The Most Annoying Thing About Job Applications


Job applications are a fact of life. When you need a job, or require a change in position, you’ll need to go through the job application process in order to put your name in the running for the role.

At the beginning of our careers, especially, when many of the roles are freelance, part-time, or meant for fresh graduates, job applications are crucial.

However, even though job applications are common, it doesn’t mean that the processes have been perfected yet. Job portals and job platforms can, and tend to be, annoying systems to navigate.

Your job application process usually starts by searching through job portals for roles you can apply for. You then read through the description, and if the role is a match, decide to send in your resume or CV for the role. However, it isn’t just a simple click of the ’upload’ button.

Oftentimes, uploading your resume isn’t enough. Many job portals require you to manually type in the details of your work history, from education to internships to skills. Since most of us can’t remember all the details of our work history on demand, that process will become the most time-consuming part of the job application.

Many job seekers end up dropping out at that moment, because they don’t have the time to check their resume, then slowly type everything in all over again. They’ll save the role, and then only end up applying days later, or forgetting to apply at all.

And who can blame them? Submitting your resume should be a one-click process, not a redundant and repetitive process.

At the same time, while some job portals can pull information from your uploaded resume or your LinkedIn profile, the data populated isn’t always accurate. How many times have you had to retype in everything because the formatting didn’t match the job portal’s formatting? Too many to count.

In the end, innovative job portals that make job applications easy will hence have the upper hand in attracting more applicants, because job seekers can apply for many roles within the same amount of the time they would take for to type the same information twice. It’ll be even better if the job board could use the information we’ve typed in before, to populate our profile so we didn’t have to do it again the next time we applied.

What other annoyances do you have in the job application process? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Tessier

Director of Business Development and Marketing at GrabJobs. Brian can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely be about startups and personal development. When not absorbed in the latest best-selling page-turner, Brian loves writing and biking. Read more: