Top 20 Part Time Weekend Jobs in Switzerland

What are the highest-paying weekend part-time jobs in Switzerland? Find how you can land one of the top 20 highest-paid part-time jobs in Switzerland!
Top 20 Part Time Weekend Jobs in Switzerland

Top 20 Part Time Weekend Jobs in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland is relatively high, especially compared to other developed countries like the United States (the cost of living in Switzerland is 57.6 percent higher than in the U.S.). 

If you have a hard time making ends meet while living in Switzerland or just want to earn and save a little more money each month, picking up part-time work on the weekends is an excellent way to increase your income. 

Part-time jobs can also create opportunities to develop new skills, which can help you qualify for other, higher-paying positions in the future.

Are you interested in applying for part-time weekend jobs in Switzerland? If so, check out the list below. It features 20 of the best part-time jobs for English speakers, Swiss speakers, and everyone in between.

Top 20 Part-Time Weekend Jobs in Switzerland

Many weekend jobs in Switzerland offer flexible hours and opportunities for growth. One of the easiest ways to narrow your job search is to consider which industry you want to work in, such as administrative, food service, or tech.

Listed below are some of the best part-time weekend jobs in Switzerland to think about applying for, organized by industry. 

Administrative Jobs

Administrative jobs are good weekend jobs in Switzerland for people who are naturally organized, have an eye for detail, and are good communicators. Here are two of the best part-time administrative jobs to check out:

Receptionists work at the front desk of various businesses, from spas and medical clinics to banks and law firms. A receptionist answers phones, schedules appointments, directs guests to the correct office, and more.

Many receptionists work in person, but they can also work remotely and connect with their employer and customers via phone, video chat, etc.

Expected Salary: CHF 87’750 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Stonehage Fleming
  • Hitachi Careers
  • MSCI

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If you prefer working remotely but still want an administrative job, consider a position as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants work from home and assist clients with various tasks, such as answering emails, scheduling appointments, and organizing schedules. These professionals may work exclusively for one client, or they may have several they assist at once.

Expected Salary: CHF 80’925 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Upwork
  • TekTalent Inc.
  • Blackrock Management

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Sales Jobs

Many sales jobs are available to those who want to work on the weekends and earn extra money. Described below are two of the most popular weekend sales jobs to consider:

A sales assistant may work in a retail store or for an online business. They help customers find the right items, make recommendations, ring up purchases, and more. Some sales assistants get paid an hourly wage, and others work on commission.  

Expected Salary: CHF 57’818 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Ebu
  • Adidas
  • Adecco

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Telemarketers connect with potential clients or customers over the phone. They place outbound calls and read from a script to try and entice people to invest in a particular product or service. They may work in a call center, and place sales calls alongside fellow salespeople, or they may work remotely and make these calls from home. 

Expected Salary: CHF 65’200 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Sustainability Management School
  • Premier Impressions

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Hospitality Jobs

Switzerland has a strong hospitality industry that’s expected to grow in the next several years. If you want to work in this field, consider one of these jobs:

Travel agents are consultants who help travelers plan the best vacations. They help them choose destinations, book their stay at hotels or resorts, plan activities and excursions, and more. They may work in an office or remotely and connect with clients in person, over the phone, or via email. 

Expected Salary: CHF 84’000 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Hummingbird Consultancy
  • Global Travel Collection
  • Just Cruisin Plus

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A housekeeper helps keep hotels, resorts, and other businesses clean and hygienic. They assist with tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. They also ensure guests have easy access to things like clean towels.

Expected Salary: CHF 55’800 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Greycoat Lumleys
  • Shangri-La

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Front desk workers are similar to receptionists, but they work at the front desks of hotels. They assist with check-ins and check-outs, directing guests to the proper location, offering recommendations for travelers, and scheduling reservations. Front desk workers need to be available 24-7, so there are plenty of part-time and weekend positions open.

Expected Salary: CHF 46’600 per year

Companies Hiring

  • FIVE Zürich Switzerland
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  • Flüela Hotel Davos

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Food Service Jobs

The food service industry is another popular option for people looking for weekend part-time jobs. The following are some of the most common food service jobs you may want to apply for:

Waiters and waitresses are responsible for taking orders from customers and delivering them to the kitchen. They also bring prepared food to the customers’ tables, handle transactions at the end of the meal, and ensure visitors have a positive experience at the restaurant from start to finish. 

Expected Salary: CHF 58’500 per year

Companies Hiring

  • W Hotels
  • II Salotto
  • Hotel du Parc

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Bartenders work in bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs. They are responsible for taking guests’ drink orders and preparing them to their specifications. They may also assist with delivering drinks or handling transactions when guests are finished. 

