21 Best Job Sites in Canada

Looking for a new job? Find your next job on one of the job portals listed here on our list of the Best Job Sites in Canada.
best job sites in Canada

The Canadian job market can be tricky to navigate. Between economic challenges, immigration trends, and financial uncertainty in many industries, 2023 saw a decline in job postings for Canadians. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable job sites you can visit to find your next role.

Are you looking to find a job in Canada? If so, browsing online job boards and job sites is a great way to get an idea of which companies are hiring and what they’re looking for. Perusing job sites can be more efficient than working with a recruitment agency or putting out feelers on social media to see if any of your friends’ jobs are hiring.

Not sure where to start your job search? Read on to learn about the top 21 best job sites in Canada, so you can find your dream job listing faster and get hired ASAP.

What Are the 21 Best Job Sites in Canada?

If you’re looking for the best job sites in Canada, GrabJobs ought to be the first place you look.

GrabJobs aims to make the job-seeking process as smooth, fast, and painless as possible. This mobile-first, innovation-driven platform is used by more than 5,000 companies throughout the world, so it’s easier than ever for job hunters to find businesses in their area that are hiring.

GrabJobs was recently listed as one of Singapore’s top job platforms. However, it’s used by job seekers and recruiters from all over the globe, including those who are looking for work in Canada.

In addition to being a free job search tool, GrabJobs offers a variety of impressive features, including automatic profile generation, which allows you to start applying for new jobs in less than 1 minute. GrabJobs also provides a robust career resources library, too, as well as online courses to help job seekers expand their knowledge and skill sets.

Shortlisted candidates can also have interviews scheduled for them through GrabJobs. Plus, the platform offers automated interview appointment reminders, so you never have to worry about missing an important interview.

Another one of the best job sites in Canada is Robert Half Talent Solutions. With both a mobile app and a website, Robert Half makes it easy for you to find job listings at home and on the go.

Through this platform, you’ll find thousands of listings for on-site, remote, and hybrid jobs, as well as temporary, full-time, and part-time positions. Plus, many opportunities are exclusive to the Robert Half website, so they won’t be available elsewhere

CareerBuilder is one of the largest and longest-standing online job boards.

This platform serves job seekers throughout the world, including Canada. It makes it easy for you to filter your search based on a variety of criteria, from location and job title to salary and job type (part-time, full-time, seasonal, etc.).

CareerBuilder Canada uses the power of Google AI to match job searchers with the best opportunities. Similar to GrabJobs, the platform also offers a variety of resources for those who are looking to expand their job search or sharpen their skills.

A list of great job sites in Canada wouldn’t be complete without making mention of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is known primarily as a social media platform for professionals looking to network and build connections with others in their industries–but it’s also a well-stocked, frequently-updated online job board.

Any job seeker can access LinkedIn job listings for free. However, there are also premium options for those who want to access additional search features and functions.

Eluta prides itself on being the official job search engine for Canada’s Top 100 Employers® project.

This site features listings from thousands of employers across Canada and is a great choice for locals who need help finding work. It offers direct links to employers’ job listings, too, and allows users to sign up for email notifications so they never miss out on new opportunities.

Snaphunt is a highly effective hiring platform that allows companies to find, screen, and hire people from around the globe. Employers can sign up for an account to advertise jobs on Snaphunt and gain instant access to relevant talent from a pool of over 2 million candidates, a sourcing reach of over 650 million profiles from multiple data sources across the web, and also have their job postings distributed across more than 20 job sites.

Glassdoor’s online job search services are available in many countries throughout the world, including Canada.

This platform makes it easy for you to search for jobs in your area, but it also allows users to leave reviews for companies they’ve worked for in the past. This feature helps you to gain more information on a company’s pros and cons, as well as its benefits and salary offerings.

Monster Canada is a large, well-known job site geared toward Canadian job seekers. This platform was one of the world’s first commercial sites and one of the world’s first major job search sites.

Monster Canada allows you to easily upload your resume, access networking boards, review company profiles, and more. It also scores your potential fit with a particular role based on your unique interests, skills, and experience.

SimplyHired is a robust job search site that showcases listings from all over the web in one convenient location.

SimplyHired’s listings are pulled from company career pages, other online job boards, and a variety of niche job websites. It lists openings from more than 700,000 unique employers and operates in 24 countries and 12 languages.

SimplyHired makes it easy for job hunters to narrow down their search based on location, salaries, positions, job types, and more.

Similar to SimplyHired, Google for Job collects job listings from all over the internet.

