8,000 QR per month

Salary Range: 6,000-9,200 QR per month

What do electrical engineers do?

Many engineers, including electrical engineers, work in Qatar and throughout the Middle East. 

As an electrical engineer, you will work with various types of electrical equipment and handle everything from design and building to repairing and making improvements.

Average Salary: 3,961 QR per month

Salary Range: 297,075-455,515 QR per month

What do accountants do?

Every successful business has an accountant behind it, helping the team create and stick to a budget, prepare tax forms, offer financial advice, and more.

There are plenty of opportunities for accountants in Qatar, making this a great job for foreigners and locals alike.

Average Salary: 21,475 QR per month

Salary Range: 10,425-33,858 QR per month

What do financial analysts do?

A financial analyst helps a business make smarter decisions with its finances.

They do this by evaluating the company’s past and present financial data, incorporating their own knowledge regarding the latest economic trends. Then, they make recommendations for the company’s investments.

Average Salary: 11,362 QR per month

Salary Range: 85,215-130,663 QR per month

What do auditors do?

Auditors play an important role in keeping businesses honest regarding their finances and taxes.

Their primary job is to review and verify financial records to ensure companies are compliant and transparent.

Average Salary: 4,500 QR per month

Salary Range: 3,375-5,175 QR per month

What do restaurant managers do?

They might not earn as much as some of the other professionals on this list, but restaurant managers easily have one of the most demanding jobs in Qatar. It takes a lot of work to keep a restaurant running smoothly, after all.

Restaurant managers handle everything from hiring and training to filling in for absent servers on busy nights.

Which of the highest-paying jobs in Qatar is right for you?

Whether you want to find the highest-paid engineering jobs in Qatar or the finance positions with the highest salary, the information in this guide will help you simplify your career plans and make an intelligent decision for your life in Qatar.

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You can use this tool to look for jobs in Qatar for foreigners, hotel Jobs in Qatar with salary information, and much more.

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