How To Make Sure You Are Getting Heard At The Workplace

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There are many reasons why it is important to make sure that you are getting heard at the workplace. However, with everyone being so caught up with their duties while at work, it’s not as easy for one to get his or her thoughts across amidst the hustle. 


The emotional repercussions of feeling like you’re not being heard at the workplace are real. Over time, an individual may experience feelings of frustration, anger and disappointment should he/she be left out from the conversation.


In order to avoid such scenarios, we’ll be sharing some tips to help you make sure that you are getting heard at the workplace!

Which of these tips will you use to make sure you get heard at the workplace?

Word of advice

As an individual who is looking to get hired in Singapore, it is important to ensure that you are abiding by the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) when working locally. There are certain factors you will need to consider when making such a decision. 

Some of these factors include the Central Provident Fund contributions, applying for specific pass types for different categories of employees and your daily/weekly working hour limits. 

If you ever find yourself in doubt on the topic, feel free to contact the customer service staff at MOM. You can do so either over an email or a phone enquiry to have your questions answered.


Better to be safe than sorry, after all! Lest the slight negligence costs you or your company its license to operate/work in the country!


If everything is looking good, let’s jump right into the piece!

Tip 1: Pay attention to your message delivery

One of the biggest reasons why you may not be getting heard at the workplace might be due to your message delivery style. It’s not what you may have to say that is the issue, but rather, the how you say it. 

As such, it is crucial that you pay attention to your delivery style. Be careful about the body language you used when trying to converse. Make sure you establish eye contact confidently. Try not to shift your focus away from the person you are trying to speak to. 


Similarly, pay special attention to the tone you use when attempting to share your ideas. Be bold and confident when speaking. If you sound unsure of your own ideas and perspectives, it gives others more room to wiggle out from hearing you out.

Tip 2: Worry less of what others may think

It’s a fact of this world that we live in that we cannot please everyone. Keep this in mind and try your best to worry less of what others may think. If speaking your mind may cause someone to like you, take that risk!

Be honest with yourself and share your opinions and ideas with those around you. Don’t keep quiet because you would prefer to come off agreeable! Remind yourself that being liked and being respected are two entirely different things. 


As such, use every opportunity that comes your way to make sure you are getting heard at the workplace. Try to worry less of your social standing. After all, the ways your performance is measured at work has more to do with your contributions and ideas than anything else! 😉

Tip 3: Choose your words

To make sure that you are getting heard at the workplace, remind yourself that your words are your weapons. Be wise to choose them carefully. 

While being polite is important, if you feel that you need to push a little to get your thoughts across, there are some pointers that may help you. For instance, avoid the use of fillers such as “like”, “I think”, “Erm”, “Maybe”, “Perhaps”, etc. 

Using these words tend to take the tone of much-needed authority out of the conversation. They also prevent you from directly getting to your point. These fillers tend to make you sound less confident of what you wish to share. 


Furthermore, by choosing your words wisely, you would be better able to deliver a more succinct message. This will help to save everyone’s time and ensure that you are getting heard at the workplace too 🙂

And there you have it – a piece on how to make sure that you are getting heard at the workplace. With this compiled list of 3 tips, we hope you will be better equipped to voice out your ideas and opinions more confidently. 

We hope this article has helped to provide you with some new information as to how you may better communicate with your colleagues and teams while conversing at work. Wishing you the best of luck!

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