Top 20 Jobs Paying Daily in Singapore

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Jobs Paying Daily in Singapore

Top 20 Jobs Paying Daily in Singapore

For years, Singapore has been known as one of the wealthiest countries in the world––which also means that it has the dubious distinction of being the second-most expensive city in the world to live in (and the most expensive in all of Asia). Because of the country’s very high cost of living rate, especially when compared to the rest of the continent, it is important to many Singaporeans to not only have steady, full-time employment but in some cases, to get paid for same-day work they perform. And this type of work will only continue to grow. 

In this article, we’ll show you the steps necessary for landing a job that pays daily, including the required skills and the best job titles and salaries in Singapore.  

Which industries offer daily paid jobs in Singapore?

In Singapore, daily paid jobs are readily available to be claimed by jobseekers willing to put in hard work. Some of the most prominent industries in the country offer great incentives for this type of job structure. The biggest include:

  • Restaurant / Food & Beverage Industry – servers, bartenders, dishwashers, food runners
  • Hospitality Industry – event planners, retail sales associates
  • Marketing Industry – survey-takers, telemarketers, transcriptionists
  • Creative / Design Industry – content creators, writers, graphic designers, bloggers

Which skills do I need to work in a daily-paid job?

For anyone interested in finding a job that pays daily, it’s important to be flexible and highly skilled. In Singapore, candidates should be able to excel in several different areas of work to efficiently get the job done so that they can get their pay at the end of their shift. Here are some of the most in-demand of those skills. 

  • Language skills – whether it’s for translating documents for businesses or providing bi- or tri-lingual customer care support over the telephone, language skills are highly important and always in demand.
  • Interpersonal skills – how you relate to and interact with people, whether co-workers, customers, or clients, can help you better understand boundaries, as well as personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Teamwork – collaboration is key in just about any industry. Having teamwork skills is vital in any workplace with multiple employees so that you all can work together to get the job done better, and faster.
  • Strong communication – a solid ability to write, speak, listen, and interpret non-verbal communication, including body language––communication skills are essential for any job.
  • Problem-solving – recognizing problems and understanding what needs to be done to resolve them, while executing flawlessly––problem-solving skills are always in-demand.

The 20 Best Daily Paid Jobs in Singapore




$8 – $11 per hour


$10 – $13 per hour


$10 – $20 per hour


$10 – $25 per hour


$20 – $90 per hour


$12 – $25 per hour


$10 – $30 per hour


$8 – $15 per hour


$10 – $40 per hour


$9 – $16 per hour


$7 – $10 per hour


$9 – $12 per hour


$10 – $20 per hour


$6 – $12 per hour


$30 – $60 per hour


$18 – $25 per hour


$16 – $24 per hour


$20 – $32 per hour


$10 – $23 per hour


$9 – $10 per hour

Salary range: SGD $8 – $11 per hour

Job description: While working in a warehouse is a relatively routine and repetitive job, it’s also an active one that pays well (and usually on the same day, in cash), so it’s ideal for those who like to build with their hands while staying on their feet. A typical warehouse assistant job involves packing orders and checking items for quality, handling incoming and outgoing deliveries, and organizing stock and inventory.

Salary range: SGD $10 – $13 per hour

Job description: Believe it or not, many people can turn a job as a dog walker into a lucrative, long-term commitment––if you’re good enough. Residents in Singapore love their pets and, like anywhere, regret having to leave them at home during working hours. As such, many of them pay good money (typically cash, at the end of every day) to hire dedicated people to take them for walks during various times of the day.

Salary range: SGD $10 – $20 per hour

Job description: Food service is one of the most popular jobs for those looking for same-day pay in Singapore, and it’s easy to understand why. Most restaurants will provide you with foundational training. Plus, you often get to enjoy a free meal on your shift. These jobs are typically fast-paced, but the communication skills (and tips) you’ll develop make it a worthwhile option.

Salary range: SGD $10 – $25 per hour

Job description: With the successful rise of online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba, package delivery skyrocketed during the COVID-19 lockdowns due to the temporary halting of in-store shopping. The trend has not slowed down in Singapore, making this one of the most in-demand jobs for candidates with flexible schedules.

Salary range: SGD $20 – $90 per hour 

Job description: Tutoring is a great avenue for those looking for flexible, part-time, or full-time work that is compensated same-day, and usually in cash. Pay rates vary by many factors, with higher rates of up to $35/hour can be charged for Junior College students versus $20/hour for secondary school students.

Salary range: SGD $12 – $25 per hour

Job description: With popular brands like Foodpanda and Deliveroo on the rise, jobseekers can also consider delivering food to homes and businesses. The average pay varies from provider to provider, plus there is your mode of transportation to factor in, not to mention the distance traveled. But these highly in-demand roles offer great flexibility and daily pay.

