20 Best Companies to Work for in Canada

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Best Companies to Work for in Canada

20 Best Companies to Work for in Canada

Consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live––for reasons including healthcare, environment, general happiness, personal freedoms, and job satisfaction––Canada boasts millions of proud residents. And while the planet’s second-largest country by area offers many benefits, there are costs associated with being a Canadian citizen. 

Major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver are extremely expensive, and factors continue to drive up the costs of home ownership, transportation, and even basic needs like groceries and rent. In more suburban and rural areas of the country, cost of living factors is fairly steady––even comparable to the US. Either way, if you live in Canada, or plan to move to Canada, you must have a well-paying job in order to cover the costs of the many expenses you will incur. So why not start or transition your career over to a great company?

In the article, we will share the best companies to work for in Canada––overall and based on employee satisfaction. By the end, you should be able to determine which of the thousands of options works best for you. 

10 Best Overall Places to Work in Canada

1. Google

Industry: IT, Technology, Internet Services

Employees: 156,000

About: The ultimate online search engine juggernaut, Google, and its position in Canada, have been a match made in heaven for over 20 years. The company focuses on web-based search and display advertising tools, operating systems, products, services and so much more. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, great perks, including competitive wages, cool projects, and flexibility are key components. Employees love the in-person work culture but are also equally appreciative of the work-life balance.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals 

Employees: 10,000+

About: Based in Switzerland, with offices in Mississauga, Ontario, Roche is a leader in research-focused healthcare companies specializing in pharmaceuticals. It is the world’s largest biotech company, offering proven treatments for diseases and ailments. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, the dynamic and engaging work at Roche is a key component of employee satisfaction. 

Industry: Real Estate

Employees: 1,000

About: Based in Vancouver, QuadReal is an operations and investment firm that oversees the real estate and mortgage programs of British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), one of Canada’s largest asset managers.

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, internal advancement, and mentoring programs leave employees feeling appreciated and valued which, in turn, results in higher performance and career retention. 

Industry: Electronics, Technology

Employees: 105,000 (3,100 in Canada)

About: Based in Sweden, Ericsson has become one of the world’s leading IT and communication companies. In Canada, Ericsson offers 5G infrastructure products and services via many of the country’s telecommunications companies (like Bell Media and Rogers). Ericsson also enables private networking solutions and advancing Canada’s digital agenda through major technologies.

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, it’s the teamwork that is inherent at Ericsson that keeps many great employees on staff for years. Great work culture and a supportive framework of management are also key highlights. 

Industry: Insurance

Employees: 5,000+

About: Headquartered in Quebec, iA Groupe is one of the largest life and health insurance companies in the country, with operations in both Canada and the U.S. iA Groupe offers a range of insurance products for all stages of life; employees adhere to a company-wide mission of ensuring the financial wellbeing of their 4 million+ clients by offering personal coverage and investment solutions for all their goals.

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, the competitive salary is a key motivator for many employees at iA Groupe. Professional advancement and mentoring mean that dedicated candidates are promoted internally––many feel valued and appreciated. 

Industry: IT; Software Development

Employees: 221,000

About: Headquartered in Washington, Microsoft has been a leader in technology and innovation for decades. Its Toronto office serves as a tech ecosystem for its thousands of Canadian employees, all of whom work together to empower customers and companies to achieve more.

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, the staff at Microsoft feel a strong sense of connection with their co-workers; friendliness and openness encourage collaboration, as well as a dedicated work-life balance. 

Industry: Real estate

Employees: 10,000+

About: Founded in 2009, with offices in Toronto, eXp is the fastest-growing real estate company in the world with thousands of agents operating worldwide. In Canada, eXp represents a collective of the country’s best realtors, working together to provide exceptional home buying and selling experiences for clients. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, employees at eXp Realty feel particularly valued and supported––ongoing training programs are on offer, meaning that staff is encouraged to succeed. 

Industry: Banking

Employees: 53,000+

About: With headquarters in Quebec, Desjardin is the largest cooperative financial group in Canada and one of the country’s largest employers. An industry leader in finance solutions, they provide professional expertise in the areas of insurance, securities, wealth management, asset management, and more. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, Desjardin employees are consistently happy and feel valued by their reporting managers. Teamwork is highly valued and, as such, there is a solid sense of camaraderie among co-workers. Consistently ranked within the top 10 best places to work in Canada.

Industry: Software; IT; Network Solutions

Employees: 10,000+ 

About: Billed as the premier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Salesforce helps clients around the world––from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations––with all marketing, sales, and commerce needs. Plus, service and IT teams work from anywhere, allowing companies to run smoothly and effectively for their customers. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, the management at Salesforce possesses a positive attitude that is based on helping employees succeed within their respective organization departments. 

