10 Flexible Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand

Need to find a part-time job urgently? There are plenty of options available for expats who want to find part-time work in New Zealand with good pay, all detailed in this article.
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Part-time employment currently makes up about 39 percent of total employment in New Zealand. Lots of part-time jobs have been added to the country’s economy over the last couple of years, and more are expected in the future, too.

Part-time jobs are particularly popular among certain demographics, including students, mothers, and other job seekers who need a high level of flexibility. If you’re interested in learning about the best, most flexible part-time jobs in New Zealand, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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What Are the Most Flexible Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand?

When looking for part-time jobs for mothers
 and others with busy schedules, flexibility is key, both when it comes to hours worked and the location where you’re working (can you work at home instead of having to commute to an office, for example).

The following are some of the most flexible part-time jobs in New Zealand that you may want to consider:

1. Freelance Writer

Job Description: Freelance writers write and edit content for businesses (including website content, blog posts, and emails), news outlets, and more.

Companies Hiring: Write Home, Conscious Health, The Creative Store, Noissue, Medentry 

Expected Salary: $21.22 per hour

2. Social Media Strategist

Job Description: Social media strategists work with businesses to manage their social media presence. They create and publish posts, respond to comments, and monitor analytics on various platforms.

Companies Hiring: Hospice EBOP, Design Juice Ltd, Volunteer Service Abroad

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

3. Remote English Teacher

Job Description: Many people earn extra money working from home as English teachers for non-native students who need help learning the language.

Companies Hiring: Wellington In2Learning Tuition Centre, DuoCloud, English Language Partners NZ

Expected Salary: $29 per hour

4. Transcriptionist

Job Description: Transcriptionists listen to voice recordings and then convert them into written documents. They may work in an office, but they often from home and create their own schedule.

Companies Hiring: Central Otego Health Services Ltd, Southern District Health Board

Expected Salary: $21.63 per hour

5. Delivery Driver

Job Description: Delivery drivers pick up packages from distribution centers and deliver them to customers’ homes on time.

Companies Hiring: Anderson’s Pie Shop, TAB, New World

Expected Salary: $20.49 per hour

6. Rideshare Driver

Job Description: Rideshare drivers are similar to cab drivers. They pick people up from various locations and drive them safely and efficiently to their desired destination.

Companies Hiring: Uber, Lyft

Expected Salary: $25 to $35 per hour

7. Bank Teller

Job Description: Bank tellers assist bank patrons with a variety of tasks, including depositing and withdrawing money from accounts.

Companies Hiring: TSB, The Co-operative Bank, Westpac, ANZ Bank New Zealand

Expected Salary: $22 per hour

8. Online Craft Sales

Job Description: If you make your own crafts, there are lots of opportunities to sell them and earn extra money. This is a very flexible job and one you can tailor to your exact needs and goals.

Companies Hiring: Etsy, ArtFire, eCrater, Folksy

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

9. Remote Sales Rep

Job Description: Remote sales reps assist companies in selling various goods and services. Many of these jobs can be done remotely over the phone or through other online selling practices.

Companies Hiring: Wiri Timber, Samsung, JA Russell Ltd

Expected Salary: $40 per hour

10. Search Engine Evaluator

Job Description: Search engine evaluators test various search engines for accuracy, usefulness, quality, and more. Many of these jobs can be done remotely, and they’re great options for busy people who need flexibility.

Companies Hiring: Appen, Sykes, TELUS International

Expected Salary: $19 per hour

What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in New Zealand?

Students often require part-time work with flexible hours so they can align their job with their class schedules. When it comes to student part-time jobs, there are lots of options that pay well, provide lots of flexibility and freedom, and help you to add extra money to your bank account.

If you’re not sure where to start when looking for part-time jobs for students, consider the options on this list:

1. Tutor

Job Description: When it comes to student part-time jobs, tutoring is one of the best and most flexible options. You’ll be able to partner with other students and help them improve their skills and grades.

Companies Hiring: Two Tales, Aspire2 Business Workplace Communication, DuoCloud

Expected Salary: $19 per hour

2. Teacher’s Assistant

Job Description: Teacher’s assistant work alongside teachers to help with organization, grading, lesson planning, classroom management, and more

Companies Hiring: St. Joseph’s Primary School, Auckland Grammar School, Puhinui School

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

3. Freelance Researcher

Job Description: Freelance researchers conduct deep dives into various topics to help businesses gain a better understanding of their audience and their industry.

Companies Hiring: Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer are the most popular options for students looking for freelance research jobs

Expected Salary: $28 per hour

4. Website Tester

Job Description: Website testers work with various companies to monitor website performance, identify potential issues, and report them to their supervisors.

Companies Hiring: Smart Power, UserTesting

Expected Salary: $27 per hour

5. Customer Service Representative

Job Description: Customer service representatives work for various businesses to help them answer customer questions, respond to complaints in an empathetic and effective way, and keep the company running smoothly.

