Workplace Values Series: Transparency at the office

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Workplace values: Transparency at the office

Workplace values, like transparency, are an essential aspect of any work environment. Whether you work from home or need to be in an office, employees need to adhere to certain unspoken standards of work ethics. 

In other words, workplace values can be considered as a set of guiding principles that will help to shape the way you and your colleagues work together. When specific values are shared to be expected in order to work together in a professional setting, fewer misunderstandings will occur. 

A happier, more cohesive and understanding environment will grow out of such a nurturing environment. And that’s got to be a win-win situation for everyone. 

With all that being said, what are some of these workplace values that can help to improve the overall quality of your work environment?

In this article, you will be able to find out more about the workplace value of transparency and 3 ways you can practice transparency at your office. 

What is transparency?

Sure, you and I know what the term generally asks of anyone in a social setting. However, what exactly does it mean?

According to Lexico.comtransparency refers to being “easy to perceive or detect”. Another definition of transparency refers to “having thoughts or feelings that are easily perceived; open”. 


Let’s take a moment to let that definition sink in. 


When placed into the context of a working environment, transparency can take on many forms at the workplace. As with any workplace value, we use transparency as a guiding principle to help us make better decisions as a colleague, and more importantly, as an individual. 

How then we can apply it at the workplace? Read on to find out 🙂

How to practice transparency at the office?

Practicing the workplace value of transparency at the office doesn’t actually call for much effort! Meaning to say, that it does not need to be big or outlandish gestures. 

We practice transparency through the simple, and daily acts of our everyday lifestyle. As such, here are 3 steps you can take to start practicing transparency within your own office space.

Trust each and every employee

Trusting each and every employee is one of the first steps you can take to practice transparency at the workplace.

Remind yourself that each employee joined the firm due to his or demonstration of their respective capabilities. As such, entrust your co-workers with responsibilities. Make sure that you don’t micromanage or hover over them. 

Instead, express how much you trust them instead. Provide them with words of encouragement to motivate them towards their goals. 

As Simon Senek once said, “A team is not a group of people who work together. It is a group of people who trust each other”. 

And so, trusting each and every employee is one way to practice the workplace value of transparency!

Establish open communication

One can practice transparency at the workplace simply by establishing open communication channels. 

Ensure that employees within the same project teams are always kept in the loop when it comes to work. Share messages to everyone collectively, in a chat group or via email. Don’t leave anyone out. Make sure that the word you send out is the same and it reaches everyone at the same time. 

Set up different notification systems for different forms of communication. For instance, use emails for changes in task details. For details relating to submissions and deadlines, use a more urgency-oriented communication channel – such as a chat group on apps like Slack or Telegram. 

Take all factors into consideration and choose the right communication medium to send out your message. Thus, establishing open communication is one way to practice the workplace value of transparency!

Rewards and praises

The third, but perhaps, the most effective way you can practise the workplace value of transparency is by sharing rewards and praises where they are due. 

Oftentimes, individuals work so hard at the office to check tasks off their lists that they completely forego their priorities. Take a moment to appreciate their efforts and contributions. 

When new achievements have been unlocked, share your rewards and praises publicly. Everyone worked hard in front of everyone else. As such, when you share your praises, make sure they’re made public too. 

This will encourage all employees to work harder towards both their personal as well as their organisational goals too. 

Take the initiative to share some positivity around the office. You’d be practicing the workplace value of transparency in no time!

What's next?

And there you have it – a piece on an absolutely critical workplace value of transparency. We hope the information in this article has helped you get a clearer idea of how you can better practice transparency at the workplace.

Instilling workplace values, like the above, at your office can rake in numerous benefits for every employee. Remember, a little effort can go a long way to ensure a happy and successful workplace for everyone!

Keep a lookout for other workplace values we will be discussing as part of this series soon! Searching for a new workplace that practices these workplace values? On the hunt for a new job?

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