13 Best Remote Work From Home Jobs in Indonesia

Looking for the Best Remote Work-from-home jobs in Indonesia? Find how you can land one of the top 13 best remote jobs in Indonesia with Grabjobs today!
13 Best Remote Work-From-Home Jobs in Indonesia

13 Best Remote Work From Home Jobs in Indonesia

What are the Top Skills Employers Look for in Remote Workers

Before looking at the 13 best remote work from home jobs in Indonesia, let’s first look at the top skills you’ll need if you want to apply:

  • Digital literacy. When working remotely, you’ll use several tools and platforms to do your work. As such, you’ll need to understand how these tools work and how you can use them most effectively and efficiently.
  • Online Security. Nowadays, there’s an ever-increasing risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. And companies want to protect their data. So, it’s crucial that you understand online security not only to protect yourself but also the company you work
  • Communication. In any job, communication is important. With remote jobs, this is even more so. As such, companies require that employees have excellent communication skills and know how all the popular communication tools work. 
  • Collaboration. When you’re a remote worker, most of the time, you’ll work on your own. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be part of a team and that you’ll need to work effectively with your team members. For this reason, companies expect you to be a team player and have excellent collaboration skills.
  • Time management. When working remotely on your own, there’s no one to keep track of what you do and when you do it. This is why companies look for candidates with excellent time management skills. It’s these skills that ensure that your work is done when it should be. 
  • Self-motivation. Apart from having excellent time management skills, you should also be self-motivated to complete your work. If not, you’ll struggle in a remote environment. 
  • Problem-solving. As a remote worker, you’ll often need to solve problems. In other words, it won’t be as easy to get assistance from a coworker. Because of this, companies require that you have excellent problem-solving skills and that you’re resourceful enough to find solutions on your own.
  • Open to improving. Because you often need to find solutions to problems on your own, you’ll need to learn new skills and improve them constantly. 

Tips for Applying to Remote Work from Home Jobs

Now that we’ve looked at the skills you’ll need to land a remote job, here are some tips for when you apply:

  • Define your requirements. The first step is to define the job requirements you’re looking for. So, you should decide how much you want to earn, how much vacation time you need, and so on. While this step won’t necessarily ensure that you land your dream remote job, it can make the process of finding the right job easier.
  • Look in the right places. With the wealth of remote jobs available out there, it can be challenging to find the right one. So, you’ll need to look in the right places. Your first port of call should be a remote job board and here Grabjobs can be extremely helpful. You can also consider platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Sharpen your skills. Once you have an idea of what remote jobs you want to do, you’ll learn what skills you need. This gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills to land the job.
  • Perfect your CV. The next step is to perfect your CV. To do this, you should avoid stating how skilled and qualified you are. Instead, you should focus on you can bring value to the company you’re applying at.
  • Prepare for your interview. Once you’ve sent out your CV and you’ve landed an interview, it’s time to prepare. So, you should consider and prepare for questions commonly asked during interviews and it’s important that you’re professional and courteous during the interview.

13 Best Remote Work-from-Home Jobs in Indonesia

We’ve now seen what skills companies look for in remote workers and some tips you can use when applying. Let’s now look at the 13 best remote work-from-home jobs in Indonesia. 

As a customer care specialist, you’ll ensure that a company delivers stellar customer experiences. This involves helping customers solve any issues they encounter and answering their questions. You’ll often also help them with account queries and other customer service-related issues.

Expected salary: IDR 3,750,000

Companies hiring: Any company that serves customers, either by way of products or providing services, needs customer care specialists. Some examples include Yuwen Education, Counto, Philips, and more. 

You can also browse Customer Care Specialist jobs on Grabjobs.

Data entry clerks source and gather data from one data source and then enter it into another repository. For example, a company might use data entry clerks to gather data from field agents and then enter it into their systems. Companies then use this data for a variety of purposes.

Expected salary: IDR 30,000,000 per year, on average. 

Companies hiring: Some companies hiring data entry clerks include Soundclub and Telus International.

You can also browse Data Entry Clerk jobs on Grabjobs.

Sales representatives play a vital role in the sales processes of any company. They play an especially essential role in B2B sales. As a sales representative, you’ll gather leads, nurture them, and then, ultimately, convert them into sales and revenue for the company. 

Expected salary: IDR 3,750,000

Companies hiring: Basically, any company that sells a product or service needs sales representatives. Some of these companies include Unity Corporation, MessageBird, Grafana Labs, TrafficGuard, and more. 

You can also browse Sales Representative jobs on Grabjobs.

As a software engineer, you’ll develop software applications for both mobile devices and laptop computers. As such, you’ll write and deploy code, debug code to find errors, maintain and update applications, and write documentation for software. 

Expected salary: From IDR 3,800,000

Companies hiring: As you’d expect, there are tons of companies hiring software developers and, with the right skills, you won’t have any trouble finding a job. Some companies hiring include Glints, Waresix, Monstyr, Trimble, and more. In addition, as a software developer, you’ll also be able to offer your services to companies around the world on a freelance basis.

