Top Trends Driving Hospitality Jobs in Dubai

Dubai, a haven for tourists, is popular for its booming hospitality industry. Look out for these top social, economic, and tech trends that will be driving hospitality jobs in Dubai in 2021.
list of hospitality jobs in Dubai

Dubai has always been a haven for tourists. It has been one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in not just Europe, but the world. With the inauguration of its first Theme Park and Warner Bros World, it seems to have claimed another step on the ladder of popularity. But, what exactly is driving hospitality jobs in Dubai? 

The trends guiding Dubai’s success have everyone’s eyes on them. In the coming years, Dubai’s hotel inventory is slated to increase by a rate of 11%, according to the recent announcement made by the tourism department of Dubai.

According to World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2016, the travel and tourism sector directly supported 317,500 jobs or 5.4% of total employment in UAE. By 2027, this is predicted to increase by 2.4 percent each year to 410,000 jobs, or 5.9% of total employment. The entire contribution of the travel and tourist industry to employment, including jobs supported indirectly by the business, was 10.4% of total employment, or 617,500 jobs. This is predicted to increase by 2% every year to 770,000 employments in 2027, accounting for 11.1% of total jobs.

Dubai is all set to rank amongst the top 10 tourist places of the world, with thousands of tourists flying to Dubai for a getaway. In this article, we shall be discussing the trends that have been guiding the Dubai tourism industry to its success. job seekers in Dubai can keep an eye out for when planning their next moves.

Here is a list of trends driving hospitality jobs in Dubai: 

1. Social trends

The first factor pushing hospitality jobs in Dubai is social trends. The country has incorporated several social trends to make itself stand out. These trends provide an improved and unique interaction to the tourists with the localities.

Food and Beverage

The world is becoming more and more woke about its lifestyle and the food we eat. Everybody is keen on consuming food that is healthy, organic, and environment friendly. Middle eastern countries have seen a 7% growth in the factors such as health and wellness in recent years. How has this affected jobs? What’s coming into demand? What type of jobs might become popular?

Organic products, healthy food, label inspection, and environmentally friendly food are all on the rise, according to the 2018 Gulfood Global Outlook Report Health and Wellness Trends. This means a demand for employees in Catering Companies, Restaurant, Hotels and Food & Beverage sectors in the Dubai. For example, according to the statistics by Payscale, the salary of a Head Chef in UAE is around AED 122,905 per year while for a Food and Beverage Manager AED 120,805/ year.

Home Brands

Wondering what is the next factor driving hospitality jobs in Dubai? Previously, it was a city that had many foreign brands occupying it in several fields, especially hospitality. 

However, in the current atmosphere, Dubai is working on encouraging its home brands to take over space and excel. Two job position to mention here are for example a General manager, Food Service who has an average salary of 408, 282 AED/ a year or a Restaurant Manager with 82, 923 AED/ a year.

Regional Delicacies

Dubai is working on presenting its regional (middle eastern) delicacies before the tourists. The flavors of a place are a major factor that makes it stand uniquely and Dubai intends to rule the taste buds with its amazing flavors and also the fusion of Arabian and Egyptian flavors that it offers. For instance, a Catering Supervisor has a salary of around 43, 200 AED/ a year.

2. Economic Trends

A major factor that influences the economic trend of a place is not the financial status of its citizens but their expenditure on different things. The more they spend, the better other job industries grow.

Middle-class tourists

Dubai is no longer a place that only the elite class people can visit for vacays. Several middle-class families are being encouraged to take a tour of the city. To encourage its middle-class tourists, Dubai is coming up with several pop-ups and casuals to better its hospitality.

The hotel restaurant collaboration

Several big hotels in Dubai have joined hands with some independent restaurants to provide a better hospitality service to the tourists. This trend has resulted in an exponential increase in the success rates of the hospitality job industry. This means there is always growing demand for jobs like Hotel Managers, Hospitality Managers or Rooms Director.

The 3-star hotels

Several 3 and 4-star hotels are coming up in Dubai. These are mid-priced hotels that aren’t very expensive, instead are very affordable to the different classes of tourists visiting the Emirates. From food to stay, every amenity is priced reasonably and offers an affordable stay to the tourists of the middle class.

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3. Technology Trends

The third set of trends driving hospitality jobs in Dubai is technology. Dubai has been incorporating several technological updates in its hotels and restaurants to expand its tourism.

CRM Technology

In case if a hotel does not receive any new tourists or customers, it can have the details of its former customers and maintain their loyalty towards itself. The CRM technology allows hotels to keep in touch with their current customers.

POS Technology

POS technology is a restaurant billing system that allows hotels and restaurants to keep a keen eye on all the services provided to a customer at all its outlets and charge them accordingly. The technology became popular within restaurants and now even the hotels are using it to manage the bills better.

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies are IP addresses provided by an ISP. These help you in connection with customers from across the world and encourage them towards your business. They offer major help in the marketing and advertising of a brand.


Dubai has been incorporating several trends in its hospitality job industry and succeeding at tourism. It is making sure the food they serve is organic, healthy, and environment friendly. They are encouraging their native brands into the hospitality job industry and are keen on serving the tourists with the native delicacies of Dubai. Several big hotels are collaborating with restaurants and several 3 and 4-star hotels are coming up in the market that offers an affordable stay to middle-class tourists. 

Additionally, the introduction of CRM technology helps to maintain the current customers of a hotel or restaurant. Meanwhile, POS technology helps in the billing process and residential proxies help in marketing and advertising. These trends affect the job demand and the evolution of hospitality in general, and create new requirements for jobs and talent seeking.

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