5 Pros & Cons of Working in the Retail Industry

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Working in Retail

With online shopping websites becoming popular all around the world, one would expect that jobs in the retail industry may be taking a hit. Contrary to popular belief, the brick and mortar stores continue to thrive in today’s modern world. 

Many individuals take up a retail job on a shift basis and find that they enjoy working in the retail industry. Some of them go on to explore their career within the field. 

However, there have also been cases where people experience burn out from the fast-paced work style that retail is popular for. Others grow tired of the in-store sales environment and may not come back to a retail position again. 

If you’re trying to make up your mind about working in the retail industry, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you 5 pros and cons of working in the retail industry. 

Pro 1 - Physical Activity

Retail Industry

One of the numerous advantages you may want to consider about working in the retail sector is the physical activity you can include in your day. 

With the advancement of technology, a lot of the work individuals take on these days require us to stick to our tables and equipment. Working a retail job sure can help you hit your daily steps and stay fit!

Pro 2 - Employee Discounts

Hands down – employee discounts is perhaps the biggest draw in factor for many job seekers into the retail industry. 

While the discount offers can vary vastly from one retailer to another, the norm revolves around 10-30% off the tag price! 

Now that’s a big pro to consider working in the retail sector!


Pro 3 - Social Skills

Retail Industry: Socialising

The third pro of taking up a retail work position includes all the chances you get to improve your social skills!

Spontaneous interactions necessitated by a retail job is a great way for individuals to boost their communication skills.

If you’re looking for a way to work on improving your social skills, working in the retail industry could be a possible option!

Retail Industry: Flexible Schedule

Students are one of the largest groups of individuals who enjoying working in the retail industry. This is because of the flexible working hours that the job sector allows its employees!

If you’re looking to take on a part-time job or a temporary position, the retail industry can definitely allow you room to better fit your schedule.

Pro 5 - Room for Growth

The fifth pro of working in the retail industry is that it provides people with so much room for their own growth! 

Whether you take on a short stint or a long-term position, every individual from the retail sector will agree that there are many soft skills to be picked up!

Con 1 - Busy Days

Retail Industry_Busy environment

One of the cons of working in the retail sector that it can get really busy during the weekends and holiday seasons. 

Higher traffic usually demands more hands on deck and this can mean that you may be called in to work an extra shift or two. Your work-life balance could be affected when you decide to join the retail industry.  

Con 2 - Pay Scale

As compared to other sectors, working in the retail industry may fall on the lower end of the pay scale. This is not necessarily true for every retail job position, though!

The lower pay scale could be attributed to the hourly pay rates that many companies offer as well as the inconsistent work schedules. 

Con 3 - Customer Service

The retail industry is a sector that is heavily focused on its customers. As such, it is always important to put them first. 

However, every retail staff also come across difficult customers. On a bad day, communicating with them can eventually get to some of us!

Con 4 - Inconsistent Schedule

Inconsistent Schedule

Maybe, you agreed to work 20 hours a week at the interview. However, there are times when you just may not be able to clock enough hours. 

The inconsistency in work schedule is quite a common issue that numerous part-time and temporary retail staff have previously experienced. 

Con 5 - Indoor Working Environment

Some individuals may prefer a change in their working space and this could be a possible con for those working in the retail industry. 

Most of the time, employees have to return to the same working environment to clock their hours. This could be a problem for adventurous individuals as retail work usually comes with an indoor working space.

And there you have it – a compiled list of 5 pros and cons of working in the retail industry. We hope this article has helped to provide you with some clarity as to what you can expect from taking on a retail job!

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