Job seekers can use the site like a search engine, just like they would use Google. All they have to do is search for key phrases like “editing jobs” or “accounting jobs.” The results will show company ratings, salary information, and other relevant details.

Google for Jobs also makes it easy for job seekers to apply online if the job seems like a good fit for them.

ZipRecruiter started as a recruitment tool for small businesses to post cost-effective job listings. Now, it’s also an online employment marketplace that serves both candidates and employers.

ZipRecruiter uses AI to help job seekers connect with businesses all across Canada. The ZipRecruiter app, in particular, is easy to use and sends notifications right after a person’s job application has been viewed.

Of all the job platforms in Canada, Canada Job Bank is one of the best options to check out, no matter which province you live in.

Canada Job Bank is the official government job bank and listings are available in both French and English. It also offers tools to help you improve your job search, including a resume builder and a free mobile app for on-the-go searching.

Another Quebec-based job site, Jobillico Canada is considered one of Canada’s best job search platforms. Over 2 million job seekers currently use it and many more have found great success with Jobillico over the years.

Jobillico Canada recently partnered with Canada Job Bank, too. This means job seekers who use this platform gain access to more job listings and will have an easier time finding a position that works for them.

Talent Egg is an excellent Canadian job site for those who are looking for paid internships, summer jobs, and entry-level roles after graduation.

Not only does Talent Egg offer a lengthy list of job openings throughout Canada, but this platform also provides a variety of career resources and training tools, all of which are designed to help applicants improve their chances of getting hired.

WOWJobs is a free job site that gathers listings from a variety of Canadian job boards, employment sites, and career sites. It’s a sophisticated yet easy-to-use platform that’s perfect for job seekers who want to conveniently access listings from a range of online sources.

If you’re looking for a teaching job or pursuing another career in the education field, Learn4Good is a great job site to check out. It features listings for jobs in more than 20 countries and makes it easy for job hunters to apply for openings directly through the platform.

Learn4Good caters to an international audience and includes a variety of listings for teaching jobs throughout Canada. It’s processed millions of job listings since 2003, and there’s a good chance your next education job could be posted here.

Workopolis is one of Canada’s leading career sites. It’s known for listing the latest jobs and allows users to search in both English and French.

Workopolis offers regular and advanced job search tools, too. If job seekers want to narrow down their hunt based on criteria like location, job type, position, company, and more, they can easily do so with Workopolis’s help.

For those who are looking for a good Canadian job site that specifically services the Toronto area, TorontoJobs is an excellent choice.

Recruiters who publish their jobs on this job board are promised the highest possible exposure to prospective candidates in the Toronto job market. So, if you want to increase your chances of being seen during your job search, make sure you’re checking out TorontoJobs.

Not only does TorontoJobs offer more visibility, but it also allows you to narrow down your search based on location, job type, keywords, and more. The platform provides lots of educational resources for job seekers as well.

Another good site to visit if you’re hoping to find jobs in Canada is Jooble.

Jooble is a simple job search engine that scours the internet to gather job listings based on your specific needs and interests. It offers customizable filters and redirects you to job sites quickly, so you don’t have to keep 20 different tabs open while you’re trying to search for a new job.

CareerJet is another simple, streamlined job site in Canada. This website includes listings for thousands of jobs throughout Canada and makes it easy for you to narrow down your search based on your location, the type of job you’re looking for, and other important filters.

CareerJet doesn’t offer all the resources and tools that some other job sites provide. However, it’s still an effective option for those who are looking to upload their resume and start applying to jobs as quickly as possible.

For those who are trying to find jobs in Canada, Jobboom is another awesome site to check out, especially if you live in Quebec.

Jobboom is known as the largest recruitment site for Quebec residents. It offers services in both of the province’s official languages (French and English) and makes it easy for job seekers to upload their resumes and apply for jobs.

Jobboom provides career guidance resources, too, including a variety of articles on self-learning, the best career paths to pursue, and more.

Check Out the Best Job Sites in Canada Today

Now that you know more about the best job sites in Canada, it’s time to start your job search.

All of these job platforms in Canada are great options to keep in mind when you’re looking for openings at companies in your area. If you want to streamline your job-seeking journey and get started right away, though, make GrabJobs your first stop.

GrabJobs is an efficient recruitment platform that connects thousands of candidates and employers around the world on a daily basis. Individuals can rely on the platform’s free job search functionalities to receive job-matching alerts and access the career resources library. They can also browse the online courses offered to build their career.

Check out GrabJobs for yourself today to see what it’s all about!

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