Industry: IT; Business consulting 

Employees: 10,000+

About: Headquartered in Dublin, with an international head office in Toronto, Accenture is a global professional services company that offers leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security across dozens of industries. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, Accenture provides a great culture for employees, including a healthy work environment, good work-life balance, and a competitive salary 

10 Best Employee-Friendly Companies in Canada

Industry: Health; Medical

Employees: 5,000

About: One of Canada’s largest providers of mental health resources, CMHA (funded by provincial governments, the United Way, memberships, and donations) provides services and advocacy that help prevent mental health issues in Canadians, along with support recovery and rehabilitation.  

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, not only do CMHA employees consider their work to be fulfilling, but the compensation and job flexibility options are exceptional. Stress is obviously a major component of the job, but health benefits––especially mental health––are considered some of the best reasons employees stay. 

Industry: Government

Employees: 3,300

About: One of the largest and, consistently climbing, cities in Ontario, the city of Brampton lies about 45 minutes west of downtown Toronto, and offers a rich, diverse landscape of mostly affordable housing options, great schools, unique nightlife, and expansive greenspaces. Working for the City of Brampton is considered a boon for any job candidate looking to grow their career. 

Why it’s great: Brampton has been a city on the grow for decades. Working for the City of Brampton offers employees a rewarding work-life balance, ample benefits for raising a family, great compensation, and time off. 

Industry: Education

Employees: 14,800

About: Ranked in the top 150 universities in the world, McMaster, located in Hamilton, Ontario, has endeared itself to employees and students alike with its strong medical and engineering faculties, plus a creative culture of diversity and innovation.

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, employees are divided on the relatively small size of the campus––but more favor the intimate environment than not. Other employees praise the institute for being a top research facility with great co-workers and flexible schedules. 

Industry: Utility; Hydroelectric services

Employees: 5,850

About: Owned by the people and provincial government of British Columbia, BC Hydro is the region’s largest provider of electricity, generating and delivering to over 5 million customers. 

Why it’s great: BC Hydro publicly affirms its support of employees and their physical, mental, and financial well-being; it offers time-off programs when support is needed, plus a solid work-life balance and on-site fitness facilities. 

Industry:  Banking; Finance

Employees: 2,035

About: Canada’s national central bank, the Bank of Canada lives by the credo of promoting economic and financial welfare to Canadians in the form of financial products and services, including mortgage lending, investment opportunities, and wealth management. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, Bank of Canada staff rave about the culture and work-life balance at their company; there is also a strong emphasis on employee development and training that is equally praised.

Industry: Delivery Service; Transportation

Employees: 14,000

About: This leading logistics company––specializing in freight, packages, and mail––delivers to and from customers across Canada. Purolator was founded in 1960 and has since been mostly acquired by Canada Post, the national postal service. 

Why it’s great: Due to Purolator’s 91% ownership by Canada Post, employees are very well compensated, have exceptional benefits and vacation time, and take immense pride in their work.

Industry: Education

Employees: 10,000 

About: Located in Quebec City, Quebec, Laval University is a top-rated institution in Canada, and around the world, thanks to its accomplished faculty and global reputation as a leader in research and innovation. 

Why it’s great: Despite its location in French-speaking Quebec, Laval is a multi-disciplinary center for learning that attracts students from far and wide. Employees also demonstrate language freedom and consistently claim the campuses to be a great environment for cultural and professional development. 

Industry: Retail; Health & Lifestyle

Employees: 50,000+

About: A brand synonymous with Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart has been the destination for health, wellness, lifestyle, beauty, and food for decades. Known as Pharmaprix in Quebec, the organization has hundreds of locations across the country and employs tens of thousands at the retail and corporate levels. 

Why it’s great: Consistently deemed one of the best employers in Canada––even before it was acquired by the Loblaws grocery store chain––Shoppers Drug Mart employees report feeling valued, appreciated, fairly compensated and can work flexible, hybrid positions. 

Industry: Banking; Finance

Employees: 90,000

About: Founded in Toronto in 1955, the Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank Group is now one of the largest banks in North America, serving roughly 25 million customers, including small business owners, across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. Not only is TD recognized as a prime banking institution, but it also provides additional life services, including mortgage lending, wealth management, and insurance. 

Why it’s great: Not only is TD frequently ranked high as one of Canada’s great employers, but, according to reviews, the company’s inclusive environment, and emphasis on work-life balance and career development are highly valued. 

Industry: Entertainment (Film/Cinema)

Employees: 13,000

About: One of Canada’s strongest brands that is ubiquitous in entertainment, Cineplex Cinemas can be found throughout the country, across many locations. Their screens showcase the latest in Hollywood blockbusters and independent features––and after nearly 25 years, their name is still one of the most beloved. 

Why it’s great: According to company reviews, Cineplex employees brag about the company’s competitive wages, job flexibility, and great staff discount.

The Best Companies to Work for in Canada

There you have it! A list of the employee-friendly, and overall, best companies at which to work in Canada. As important as it is to have a meaningful and well-paying career, it is just as important to work for a company you love––one that values your contributions and dedication. Now that you know where to find Canada’s greatest employers, you should be well on your way toward securing a lifetime of professional satisfaction with Grabjobs!

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