Companies Hiring: Orangetheory Fitness New Zealand, Hospice EBOP, NZ Post

Expected Salary: $23 per hour

6. Library Assistant

Job Description: Library assistants work alongside librarians and other library staff to keep things neat, organized, and running as smoothly as possible.

Companies Hiring: Dunedin City Council, Rotorua Lakes Council

Expected Salary: $20 per hour

7. Seasonal Worker

Job Description: Seasonal workers only work during certain seasons of the year (often around the holidays or during the summer). For those students who have busy schedules but summers or holidays off, this can be a great choice.

Companies Hiring: Flock Events, T&G Global, Trent’s Nursery

Expected Salary: $22.5 per hour

8. Nanny/Babysitter

Job Description: Nannies and babysitters care for children while their parents are at work or are otherwise occupied. They often have a lot of flexibility with regards to their schedules and total hours worked.

Companies Hiring: GreatAuPair, KiwiOz Nannies  

Expected Salary: $20.73

9. House Cleaner

Job Description: House cleaners care for other people’s homes and make sure they’re well-maintained. Like nannies and babysitters, there’s a lot of flexibility with this type of work.

Companies Hiring: EVP Recruitment, Craggy Range, Agoge Recruitment

Expected Salary: $24.05 per hour

10. Pet Sitter

Job Description: Pet sitters care for other people’s pets while they’re away. They may handle basic duties like dog walking and feeding, or they may stay in the person’s house with the pet for longer periods.

Companies Hiring: Kiwi House Sitters, The Housesitting Company

Expected Salary: $37 per hour

What Are the Best Part-Time F&B Jobs in New Zealand?

The food and beverage (or F&B) industry is growing rapidly in New Zealand. This means there are lots of part-time F&B jobs available for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

The following are 10 of the best options to consider if you want to be part of this field:

1. Cashier

Job Description: Cashiers input people’s food orders and handle transactions.

Companies Hiring: Subway, Hornby Carl’s Jr., KFC

Expected Salary: $19 per hour

2. Dishwasher

Job Description: Dishwashers are responsible for keeping dishes and cookware clean and sanitized while also making sure kitchen areas are neat and organized.

Companies Hiring: Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Cordis Hotels & Resort, Frozen Bliss Ltd

Expected Salary: $20 per hour

3. Prep Cook

Job Description: Prep cooks handle basic food preparation so that chefs and other crew members can do their jobs more easily.

Companies Hiring: Bay of Many Coves Resort, Grace Hospital, Bupa

Expected Salary: $20

4. Waiter/Waitress

Job Description: Waiters and waitresses take orders, deliver food to customers, and handle other customer service tasks.

Companies Hiring: CNC HQ Unlimited, Fior di latte, La Mamma Ltd

Expected Salary: $18 per hour

5. Bartender

Job Description: Bartenders are responsible for taking orders, preparing drinks, and serving them efficiently.

Companies Hiring: QT Wellington, The George Hotel, Australian Venue Co

Expected Salary: $18.50 per hour

6. Barista

Job Description: Baristas work in cafes and coffee shops. They take orders, prepare drinks, and keep the business running smoothly.

Companies Hiring: Procope Coffee House, McDonald’s Taupo, Barefoot Eatery

Expected Salary: $18.50 per hour

7. Host/Hostess

Job Description: Hosts and hostesses are in charge of greeting customers at restaurants and taking them to their tables.

Companies Hiring: Park Hyatt Aukland, Maruia River Retreat Ltd, Spotless Facility Services

Expected Salary: $20 per hour

8. Food Deliveryperson

Job Description: Food delivery people pick up orders from various restaurants and deliver them to customers as efficiently as possible.

Companies Hiring: Uber Eats, Delivereasy, Anderson’s Pie Shop

Expected Salary: $20.49 per hour

9. Cleaner

Job Description: Restaurant cleaners keep the front and back of the house clean and organized.

Companies Hiring: Burger King, BurgerFuel, Sofitel

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

10. Orchard Worker

Job Description: Orchard workers work seasonally to harvest fruit for local restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses.

Companies Hiring: Dosanjh Horticulture Ltd, GS Contracting Ltd, Aongatete Avocados

Expected Salary: $20 per hour

What Are the Best Part-Time Retail Jobs in New Zealand?

Part-time retail jobs are great for students, mothers, and anyone else who’s seeking part-time work and wants to be part of a fast-paced environment.

If you work well with others, are interested in helping customers have a positive experience, and are a reliable employee, the following part-time retail jobs in New Zealand are good options for you:  

1. Sales Associate

Job Description: Retail sales associates help customers make the best selections and ensure they have a positive shopping experience.

Companies Hiring: IceBreaker, R.M. Williams

Expected Salary: $19 per hour

2. Cashier

Job Description: Retail cashiers ring up and bag people’s purchases and keep the checkout area looking neat and organized.

