3 Ideal Work-from-home Jobs For Parents

work from home jobs for parents

The pandemic forced many employers and businesses to challenge the general standards of an individual’s working lifestyle. One instance is breaking the norm of having to go to a physical office to actually get work done. The situation became a lot more challenging for parents during this time too. 

When the circumstances changed overnight, those with kids at home had to take some time to rethink about their work scope. Some had to think about feasibility as well as alternate income methods.

This may have caused some parents to consider looking through their current work scope. Others are thinking of taking up other job opportunities that may allow them more flexibility and subsequently, the space to work from home. 


As such, in this article, we will be looking at 3 jobs that are ideal for work from home parents.

Word of caution

What each company may be on the lookout for in their employees can vary from organisation-to-organisation and person-to-person. They may also change according to the job role you apply for within a company. 

As such, this written piece only aims to function as a guide. It should not be read as a comprehensive or exhaustive list of things to consider when submitting a job application!

The best way to succeed at any job application would be by conducting ample research individually. Browsing through this article could function as the first step you take into improving your existing job application 🙂 A little touch up can go a long way!


Without further ado, let’s get right into the article!

How to make a good first impression?

1. Customer Service Representative/Staff

The job scope of a customer service representative or staff usually entails similar responsibilities regardless of the industry a person is working in. Answering customers’ enquiries or contacting plausible clients/customers to push out a product is yet another common job responsibility of those who work within the customer service representative/staff. 


Covid-19 has affected the way individuals usually work. Now, remote working conditions and WFH basis have kicked in. As such, the job responsibilities of a customer service representative or staff can be easily transferred to a work-from-home arrangement. 


Most customer service representative job positions ask of or require their staff to hold a secondary school certification. Thus, making this career role accessible for many more individuals than a job scope that may call for a specific degree or alternative educational qualification.



For these reasons, this job is ideal for parents who are looking to find a work opportunity that will allow them to work from home. This job role will hence also allow parents to conduct a career while also keeping an eye on the kids at home.

2. Content Writer

The second type of job opportunity that is ideal for parents who are looking for a work from home arrangement is the role of a content writer. Speaking from experience, it is definitely a job that can allow you some flexibility in terms of career options. 

You will be able to work at your own time and pace, so long as you are able to meet the deadlines asked of you. The job scope does not require you to attend a physical office environment in order to actually get the work done either. 

In fact, if you have a laptop and a good wifi connection, things are quite easily doable from anywhere! Of course, employers are interested in content writers who have demonstrated experience in terms of written pieces. As such, collating your past or some relevant work materials can help you raise your chances of landing a job as a content writer. 

Making this job opportunity yet another viable option for work from home parents!

The third type of job opportunity that is a perfect match for parents who are looking at working from home is the role of a web developer. Similar to the job role of content writers, web page developers can also easily work from home, should they have the necessary softwares, tools and skills at their disposal. 

This is also yet another job role that can be explored, should parents be interested in pursuing this line of job scope. Individuals can sign up for free online classes to learn how to use certain softwares in order to succeed at this job role. That’d make this a possible job opportunity for many parents.

For instance, web developers are expected to know how to use softwares like JavaScript, DreamWeaver, coding and HTML. With these tools, web developers can craft up web-based applications and assist businesses with their sales and marketing efforts. 

As such, the job role of a web developer is also one of the 3 types of job opportunities that are ideal for work from home parents.

In summary...

And there you have it – a compiled list of the 3 types of job opportunities that are ideal for work from home parents. These positions allow one the flexibility and space to work within his/her own time. Thus, parents can join an organisation that offers these positions so as to help them lock in that dream job opportunity.  

With all that being said, we have to come to the end of this article! We hope this written piece has provided you with some insights as to how you can improve your job hunting process to match your current career needs. 


With this article, we hope we’ve managed to calm some of your nerves as you prepare to send in a job application to potential companies. After all, you’re a little more equipped with the power of knowledge after reading this article 😉 


We wish you the best of luck as you embark on the job hunting process. More power to you!


In the meantime, if you’re on the lookout for similar job opportunities within Singapore, read on! 😉

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