20 Best Jobs for Foreigners in Abu Dhabi

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Jobs for Foreigners in Abu Dhabi

20 Best Jobs for Foreigners in Abu Dhabi

Working in a foreign country is a dream for many. It’s not uncommon for students to plan ahead for such dreams and pick up internships and volunteering in order to curate an impressive resume, which may later help them land their dream job in a foreign land. Several professionals are already seasoned workers by the time they pack their bags and make the big move. There is a certain charm to moving to a foreign land, other than the many benefits expats enjoy after moving. In most cases the salary is better than in their hometown, allowing the expat to live a comfortable life. But it also helps a person expand their network, increase their cultural awareness, and boost their CV.  

Foreigners in turn bring with them the knowledge of a different culture, new perspectives, new talent, and help create a more diverse workplace. Abu Dhabi offers tax-free salaries and an extensive expat community. These are just two reasons to work there. For more convincing, consider the rich cultural heritage of the country and its subtropical climate.  Are you a foreigner looking for a change of pace and thinking of moving? Read on to find out about the jobs for foreigners in Abu Dhabi, visa requirements, and full-time and remote job opportunities in Abu Dhabi in 2022.  

What type of jobs are in demand for foreign workers in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a commercial hub that is growing fast and attracts businesses from all over the globe. Home to many established businesses, as well as new start-ups and SMEs that are constantly looking for talent, Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of full-time, part-time, on-site and remote job options for foreigners looking to work here. We’ve compiled a list of the most sought-after jobs in Abu Dhabi for those who are looking to change careers or move to the country along with the skills required for the role and companies hiring in this industry.  

The increasing dependence of employers on new technologies has resulted in a high demand for specialists in this field. There is a strong demand for AI specialists, web developers, app developers, software developers, and data entry specialists, to work in Abu Dhabi’s technology departments. The increasing dependence of employers on new technologies has resulted in a high demand for specialists in this field. There is a strong demand for AI specialists, web developers, app developers, software developers, and data entry specialists, to work in Abu Dhabi’s technology departments. 

Jobs in demand:

  • Web developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • IT Analyst
  • Java Developer
  • Junior Software Engineer
  • .NET Developer
  • Programmer

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Technical writing

Social media management


Network configuration

Hardware deployment

Operating system knowledge

Database management

Hill International Inc. 



Eitihad Airways 

If you are looking for a job in Dubai, it is worth being a member of the HR or talent acquisition fields. There is a huge demand for HR professionals, as the labour laws are constantly updated to ensure that employees have a safe and healthy workplace. Talent acquisition specialists are needed to help companies find the best talent and the right fit for their organisation.

Jobs in demand:

  • HR Assistant
  • HR Recruiter
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • HR Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialist

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Communication skills
Administrative expert
HRM knowledge and expertise
HR strategy creation & execution Managing priorities


NMC Royal Hospital KLF

Embassy of the United States – Abu Dhabi

Alpin ltd.

Shangri-La Hotel 

Dhabi. Due to the number of oil rigs in in Abu Dhabi, foreign engineers who specialize in petroleum or chemical engineering can find high-paying jobs. There are many opportunities for engineers in the electronics, mechanical and aerospace industries to find well-paying jobs here.

Jobs in demand:

  • Data Scientist 
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Robotics and Automation Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Technical skills

Organisational skills


Structural analysis 

Project management skills

Analaytical skills

TGT Oilfield Services




A core part of any business’ success is marketing. This is why this field is always in high demand. With most companies trying to establish a stellar online presence, the job market has moved towards digital marketing jobs, opening up many other career options for job seekers in Abu Dhabi. 

If you are a specialist in digital marketing, marketing or any other related field, there are good chances that you will land a job in Abu Dhabi.

Jobs in demand:

  • SEO Professional
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Strategist.
  • Marketing Manager

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Communication skills

Creative thinking

Customer knowledge 



Zayed University

Chalhoub Group



There are many UAE-based businesses. Many of these businesses could benefit from extra guidance and assistance in staying organized, setting goals, and expanding their reach. These companies can benefit from the expertise of business development specialists to help them achieve their goals and grow. Business management experience is likely to make it easy for those who are able to find work as associates, managers, business development specialists, and so on.

Jobs in demand:

  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Account manager
  • Business Development Executives

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Negotiation & Persuasion skills

Research & Strategy

Sales Skills

NMC Royal Hospital KLF

AG Services LLC

Shangri-La Hotel

McKinsey & Company Shangr

Abu Dhabi has had healthcare as a priority for many years. The Department of Health (DOH), which was established in 2018, developed its healthcare masterplan. Its goal was to increase the quality of healthcare services and meet rising healthcare needs. As part of this mission, healthcare technology (Healthtech), has been championed and accepted by Abu Dhabi. It is also a priority in Abu Dhabi’s economic vision.

