5 Most In-Demand Canadian Jobs for Foreigners

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Most In-Demand Canadian Jobs

5 Most In-Demand Canadian Jobs for Foreigners

Canada appeals to those in other countries who wish to emigrate. In 2019, Canada had the eighth largest level of immigrants worldwide. Immigrants are about 21% of the Canadian population. 

Each year, approximately 270,000 to 300,000 people immigrate to Canada. The largest number of immigrants originate from China, the Philippines, India, and the United States of America. However, people of many more nationalities travel to Canada to live and work. 

Read on to find out what skills and most in-demand Canadian jobs for foreigners are currently in high demand and how, as a foreigner, you can find them.

What Skills Are in High Demand in Jobs for Foreigners in Canada?

In Canada’s current post-pandemic jobs market, several key skills are in high demand. Here are some of those in-demand skills that are especially suitable for jobs for foreigners in Canada.

  • Languages – Canada is a multilingual country with various indigenous languages being spoken, alongside the widely used English and French languages. Due to a high level of migration, foreigners fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, French, and English are in demand and currently sought after.
  • Customer service skills – This skill is very much in-demand throughout Canada in 2022. Sales and customer service skills are needed in the economy. If you have a background in sales or have the right professional and effective demeanour, you will find many jobs that suit this skill set.
  • Nursing skills – There is a large demand for nurses across Canada in 2022, with this demand likely to remain for the foreseeable future. There are many vacancies for nursing staff that offer a high salary compared to many countries. 
  • Managerial skills – Communication skills in general, combined with managerial skills covering leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills, are in demand throughout the Canadian economy. Foreigners with qualifications in their home country, or relevant work experience, will be an asset to any Canadian business as they can bring something extra from their background in a different country.
  • Software development skills – Canada’s current marketplace needs candidates with skills within software development. Any experience in this area will help foreigners acquire a position in this field in Canada. High salaries across the country make this an attractive proposition for foreign workers. 
  • Engineering skills – The number of younger native Canadians entering the engineering profession has dropped in recent years. Therefore, the current and future demand for engineers is at a very high level. Those migrants with engineering skills would be in high demand across Canada. This type of job for foreigners in Canada is crucial and much needed.
  • Hospitality communication skills – Canada has a large hospitality sector, from bars and restaurants to cafés and hotels. Many of the communication skills you already possess in your home country are transferable to working in Canada. If you can pour drinks, wait tables, and have a friendly, open personality, this part of the Canadian jobs market could be for you.
  • Team working skills – Being able to work well with others as part of a team is a skill that will help you fit into a multitude of positions across the Canadian economy. Almost every job requires you to work with others at some point.
  • Ability to adapt – This is an overlooked skill that anyone wishing to relocate to Canada will need to possess. Particularly since the outbreak of Covid-19, and with the ability to start a new job in a different country, being flexible and resilient is essential. It will make your transition much more smooth.
  • Digital IT (Information Technology) skills – The Canadian government created a list of the nine vital skills in the current work in their country. Digital skills were part of that list. With this skill, you are open to a career in data inputting, data analysis, any job that utilizes specific software, and online work.

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Checking online job advertising portals from your home country is essential for finding work in Canada remotely. You may not have relocated yet, and these sites allow you to find work in advance. GrabJobs features over 21,000 current job listings in Canada. Here are the top five most in-demand jobs for foreigners in Canada.

What are the 5 Most In-Demand Jobs for Foreigners in Canada?

This sector is ideal for adaptable candidates who have good planning, communication, and interpersonal skills. Hotels and bars are looking to hire managers and supervisors offering Canada jobs for expats who can deal with their businesses’ food and drink side. 

Critical Skills Required

Companies Hiring


Planning skills

Familiarity with Micro

Hyatt Place (Mississauga, On)

Silver Hotels Group (Mississauga, On)

Sign (Saskatoon, Sk)


Cooking skills are always transferable across the borders between nations. You could be a cook or sous chef in pubs and restaurants with a good hourly pay rate in many provinces of Canada.

