Top 8 Customer Service Interview Questions Answered!

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How are you going to ace the interview questions for the customer service role you just applied for? Interviews are extremely vital to the recruiting process as they are usually the first time you get to speak to the hiring manager. In conclusion, an interview is the chance to prove to the employer that you don’t just look good on paper.

No matter what industry you’re interested in, you can expect some common interview questions, so make sure you’re ready to talk confidently about your skills and experience during the interview process. Today, we are looking at the top 8 customer service interview questions and how you should answer them.

1 - What Would You Do To Achieve Customer Service Excellence?

When addressing this question, you should speak about how you go above and beyond when delivering service to a customer based on your experience. Reassure your hiring manager that the number one priority is to make customers feel pleased and fulfilled with the service you provide.

It’s important to prove that you know your role is to make sure customers are satisfied and happy with the company, not just you as an individual. The goal here is to help customers and give them a positive impression of the company.

2 - What Motivates You & Keeps You Going in your career?

When you’re interviewing for a challenging role like customer service, the hiring manager wants to know what motivates you other than a paycheck when a day gets rough. “Money” is definitely not the right answer. You can share with them your interest in customer service, what do you see yourself in 2 years time if you’re being hired and what are the goals that you would like to achieve in this company.

3 - Tell me a time when you had a bad day at work. What happened & how did you deal with that?

As a Customer Service representative, you’ll be bound to have tough days. The hiring manager wants to know if you can handle stress and won’t chuck your cap and leave.

You’ll need to show them you’re a professional and will remain calm in all kinds of situations.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can you improve from having a bad day?
  • Did you manage to achieve customer’s satisfaction on that day?
  • How did the experience motivate you to prevent problems in your career?

4 - How do you handle miscommunication with your customers?

This question measures your ability to respond and react to situations and if you can do service recovery when things don’t go as expected. Share with them how you fix a problem if your customer doesn’t quite understand you. They want to see if you can still keep your cool and don’t get upset when a customer misunderstands you.

5 - Describe to me a situation where you had to improvise or think about something impromptu to solve a problem.

Another part of being a successful customer service representative is to fix issues on the spot and improvise.

  • Pick and explain a situation you faced
  • Describe the challenge and task
  • Elaborate your action (what did you do?)
  • Share the results (the accomplishment)

6 - Can you work under high-pressure & handle things fast-paced?

Example of an answer :

“Yes, I can. I recently worked as a cashier at a supermarket, and it became very hectic during weekends. Cashiers were given rating scores depending on the pace at which they completed checking out customers. Too many poor ratings resulted in the lead cashier getting suspended. Some of my colleagues complained about this being unequal. I accepted the challenge by reflecting on the things that I can control and ignore the things that I couldn’t control. This technique made me the fastest cashier in the supermarket and kept my stress level to the lowest.”

7 - Share with me a time when the customer is satisfied with your service.

Employers don’t want to hire someone that could do only the bare minimum in customer service. They pop behavioral questions like this to see how you can truly impress clients and go the extra mile to achieve service excellence.

If you have some prior experience with customer service, be prepared to go in-depth about a moment you’ve been innovative or put in the extra effort to satisfy a client.

8 - How do you describe your skills in customer service?

“Whenever I’m connecting with people I’ll always make sure they feel
 important by listening to them and offering advice and help whenever needed.”

You don’t need to answer every question with lengthy answers. Often a short answer goes to show that you’re confident and know what you are saying.

If you practice these questions and answers, you’ll be better prepared than most candidates, and you’ll be way ahead in getting the job offer! Customer Service interview questions are almost present in every job interview and it pays to practice them.

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