Salary range: SGD $10 – $30 per hour

Job description: Writing content is essential in this digital age. If you can manage to devote the time to write for companies, you can access countless online platforms that need freelance writers. The amount of money you can earn via freelance copywriting depends on a few factors. But typically, when starting, $0.10 per word is the expectation. And once you’ve developed stronger writing skills, you can begin charging more for your services.

Salary range: SGD $8 – $15 per hour

Job description: Flyer distributor is another popular job for Singaporeans looking to acquire daily cash payments. It can be an exhausting venture as it often requires standing for long periods while disseminating various types of marketing materials, but it offers great networking opportunities and plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Salary range: SGD $10 – $40 per hour

Job description: Qualified candidates who excel at typing can find transcription work online and throughout Singapore. Transcribing does not require much creativity; instead, students simply type out audio or video recordings into presentable, written documents –– making this line of work flexible enough to take on as many projects in a day or week as desired. Typical postings advertise transcription article fees from $10 to $50 per job, depending on skill and experience. 

Salary range: SGD $9 – $16 per hour

Job description: A great way to earn daily pay from a flexible, low-pressure job venture is to try to work as a survey-taker. These positions are typically sourced by marketing departments in businesses across various industries. And because they are usually infrequent positions, the payout is often the same day. Simply take surveys by answering questions and providing feedback.  

Salary range: SGD $7 – $10 per hour

Job description: Retail jobs are another kind of work that’s pretty much always available to people looking to get paid same-day. Stores are in constant need of motivated and energetic people to welcome and assist customers, stock merchandise, clean, and organize. Working as a retail assistant often comes with a staff discount, which is a great perk.

Salary range: SGD $9 – $12 per hour

Job description: One of the most popular part-time jobs for those who want to take home cash at the end of every shift, bartenders carry with them a very cool reputation among restaurant workers –– if you are of legal age and know how to craft cocktails and sling suds than this is an exciting venture wherein you will likely meet all kinds of interesting people. 

Salary range: SGD $10 – $20 per hour

Job description: The foundational role of just about any sales company is the cashier. They are the ones who execute the transaction and handle payment. Cashiers perform mostly shift work and can often expect to be paid same-day, in cash. 

Salary range: SGD $6 – $12 per hour

Job description: An honest starting job, especially for those interested in joining the hospitality industry, restaurants are always hiring dishwashers for kitchen work. The work is challenging and builds a ton of character––and best of all, pay, including tips, is typically handed out at the end of every shift. 

Salary range: SGD $30 – $60 per hour

Job description: One of the more lucrative jobs that pay same-day, personal trainers are highly skilled and require considerable training in order to give clients what they want. They can give personal training classes while working as a personal trainer at a gym or fitness club, or freelance as an independent contractor, bringing services to individual clients at home. As a result of the demand for such jobs, and for the training required, these roles pay very well.

Salary range: SGD $18 – $25 per hour

Job description: Given the increase in ride-sharing services, not to mention traditional taxicab companies, drivers with their own vehicles are always in high demand in Singapore. Knowledge of the city streets and detours is essential, but so too is a clean driving record, license, and, depending on the service provider, additional training and registration. But the benefits of being a taxi driver are plenty because you can claim your own hours––working as often or as infrequently as you want––and pay, including tips, is usually claimed as soon as you clock out for the day.

Salary range: SGD $16 – $24 per hour

Job description: Receptionist jobs are frequently available in Singapore, due mostly to the fact that so much of the role is comprised of answering telephones and using organizational tools like Microsoft Office –– skills with which many people are already familiar. Additionally, receptionist jobs are great for building relationships in the business industry and they provide good pay, sometimes same-day.

Salary range: SGD $20 – $32 per hour

Job description: Depending on the occasion, event planners are typically involved in every aspect of the planning, execution, and post-clean-up stage of the event. They also book clients while solving on-the-fly issues that may arise, not to mention helping to clean up once the event is done. 

Salary range: SGD $10 – $23 per hour

Job description: Job candidates with proficiency in reading comprehension, language skills, and an editorial eye can easily obtain work as proofreaders––and best of all, there are plenty of online platforms looking to hire people with flexible schedules that pay immediately. 

Salary range: SGD $9 – $10 per hour

Job description: Some people have a natural gift for connecting with others and know just the right words to say to sway their decision-making. If this sounds like you, a job in a call center could be a good fit. Although it does require a lot of sitting at a desk and talking on the phone, it also has flexible hours and typically paid vacation days. Many companies offer commission rates on sales, which is just another great perk.

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There you have it! A compact list of the best jobs in Singapore that pay daily––and how to get one. Now that you know the skills required and the salaries associated with the top 20 job titles, you’re ready to take that next step toward securing meaningful work for a daily payoff.

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