Jobs in demand:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Anaesthetist
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapist

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Communication Skills

Attention to Detail


Interpersonal skills

Decision Making skills 

Royal Womens Hospital 

Global Human Capital Group

Manzil healthcare Services

BAYTI Home Healthcare

Over the past 50 year, Abu Dhabi has become one of the most mature education markets in the region.  It has grown to be a globally competitive system, with 14 curricula and the UAE Ministry of Education’s local curriculum. The Ministry of Education has one goal: to provide quality education that is equitable and inclusive for all.

Jobs in demand: 

  • Teaching Administrator
  • ESL teacher
  • School councilor 

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Communication skills



Critical thinking

Creative thinking 


Zayed University

Brighton College Al Ain 

Aldar Academies 

IDP Education Ltd. 

There are more and more chains of resorts and hotels around the world. Each year, more and more hotels and resorts are being built that offer a better standard of service. The hospitality sector is crucial in selecting the right location for international and regional events, such as seminars, festivals, conferences, etc. Abu Dhabi’s hospitality sector is one of the fastest-growing in the UAE. It contributes nearly 4.8% to the country’s GDP.

Jobs in demand: 

  • Waiting staff
  • Chef
  • Concierge 
  • Event planner
  • Hotel manager 

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Communication skills 



Interpersonal skills

Problem solving skills 

Farah Experiences 

Marriott International, Inc

Eitihad Airways

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts 

Abu Dhabi is a major hub for commercial activity due to its vast oil and gas resources and ongoing extraction projects. Due to the many construction projects, Oil & Gas and IT in Abu Dhabi, the project management domain is expanding exponentially. Myriad project management professionals in Abu Dhabi are pursuing PMP certification.

Jobs in demand:

  • Project management specialist 
  • Project planner
  • Project scheduler
  • Administrator 

Skills required

Companies hiring 





Creative thinking 

Attention to detail


Tristar Engineerings and Construction 

Eitimad Holding


With several investments from various companies, Abu Dhabi is always open for roles in communications. Public relations or public affairs may be taken over by the communications department. This department collaborates closely with other departments in order to understand the business dynamics and provide the information it requires. Corporate communication serves three purposes: to promote a brand, gain new customers and establish the brand. 

Jobs in demand: 

  • Content writer
  • Copywriter
  • Head of Communications 
  • Communications manager
  • PR specialist 

Skills required

Companies hiring 

Writing skills

Public speaking

Communication skills

Critical thinking

Technical skills 

NYU Abu Dhabi

Pure Talent

AG Services LLC

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 

Visa Requirements for Working as a Foreigner in Abu Dhabi

To work in Abu Dhabi, you need a sponsorship from your employer and a work permit from the Ministry of Labour. A work visa alone does not permit you to work. A work permit is a must to legally hold any job in Abu Dhabi and your future employer must file for one for you. In most cases, employers also undertake the responsibility of applying for a work visa. Working on a tourist visa is not permitted and is illegal.  

Employment visas and work permits can be valid for up to ten years. To obtain a work permit, you will need to provide the following documents: 

  • A valid passport
  • All certificates and degrees as a proof of qualifications
  • Proof of residence in home country 

Top 10 Best Full Time Jobs for Foreigners in Abu Dhabi

There has always been a demand for qualified medical professionals, even before the pandemic. If you have a nursing degree and are experienced in caring for patients, providing medical support and managing patient safety, you are unlikely to have a problem finding a job. The job can entail rigorous working hours, as most healthcare jobs do. A nurse in Abu Dhabi typically makes AED 8,400 to AED 26,000.

Browse Nursing jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs

There are many in-demand jobs available in Abu Dhabi in the finance sector, given the rise of Fintech and digitalization of finance. Look for a job in this sector if economics is your strong suit. You can find jobs managing finances for, both for individuals and large companies. These positions include financial analyst roles as well as investment banking careers and pay an average of AED 21000.

Browse Financial Management and Analysis jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs. 

If you’re a pro at decoding social media algorithms, getting brands noticed, and setting a tone for companies, you will find several opportunities for Social Media Managers. Companies are eager to maintain their social media presence and work consistently on their brand awareness, therefor these jobs are perennially in high demand. This role can pay you AED 12000 on an average.

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Certified and experienced ESL teachers are always in high demand in Abu Dhabi since English is not the first language here. You can find an array of jobs in Primary/ Secondary schools, Universities, and private language teaching centers. An English language teacher can expect to make between AED 9,000 to AED 15,000. 

