Why You Should NOT Take a Part Time Job

Are you sure you want a part-time job? Learn why you should NOT take a part-time job and evaluate if working part time is for you.
Why You Should NOT Take a Part Time Job

Are you sure you want a part-time job? Sounds like your life’s pretty cushy already. Part-time jobs are not for everyone! It seems that this statement is true for you! Keep reading to learn why you should NOT take a part time job:

1. No Job Security

If you fancy a stable salary, insurance benefits and corporate gym memberships, part time jobs are definitely not for you! Atypical part-time job comes with neither stable pay, nor employee benefits! Consider sticking to your 9-5 and enjoy your well-deserved safety net!

2. Unaccounted Experience

Part-time jobs are often ignored by recruiters and headhunters. Don’t count on a part-time gig to boost your chances on landing your dream full-time role. Your part-time work experience won’t be accounted for by most interviewers, unless you are interviewing for another part-time job! 

3. You May Work More Hours Than Predicted

It is very challenging to estimate how many hours a part-time jobs will take you. In many cases, part-time jobs are full-time jobs in disguise! Be very careful with the scope of work or be prepared to put in those extra hours.

Mariel Villanueva

Mariel is a multimedia artist who has a passion for design marketing. For more than a year, she has been promoting job opportunities for individuals craving for career growth. As a young adult, she believes that the first step to reach goals is by taking a step today.