Expected Salary: CHF 58’451 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Stone Bridge
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Zurich Marriott Hotel

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Hosts and hostesses greet guests when they first arrive at a restaurant. They seat the guests at a specific table, deliver menus, and ensure they get a positive initial impression of the venue. 

Expected Salary: CHF 46’600 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Huber Event Promotion GmbH

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Kitchen staff members work behind the scenes at restaurants. They assist with preparing ingredients, cooking meals, and keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic. They may also handle tasks like collecting food deliveries, organizing refrigerators and freezers, and managing inventory. 

Expected Salary: CHF 69’100 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Gastrag AG
  • Burger King

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Food delivery people pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers as promptly as possible. They may work for one specific restaurant, or they may be freelancers/contractors who handle deliveries from several different establishments. 

Expected Salary: CHF 37’900 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Smood
  • Just Eat Takeaway

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Creative Jobs

If you’re a creative person trying to hone your skills and break into a new field, picking up some remote or freelance work on the weekends can help. Consider one of these creative jobs: 

Copywriters are experienced writers with a background in advertising, marketing, or a related field. They work with clients to create compelling written content — such as blog posts, email newsletters, ad copy, and social media posts — to encourage people to invest in the company’s products or services.

Copywriters may work in-house for a specific agency or as freelancers.

Expected Salary: CHF 101’400 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Franklin University Switzerland
  • Moneywatch
  • DIA

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Graphic designers are creative professionals. They work with clients to design logos, create graphics for websites and social media platforms, and make their brands more visually appealing.

Graphic designers can work in-house for a specific company, or they can work as freelancers and assist many clients at once.

Expected Salary: CHF 79,800 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Academic Work Switzerland
  • Arcual
  • Brainnest

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Digital marketing specialists help businesses improve their online presence and connect with potential customers shopping online. They handle various tasks, from writing copy and publishing blogs to improving on-page SEO (search engine optimization) to make it easier for people to find their websites.

Expected Salary: CHF 77,160 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Making Life Forever Wealthful
  • Triumph
  • Bucher Municipal

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Social media marketing specialists are similar to digital marketing specialists. However, they specifically handle matters related to a brand’s social media presence.

For example, these specialists assist with taking pictures or videos to post on social media, writing captions, monitoring social media analytics, and responding to messages. They may work in-house for one specific brand or as a freelancer for many brands.

Expected Salary: CHF 124,000 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Yoga Flame GE Sàrl
  • Employ Me AG
  • Oikocredit

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Tech Jobs

You can also develop skills that help you break into the tech industry by doing part-time weekend work in one of these positions:

Helpdesk support professionals are similar to customer service representatives. The primary difference is they are responsible for managing technical issues, such as issues with a person’s computer, phone, etc.

These professionals can work in a specific office, or they may work remotely and answer questions via phone, email, or chat. This job is a good jumping-off point for those who want to work in the information technology sector.

Expected Salary: CHF 81’000 per year

Companies Hiring

  • SMG Swiss Marketplace Group
  • Frontiers

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Web developers are responsible for building websites. They write and edit the code, consult with clients to understand their expectations and create websites that meet them, and perform ongoing updates to keep the website functioning properly.

Many web developers start as freelancers working on the weekends to gain experience and build a portfolio. Over time, this experience helps them land higher-paying, full-time jobs.

Expected Salary: CHF 95’000 per year

Companies Hiring

  • We Are All In
  • ICM Corporation
  • Swisscom

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App developers build mobile apps for all kinds of devices, including Android and iOS devices. 

Like web developers, app developers can start their careers working as freelancers on the weekends to sharpen their skills, create a portfolio, and become more experienced. They can then use their experience to qualify for full-time jobs in the future.

Expected Salary: CHF 97’500 per year

Companies Hiring

  • Linqur
  • Wimpact

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Software engineers have superior coding and programming skills. They use these skills to design and create software solutions, computer games, and other products.

Software engineers may work in-house or as freelancers, assisting several clients at once. In either case, this is an excellent and high-paying part-time job for people in Switzerland looking to gain experience in the tech sector.

Companies Hiring

  • Helvetia Versicherungen Ag
  • Accenture Ag

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Discover Part-Time Weekend Jobs in Switzerland Today

It doesn’t matter if you want to work in tech or hospitality, at home or in a busy restaurant. You can find plenty of part-time weekend jobs in Switzerland, including part-time jobs for English speakers, part-time jobs for Swiss speakers, in-person part-time jobs, remote part-time jobs, and more. 

Are you ready to start searching for part-time work of any kind? If so, consider one of the jobs listed above.

To make your search even easier, use GrabJobs. This free search tool lets you find weekend part-time jobs easily and apply directly in just a few minutes.

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