You can also browse Software Engineer jobs on Grabjobs.

Writers play a key role in effective marketing strategies. For example, content writers who create content for social media posts and blogs, help companies increase their reach on the Internet and reach a wider audience. Likewise, copywriters create sales content that drives revenue. This is one of the best online work-from-home jobs. 

Expected salary: From IDR 4,400,000

Companies hiring: As a writer, you can be employed either in-house at a company or a marketing agency. Some companies hiring include SKWAD Media, ShoutVox, Pintu, Austin Werner Ltd, and more. And like a software developer, you can also offer your services to both agencies as companies on a freelance basis.

You can also browse Writer jobs on Grabjobs.

Many countries around the world need to improve the English language skills of their population. As such, there’s an increasing number of organizations and platforms that offer English tutoring. You can take advantage of this opportunity by offering your services to these platforms as an English tutor. 

Expected salary: IDR 6,542

Companies hiring: LingoTalk, goFluent, Schoters. 

You can also browse Tutor jobs on Grabjobs.

As a graphic designer, you’ll create promotional and marketing materials for companies. You’ll also develop collateral like logos and branding for use on their websites and marketing materials.

Expected salary: IDR 10,000,000

Companies hiring: Most companies have a website and need promotional and marketing materials and, as such, will employ graphic designers. Another alternative is marketing agencies that offer their services to a range of companies. Some companies hiring graphic designers include Sinarmas Land, Kompas Gramedia, Grand Hyatt Bali, and Gio Cardin.

You can also browse Graphic Designer jobs on Grabjobs.

As a digital marketing specialist, you’ll develop effective marketing strategies that help companies create awareness about their brand or their products or services. In turn, you’ll help them attract more customers and generate more revenue.

Expected salary: IDR 7,500,000

Companies hiring: As a digital marketing specialist, you can be hired by a company that needs your services, or a marketing agency that offers its services to many companies. Some companies hiring digital marketing specialists include Sirka and Dezan Shira & Associates. 

You can also browse Digital Marketing Specialist jobs on Grabjobs.

Social media specialists manage companies’ social media presence. As such, they create engaging posts on social media and interact with the company’s audience. More importantly, they help companies get the highest return on investment from social media platforms.

Expected salary: From IDR 5,700,000

Companies hiring: Some companies hiring include FOREO, XYZ Goat, and Bradford Jacobs.

You can also browse Social Media Specialist jobs on Grabjobs.

To be successful in a competitive market, companies need the right employees. And this is where talent acquisition specialists come in. They help companies develop the right strategies to attract the best talent.

Expected salary: IDR 6,000,000

Companies hiring: Some companies hiring include GE Digital, 5CA, Monroe Consulting Group, and Myria. 

You can also browse Talent Acquisition Specialist jobs on Grabjobs.

Data scientists help companies extract insights from their business data. In turn, companies use these insights to make better decisions, make their business processes more efficient, develop better products, and make their teams more productive. As such, data scientists can help businesses generate more revenue.

Expected salary: From IDR 9,000,000

Companies hiring: Some companies hiring include Flip, AwanTunai, JULO, PT Bank Sinarmas, and more. 

You can also browse Data Scientist jobs on GrabJobs

As a logistics manager, you’ll be responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring logistics operations. These operations include inventory, supply chain, warehousing, and transportation processes.

Expected salary: IDR 23,000,000

Companies hiring: Some companies hiring include SAMORA Group and CEVA Logistics.

You can also browse Logistics Manager jobs on Grabjobs.

Test engineers play a crucial role in software quality assurance processes. They typically run test cases on software code and analyze the results. This enables them to see if a product is developed according to specifications and helps identify bugs and errors in the code.

Expected salary: From IDR 5,800,000

Companies hiring: Most software vendors and companies need test engineers. Some of these companies include Flip, Trimble, Soluvas, Dropezy, and more. 

You can also browse Test Engineer jobs on Grabjobs.

4 Remote-First Companies Based in Indonesia

Now that we’ve looked at the top 13 remote work-from-home jobs in Indonesia, let’s look at 4 remote-first companies based in Indonesia.

Kinsta provides managed WordPress hosting to customers around the world. It aims to take care of all a business’s needs when it comes to its website. The company is remote-first because this allows it to hire the best talent from around the world.

Time Doctor wants to help remote teams around the world improve their productivity and thousands of businesses around the world now use its product. It chose remote-first because the company believes that remote workforces are the future.  

Orbis Relocation helps its customer relocate anywhere in the world and aims to make the process of moving to a foreign country fun. It operates in 27 countries around the world. 

Scholarshipowl simplifies the process of applying for and getting a scholarship and aims to be a one-stop platform for vetted scholarships. The company is remote only and currently has employees working remotely from 11 cities.

Apply for the Best Remote Work From Home Jobs Today

Hopefully, you now know some of the best remote work from home jobs in Indonesia. If you’re ready to apply, head over to GrabJobs. Our platform gives you all the tools you need to find and apply for your dream job. 

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