How has productivity been redefined in 2021?

How has productivity been redefined in the past year?

The Covid-19 virus has wrecked havoc on the working world. Businesses all around the world have taken quite a hit with this overnight change. Working individuals were left confused and distraught with unseen changes. This has had a severe impact on productivity levels in relation to work.

With all that work lying around and waiting for us to get to, it’s easy for our minds to go in search of a distraction. Nevertheless, we have to get around to those tasks that will keep piling up. Wondering how to get started with that?

Fret not – here’s an article that revisits how productivity has been redefined in 2021. 

We’ll also be taking a look at some tips on how you can continue to stay productive at work.

A word of caution before we delve into the article: the following mentioned tips and tricks are information that has been generally observed across numerous work sectors. There may be instances in which specific advice may not match or suit what is expected for a specific firm, industry or job role.

As such, this written piece aims to function as a guide and should not be read as a comprehensive or exhaustive list of advice on how productivity can or should be handled. The best way to find out what may work for your success would be by conducting ample research. Browsing through this article could function as the first step you take into exploring different ways to boost your productivity levels in 2022. After all, you know yourself the best.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the article!

How has productivity been redefined?

Amidst the chaos brought on by Covid-19, employees were seeking any form of reprieve from the sudden changes in their work routine. Everything had fallen out of order and this caused quite the confusion.

Some employees had to split their working hours into shifts. Parents had to stay home to take care of their children since schools had temporarily shut down. Offices were closed down and remote working became the new ‘in’ thing. 

When some companies and employers couldn’t provide with their struggling employees with the breather they needed, many ended up quitting their jobs. Even without another job lined up, people decided to leave their workplace.

Many who continued to push through this difficult time had to deal with burnout. Working adults all around the world were emotionally exhausted by these unforeseen changes. This impacted productivity levels at work. Companies had to step up and innovate steps to encourage employees too.

That said, here are some ways productivity has been redefined in 2021:

1. Quality over quantity

It’s old school mindset to think that the number of hours you put into work defines your productivity levels. With the changes brought about by Covid-19, many companies were forced to realise this fact too.

Let’s try to put this into a scenario to explain better. For instance, a certain task can take an average human 2 hours to complete. But, that doesn’t mean that every person can complete the work in 2 hours. It also doesn’t mean that someone can’t complete it sooner.

Employers were worried that when working remotely or from home, employees will slack and not put in the hours required of them. Turns out, when given their freedom, people could finish the work much faster.

There was no compromise made in the quality of the work either. This is also the reason why some organisations have switched to the mindset that “as long you can get the work done’, all is well.

It’s important to realise that when it comes to productivity, each individual delivers at a different rate.

2. Plan realistically


The second lesson that working adults have learned in relation to productivity is that one needs to plan realistically. Don’t short-change yourself in terms of time. Be realistic about how long a task can take you to complete.

Do that on a project, daily, and weekly basis too. This will help you plan out your workload and your timeline. It can also help provide you with knowledge about your bandwidth. Should your colleagues need help or should tasks with urgency kick in, you’ll have a better view of things then.

In other words, learning how to prioritise is also part of planning realistically. Identifying what needs to be done immediately and what can be pushed back is an important skill. Acquiring this skillset can help you improve in terms of time management too. 

After all, you’d be able to better pace yourself! This will help prevent any overwhelming situations in the future. Planning realistically is a key contributing factor to boosting productivity levels. 

Setting aside time for self-care has been often misunderstood as counter-productive. When in fact, taking the time to look after yourself actually boosts your productivity and performance. It’s important to remind ourselves that we’re not machines. We require rest taking regular breaks is one way to ensure that we practice self-care.

Yes, very individual at work has his or her own fair share of work to get done. With that being said, it is just as important to take good care of oneself too. Take a walk to stretch your legs every now and then. A change of scenery can also stimulate your brain and even provide you with good energy to march on. Ensure you eat on time and eat well too. 

A sedentary lifestyle can cause health problems in the future. As such, ensure you get in enough movement and find time to exercise as well. This way, you’ll have both a healthy mind and a healthy body! Health is wealth, after all. 


When you’re able to look after yourself as you take those breaks, clarity tends to find one naturally. And when clarity is present, our focus is sharper and we can get our work done in a productive manner. It’s a win-win situation.

Keep to these simple tricks; you’d be keeping healthy and staying stress-free.

A friendly reminder: While work is important, recharging is just as essential, if not more 🙂 It’s a tried-and-tested method to boosting your productivity too!


What's changed?

Productivity has definitely been redefined in 2021. While many had a singular concept of what being productive meant, employers and working adults are all coming to realise otherwise. 

Practicing responsibility, both to yourself and to your work, can be a game-changer. That’s one of the most efficient ways to conduct professional life. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy lifestyle!

And there you have it – an article detailing on how productivity has been redefined in 2021. A time period that has marked a turning point in the way work is being conducted.

We hope this article has helped provide you with some useful information on how you can practice a healthier work routine! Hang in there, friend.

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