Companies Hiring: Harvey Norman, Turners Group NZ, PB Technologies

Expected Salary: $22 per hour

3. Customer Service Associate

Job Description: Customer service associates assist with returns and exchanges. They also ensure customers have a positive shopping experience overall.

Companies Hiring: Office Products Depot, Mico Taupo, Muster Ltd

Expected Salary: $22 per hour

4. Personal Shopper

Job Description: Personal shoppers receive people’s online orders, then fulfill and deliver them on their behalf.

Companies Hiring: Supie, Countdown

Expected Salary: $19.32

5. Stocker

Job Description: Stockers refill shelves and update displays to ensure that customers always have access to a wide selection.

Companies Hiring: The Warehouse Group, Freedom Furnisher, Gilmours Wholesale Food & Beverage

Expected Salary: $16.48 per hour

6. Seasonal Sales Associate

Job Description: Seasonal sales associates work during busy times of the year to help stores manage high volumes of customers.

Companies Hiring: Boardriders, Supercheap Auto

Expected Salary: $20 per hour

7. Warehouse Assistant

Job Description: Warehouse assistants help with organization, order fulfillment, exchange and return processing, and more.

Companies Hiring: Floorscape, Auckland Meat Processors, Blue Illusion

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

8. Keyholder

Job Description: Keyholders are in charge of maintaining the cash register, keeping the store clean, and handling other operational duties.

Companies Hiring: Huffer, Oscar Wylee, Number One Shoes

Expected Salary: $17 per hour

9. Grocery Assistant

Job Description: Grocery assistants work in grocery stores to keep displays looking nice, maintain cleanliness, and help customers find the items they need.

Companies Hiring: Pak n Save, Foodstuffs, New World

Expected Salary: $18 per hour

10. Pharmacy Assistant

Job Description: Pharmacy assistants work alongside pharmacists to help customers get the prescriptions they need and keep the pharmacies operating efficiently.

Companies Hiring: Green Cross Health, Chemist Warehouse

Expected Salary: $19 per hour

What Are the Best Part-Time Admin Jobs in New Zealand?

Part-time admin jobs make great part-time jobs for mothers, students, and anyone else who wants to work in a more professional setting.

Throughout New Zealand, there are lots of part-time positions available for those with administrative backgrounds, including many work-from-home jobs. The following are some of the top options to consider:

1. Administrative Assistant

Job Description: Administrative assistants help with a wide range of organizational tasks, including filing, scheduling, and communications management.

Companies Hiring: Stantec, Whitbread, Randstad New Zealand

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

2. Executive Assistant

Job Description: Executive assistants are similar to administrative assistants. The main difference is that they work primarily with executive-level employees and often have more responsibility as a result.

Companies Hiring: Barfoot and Thompson, BNZ, Chorus

Expected Salary: $33 per hour

3. Data Entry Clerk

Job Description: Data entry clerks take data from documents, audio files, or from phone conversations with clients or other workers, and input them into a central database

Companies Hiring: AGB Nielsen Media Research, Onestaff Tauranga, Your People Recruitment Ltd

Expected Salary: $19.75 per hour

4. Appointment Setter

Job Description: Appointment setters contact individuals and businesses and encourage them to make appointments with sales reps.

Companies Hiring: Time 4 Change, MyRepublic, Canon

Expected Salary: $21 per hour

5. Medical Coder

Job Description: Medical coders review patient files and translate information into the universal medical coding language.

Companies Hiring: Northland District Health Board, University of Canterbury

Expected Salary: $22.5 per hour

6. Bookkeeper

Job Description: Bookkeepers help companies manage their budgets, stay on top of payroll, and keep accurate financial records.

Companies Hiring: Star Personnel, Wise Advice Accountants and Business Advisors

Expected Salary: $27 per hour

7. Customer Service Representative

Job Description: Customer service representatives assist businesses with a variety of administrative duties, such as answering customer questions, responding to complaints in an empathetic and effective way, and keeping organized records for easy future reference.

Companies Hiring: NNR Global Logistics New Zealand, Hobeca Trading Company, AA Insurance

Expected Salary: $23 per hour

8. Human Resource Specialist

Job Description: Human resource specialists assist with hiring, recruiting, onboarding, and other employee management tasks.

Companies Hiring: Blueberry Country Ltd, Ministry of Justice, GoSweetSpot

Expected Salary: $32 per hour

9. Marketing Associate

Job Description: Marketing associates assist with the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns to help businesses promote their products or services.

Companies Hiring: Goal Digger Career Solutions, Leader & Watt, Conscious Health

Expected Salary: $25 per hour

10. Tech Support Representative

Job Description: Tech support representatives assist customers with technical issues related to computers, apps, software, etc.

Companies Hiring: Eliot Sinclair & Partners, SnapIT

Expected Salary: $25 per hour

Start Searching for Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand Today

Searching for part-time jobs in New Zealand may feel stressful now, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re trying to land part-time positions as a retail worker, an administrative assistant, or anything in between, the information in this guide will streamline your search and help you land the right job in no time.

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