Top 12 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Kuala Lumpur After High School

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part time jobs for students in Kuala Lumpur

Top 12 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Kuala Lumpur After High School

The most recent research on Malaysia’s residents (including those living in Kuala Lumpur) shows that the country’s part-time employment rate sits at around 4.350 percent.

Many of Malaysia’s and Kuala Lumpur’s part-time workforce is made up of recent graduates and university students.

If you’re part of this group, you know that it can be frustrating to try and find a job that lines up with your interests, earning requirements, and schedule. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, though, and it’ll be a lot easier.

Read on to learn the benefits of working part-time, the top 12 part-time jobs for students in Kuala Lumpur, and where to find them. You’ll find some special considerations for international students to keep in mind, too.

8 Benefits of Working Part-Time After High School

The cost of living in Kuala Lumpur is lower than a lot of other places in the world (including 54 percent of cities in Asia and 70 percent of cities worldwide. However, it is also the most populous city in Malaysia (over 8.4 million people), which means job competition is fiercer than it is in many other parts of the country.

In such a competitive place, many people in Kuala Lumpur work part-time, especially students. If you’re on the fence about taking a part-time job instead of looking for full-time work, here are some reasons to take the part-time route for now:

1. Enjoy Extra Cash

What recent high school graduate or university student couldn’t benefit from a little extra cash in their pocket?

Kuala Lumpur might not be a very expensive city, but you still have expenses as a young adult. Furthermore, the extra money you earn as a part-time employee can help you cover those expenses without bringing all the stress and responsibility that comes with a full-time job. 

2. Become a Better Money Manager

You might not have a lot of expenses right now (perhaps you still live at home with your family, for example, so you don’t have to pay rent or utilities). However, it’s not too early for you to improve your money management skills.

Picking up a part-time job gives you a chance to become a better money manager and learn how to stick to a budget.

3. Develop Essential Job and Life Skills

Many part-time jobs, including those that require you to work in an administrative role, teach a lot of valuable job and life skills that you’ll carry with you as you get older. Lots of people in Kuala Lumpur work part-time and find that they get better at staying organized, juggling a busy schedule, dealing with others, and fielding complaints.

4. Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem

Working part-time gives you an opportunity to improve your sense of confidence and self-esteem, too.

When others depend on you to get things done and keep a business (of any kind) running smoothly, this often results in increased self-efficacy and confidence in one’s own abilities. This is great for your self-worth, and it may give you the push you need to try other, harder things in the future.

5. Improve Interpersonal Skills

Many part-time jobs require a great deal of interpersonal work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re collaborating with coworkers, responding to customers, or anything in between. You need to learn how to communicate and work with others in a positive and productive way.

These skills are invaluable, and the sooner you start working on them, the easier they will become. 

6. Become a Better Time Manager

Time management skills are also essential as you get older.

If you’re a university student, you need to manage your time so you get assignments submitted before their due date. If you work full-time, you need to manage your time so you finish projects by their due date and keep customers happy. If you have a family, you need to manage your time so you get everyone to their appointments without being late or missing them altogether.

A part-time job helps you become a better time manager and will prepare you for whatever direction your life takes after finishing high school. 

7. Expand Your Network

A vast professional network is a must for anyone who wants to move up the ladder at their job or qualify for higher-paying, higher-responsibility positions in the future.

Working part-time allows you to get your foot in the door at a particular company, learn more about how the business works, and build key relationships. This, in turn, can work in your favor when you start applying for other positions later on.

Which student part-time job in Kuala Lumpur would you be interested in?

8. Enhance Your Resume

If you want to start a career but don’t have much or any job experience, beginning with a part-time job is an excellent strategy. Those who work part-time are gaining valuable job experience and skills that will expand their resume and help them qualify for higher-paying and more prestigious jobs down the line.

Top 12 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Kuala Lumpur After High School

Working a part-time job in Kuala Lumpur can teach you a lot of valuable skills and provide a variety of benefits. The key to experiencing as many of these benefits as possible, though, is to find a job that’s a good fit right from the start.

Listed below are 12 of the best and highest-paying part-time jobs for students in Kuala Lumpur to consider after leaving high school:

A retail sales associate works in a retail store, such as a clothing store, a grocery store, or a mini-market. They make recommendations, work with customers to help them choose items, set up displays, and facilitate the checkout process.

This is a busy job that keeps you on your feet for quite a while. However, it’s great for students who want to stay busy and don’t want to sit behind a desk while they earn a part-time job salary in Kuala Lumpur. – RM 15 per hour

Couriers are delivery professionals. They work for private businesses and are responsible for transporting documents, as well as other items and packages, to customers. They may do this on foot, by bike, or by automobile.

A job as a courier is another active part-time position that keeps you busy and provides a lot of variety day after day. –RM 18.95 per hour

For those who prefer a bit more stability and consistency in their part-time jobs, working as an administrative assistant might be a better fit.

Administrative assistants must be highly organized and good with people. They are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, filing documents, and directing calls. – RM 11.93 per hour

A part-time job as a customer service representative is also a good choice for those who are organized, good communicators, and don’t mind a bit of redundancy in their days.

Customer service representatives communicate with customers via phone, email, chat, or sometimes in person. They answer questions, respond to complaints, and help customers solve problems as quickly as possible.

Some customer service representatives work in call centers, whereas others work remotely. This is a very flexible job, so it’s great for recent graduates and students. – RM 11.50 per hour

A job as a data entry clerk is similar to that of a customer service representative. However, instead of answering customers’ questions, their primary job is to collect data and input it into a central database so that other company employees can easily access it.