Critical Skills Required

Companies Hiring

Teamwork skills

Ability to learn quickly

Cookery skills

Victoria Pub Company (Victoria, BC)

Groupe Toqué! (Broussard, Qu)

Chop Steakhouse and Bar (Edmonton, Ab)


This position involves delivering products to customers in the vicinity of a store. If you enjoy driving and understand Satellite Navigation (Sat-Nav) systems, this could be the ideal job when you move to Canada. You will need to know Canada’s highway safety rules and regulations.

Critical Skills Required

Companies Hiring

Excellent driving record

Class 3 driving licence

Good physical health

Rona (Quebec, Qu)

Rona (Post-Cartier, Qu)

Skipthedishes (Robyn-Normandy, Qu)


If you have sales experience and an enthusiasm for automobiles, then this is the perfect opportunity for those able to run a sales department. Interpersonal skills and experience with customer service are essential for this role.

Critical Skills Required

Companies Hiring

Customer experience

Positive attitude

Ability to lead and manage

Hollis Ford Inc. (Truro, Nova Scotia)

Parkway Nissan (St. Catharines, On)

Drive Time Ontario (London, On)


If you are methodical and familiar with using a computer, you can work in a retail environment stocking shelves and display areas, pricing items with stickers or stamps, operating a cash register, and many more procedures. As an entry-level job, this is perfect for foreigners with less transferable skills.

Key Skills Required

Companies Hiring

Computer literacy

Good communication skills

Versatility and adaptability 

Auburn Retailing Ltd (Yellowknife, Nt)

Walmart Canada (Orangeville, On)

Michaels (Kingston, On)


Visa Information for Foreigners with Jobs in Canada

When obtaining jobs for foreigners in Canada, you will need a visa. You can obtain a work permit visa for a temporary foreign worker either from Immigration, a Canadian visa office, or Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You must obtain any temporary work visas prior to arrival in Canada. 

In order to qualify for a temporary foreign worker permit, you are required to have an offer of a job by a Canadian employer prior to your visa application. There are many Canada jobs for expats, so make sure you search online and apply for the most suitable ones.

In Canada, there are special work visas for the caregiving, agricultural, and business industries. The IRCC web page has a variety of information about foreign temporary workers in Canada. 

You will need to apply for a special type of visa if you are already resident in Canada. This type of visa has special requirements, such as having a temporary resident permit that lasts for over six months, being a refugee, or some other eligibility criteria.

You may also apply to be a skilled worker and gain permanent residency within Canada if you meet the eligibility criteria. This takes into account your work skills and any work experience you have had. There are many job opportunities in Canada for foreigners.

In case your visa got rejected you need to write  a letter of explanation to support your application. You may also use this to provide clarification on areas of concern to the visa officer. It may help the process go smoothly. 

With such a high number of people from all over the world emigrating to Canada, visas are in high demand, and they are not always granted. You need to be aware that it is extremely competitive to obtain a working visa.

If you search carefully, some employers offer jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship making qualifying for and gaining a valid work visa far more straightforward. 

5 Essential Steps for Getting Jobs for Foreigners in Canada

Use job portals

Use websites such as GrabJobs that advertise job vacancies across Canada to search for positions that match your skillset. This is the perfect way to find job opportunities in Canada for foreigners.

Apply online

Use the same website where you found the job listing to make an application for the job you have found.

Interview online

If you are lucky enough to make it to the interview process, many employers in Canada will either interview you via a phone call or video call. From your home, you will be able to tell your prospective employer exactly why you are suitable for their job.

Apply for a visa

Once you have a job offer, you will need to apply for a temporary foreign worker visa from Canadian Immigration services or IRCC. This must be done before you travel to Canada. You may find one of the jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

Find a residence

You will need somewhere to live near to the work in Canada for foreigners that you have secured. Use online estate agents and rental agencies to find and apply for a tenancy.


There are many work opportunities for foreigners wishing to enter Canada to work. Job advertising sites like GrabJobs have thousands of listings that cover many sectors of the Canadian economy, and you can remotely access them from anywhere in the world. There are thousands of listings for work in Canada for foreigners. Take a look at GrabJobs to see what jobs match your skills.

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