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The UAE and other Middle East countries are extremely grateful for translators. Abu Dhabi has consistently employed translators in embassies, companies, and private firms. You’ll find translation jobs for writing as well as spoken word. Expats working as translators can find opportunities with business professionals and lawyers, or assist with marketing deals and projects.  Translators in Abu Dhabi can expect to make between AED4,000 to AED27,000 per month.

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Engineering is a highly-demanded field and there are many available positions in Abu Dhabi. No matter what your specialization is, you can find a job in any of the following: mechanical engineering, electrical, chemical engineering or any other. Engineers in ABu Dhabi earn an average of AED 17,600.

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There are many businesses in Abu Dhabi that could benefit from a skilled web or software developer. Abu Dhabi offers many opportunities for those looking to develop their career. A software developer in Abu Dhabi can make anywhere between AED 6,000 to AED 10,500.

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A project manager works for businesses of all kinds — from healthcare to tech. They plan projects and ensure they get done on time, under budget, and to the client’s exact specifications. Project Managers in Abu Dhabi earn between AED 8000 to AED 18000.

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A sales manager oversees a business’s sales team. They create sales plans, help individual team members set goals, and ensure the team consistently meets its sales goals. So, if you know how to make a strong pitch and can take the stage, Abu Dhabi can offer you several opportunities that pay between AED 9000 to AED 20000.

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Full-stack developers write code and work on both the front end and the backend (or server-side) of apps and websites. They are highly sought-after professionals, and there are lots of full-time jobs available for them in Abu Dhabi starting from AED 13000 per month.

Browse Full Stack Developer jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.  

Top 10 Best Remote Jobs for Foreigners in Abu Dhabi

There are many in-demand marketing jobs throughout Abu Dhabi for expats. Many companies are seeking experienced marketers who can manage and create blogs. These teams will benefit from the expertise of a skilled writer who can tailor content to different audiences. Blogging pays an average of AED 156,000 per year in Abu Dhabi.

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Do you have the skills to deal with customers, follow up with leads and build strong relationships? Your customer relationship management skills are a great asset in Abu Dhabi. Many jobs in Abu Dhabi require extensive customer service and relationship management experience and pay an average of AED 47,026 per year.

Browse Customer relationship Management jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.

There are many job opportunities for those who are confident in their ability to build and design websites and apps. The possibilities are endless. You can work as a consultant for other businesses or as an in-house programmer for one company. You may also be interested in other similar skills to increase your job prospects, such as responsive web design, JavaScript and UI/UX design. The job typically pays AED 60,000 per year. 

Browse Web Development jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.

Support jobs in IT are similar to customer service jobs. These jobs are focused on technology issues, such as software and hardware malfunctions. IT Helpdesk Support officials make AED 199,200 per annum, working from the comfort of their homes.

Browse IT HElpdesk Support jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.

Online tutors are available to help students with specific subjects. They can help with assignments or teach students how to understand concepts, or even teach a language to individuals in private firms. Online tutors earn an average of AED 71.844 per annum.

Browse Online Tutor jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.

Data entry specialists are another example of an unskilled job in Abu Dhabi. These jobs are easy to do and don’t require much training.  These professionals digitize data for storage purposes and can find jobs in any sector given the fluid nature of their jobs. A data entry specialist in Abu Dhabi can earn AED 77, 915 per annum.

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Customer service representatives’ job is to listen to the needs and requirements of the customers, answer questions, and resolve problems. They usually work online and can be reached via chat, email, or phone. Abu Dhabi entertains a lot of tourists and therefore this job is always in demand. Officials can earn AED 47,026 annually on an average.

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Recruitments specialists are well-informed HR professionals who handle the ins and outs of hiring for their company. They stay on top of hiring trends and find the most suitable candidate for a particular job opening. A recruitment specialist in Abu Dhabi can make AED 56,148 per annum.

Browse Recruitment Specialist jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.

PR specialists create plans and strategies for their clients, serve as the first point of contact for all media platforms, handle press releases, announcements, and all other PR copy. They aim to enhance the voice and image of the company through online and offline channels. A PR specialist in Abu Dhabi can make AED 250,000, making it one of the most lucrative remote jobs.

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Many companies in Abu Dhabi need to improve their packaging, labels or website design. You’ll find many well-paying jobs if you are a skilled graphic designer and have a desire help other brands grow their reach. Graphic designers earn as much as AED 150,000.

Browse Graphic Designer jobs in Abu Dhabi on GrabJobs.

Jobs for a foreigner in Abu Dhabi are in abundance. The emirate is an oasis of opportunities and a mixture of modernity and tradition. Expats often find it easy to transition into the work culture here since 85% of the population is from overseas. If you’re a foreigner without experience, you might still find unskilled jobs for foreigners. 

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