This job requires extreme attention to detail and good typing skills. Some positions require you to work in an office, and others allow you to work from home, so recent graduates of all kinds can qualify. – RM 12.29 per hour

Waiters and waitresses work for restaurants and are responsible for taking orders, delivering food, and creating a positive atmosphere for the restaurant’s customers.

This is a very active job. It is best for those who want to earn a part-time job salary in Kuala Lumpur and don’t mind working in the evenings or on the weekends. Good interpersonal skills are a must, too. – RM 10.15 per hour

A cashier works behind the counter at a retail store, mini-market, petrol kiosk, and many other businesses. They ring up people’s purchases, provide the correct change if necessary, and help people get checked out as quickly as possible.

This job requires a great deal of standing. However, it’s not particularly demanding and typically offers a lot of schedule flexibility, so it’s a good fit for busy students and recent grads. – RM 11.23 per hour

Tutors share their expertise with others (typically students) who need help sharpening their skills so they can pass tests and move on to the next level of their education.

As a tutor, you can set your own hours and rates in most cases, so this is a very flexible option for those who want to work part-time but also want to work on their own terms. This is also one of the highest-paying part-time jobs for students in Kuala Lumpur. – RM 21.59 per hour 

A delivery driver typically works for a restaurant and delivers food to customers. They may make their deliveries on foot, on a bike, or by car. If you like to be out and about and don’t mind dealing with traffic during peak delivery hours, this might be a good part-time job for you. – RM 8.74 per hour

A bartender works behind a bar at a pub or restaurant. They prepare adult beverages, ring customers up, and generally ensure they have a positive experience.

If you have good mixology knowledge, don’t mind being on your feet for several hours at a time, and are willing to work nights and weekends, a job as a bartender might be the right fit. – RM 11.28 per hour 

Personal shoppers handle various types of shopping (including grocery shopping) for others. They take orders, go to the store, and handle the checkout process so their clients can focus on other things.

This is a flexible and versatile job, and every day is a bit different, so it’s a great choice for those who need a part-time job but also want to enjoy a lot of variety in their day. – RM 8.00 per hour

Telemarketers are sales professionals. They often work in call centers (although some also work from home) and make phone calls to try and sell products or services.

If you are interested in working in a sales position or studying business in the future, this could be a good part-time job to help you get your foot in the door and learn more about the industry. – RM 12.91 per hour 

How to Find Part-Time Jobs for Students in Kuala Lumpur

Now that you have a better idea of which jobs provide the best wages and are the best fit for your particular interests and skills, it’s time to begin your search. If you don’t know where to look for part-time work in Kuala Lumpur, here are some good places to start:

Online Job Sites

An online job site is one of the best places to go if you need help finding part-time jobs in Kuala Lumpur.

GrabJobs, in particular, is easy and free to use and features listings from thousands of companies from all over the world. Whether you want to find admin jobs, warehouse jobs, or anything in between, GrabJobs will help you locate the perfect position in no time. 

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for all kinds of connections, including connecting with potential employers. Consider joining groups on Facebook or LinkedIn so you can learn about job openings and connect with people who can help you find and land the part-time job of your dreams.

Recruitment Agencies

Do you have a specific type of job in mind? Do you have a unique skill set that you want to use in your job? If so, working with a recruitment agency can help you to find good matches sooner. 

Classified Ads

Check out classified ads in newspapers and online as well. There are lots of ads for part-time jobs here, and they get updated frequently, so you’ll always be in the loop about the latest openings.


Ask for referrals from friends and family members, too. Their company might be looking for part-time workers, for example, or they might know of someone whose employer is currently hiring. Even if they don’t know of any casual jobs for high school students right now, they can at least keep their eyes and ears open in case something does become available. 

University Job Boards

Check out local university job boards as well. They regularly feature part-time job ads for all kinds of positions, and they also get updated frequently. You often don’t have to be a university student to apply for these positions, either!

Information About Part-Time Jobs in Kuala Lumpur for International Students

Are you a recent transplant to Kuala Lumpur? Have you moved here from another country to attend school? If so, you may be interested in part-time jobs in Kuala Lumpur for international students, specifically.

As an international student, the rules are a bit different for you than they are for Kuala Lumpur’s residents. Listed below are a couple of key points to keep in mind when you start your job search.

Review Your Visa

Before you can start earning a part-time job salary in Kuala Lumpur for international students, you should review your visa and clarify the rules regarding working in Malaysia as a foreigner. 

According to the Education Malaysia Global Services website, international students who are studying at a public or private institution can only work up to 20 hours per week. They’re also only allowed to work during semester breaks and holidays that last longer than 7 days. The locations where you work are limited, too, to restaurants, mini markets, hotels, and petrol kiosks.

Contact Your School or Advisor

If you have specific questions about finding casual jobs for high school students or how to work while studying in Kuala Lumpur, it’s always best to consult a representative or advisor from your school.

These professionals will have detailed information about the rules for those who want to earn a part-time job salary in Kuala Lumpur for international students. They can also provide additional resources to help you find jobs that line up with these rules. 

Key Takeaways

Finding part-time jobs for students in Kuala Lumpur after high school will be a lot easier if you utilize the resources shared in this guide. Keep our advice in mind and you’ll have no trouble finding opportunities to work while studying in Kuala Lumpur or preparing to enter university.

If you’re ready to start searching for part-time jobs for students in Kuala Lumpur, check out GrabJobs today. GrabJobs allows you to look for jobs easily and for free, and it’s regularly updated by thousands of businesses worldwide.

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