5 fun jobs you can do without experience

Looking for the best fun jobs you can do without experience? Find the top 5 fun jobs that don't require experience!
5 fun jobs you can do without experience

5 fun jobs you can do without experience

Whether you’re still at uni and need to top up your student bank account, or you’ve graduated and you’re wondering how to make money, finding a job can be tough.

Even if you’ve made your CV stand out from the crowd, and have a top class degree to your name, some jobs just want that little something extra: experience. And then you’re faced with the frustrating problem of how to get experience, if every job requires experience in the first place…

So, what can you do? Fortunately, there are some fun jobs that require absolutely no experience at all – and here are some of our favourites:

1. Become an extra

While you’ll almost certainly need some kind of acting experience to get a major role on TV or in the movies, the same can’t be said for becoming an extra.

Extras are the non-speaking background characters that bring a production to life, and no television show or film would be the same without them. But despite what you might think, you don’t need to be a trained actor or have an extensive filmography to enter this line of work.

In fact, becoming an extra requires absolutely no experience or qualifications. That’s not to say it’s a complete walk in the park – you’ll need to be regularly available (often at short notice), flexible and very patient, as shoots can go on for hours at all times of the day.

But if you reckon you have what it takes, you could be onto a winner, as daily pay can be around £90 or more.

2. Become a pet sitter

Missing your family pet? Or cursing the fact that you never had one? Become a pet sitter and you’ll literally get paid to look after someone else’s furry friend.

Although you don’t technically need any experience to become a pet sitter, it will help if you can prove you have some kind of affinity with animals. What’s more, you may need a DBS check and, if you’re hosting animals in your own home, an animal boarding establishment licence too.

And, while it’s not essential, you might want to consider getting some insurance to cover you if anything happens to the animal or it causes any damage to a third party or their property while in your care.

But if you happy to do all of that, you could start making well over £10 an hour by hanging out with animals.

3. Become a chocolate taster

That job you always wished you could do as a child? It’s real. Yes, you really can get paid to eat chocolate.

If you’re after a full-time role, or even a career in the chocolate industry, the chances are you’ll need some experience. But if you’re happy to live the dream for a few months, or on a part-time basis, you could become a junior chocolate taster.

Admittedly, these jobs don’t come around too often and, when they do, they’ll often have hundreds – or even thousands – of applicants. However, if you’re in generally good health, are eager to try new tastes and ingredients, and have an eye (or a tongue) for detail, you could be in luck.

4. Work at an American summer camp

If you want to get paid to travel, then look no further than American summer camps. 

Every year, camps across the USA recruit young people from abroad to work as ‘counselors’ – essentially, the people who run activities and programs, and supervise the kids throughout the day.

Working with kids isn’t for everyone, and you will have to fork out for travel and an application fee, but you should end up making a profit by the end of the summer. You can then either take that cash back home, or use it to travel around the States and the rest of North America. The world (or part of it, anyway) is your oyster!

And with zero experience required, it’s the perfect job for any student or recent graduate.

5. Start your own business

If none of the other jobs sound like your cup of tea, you could always just make your own job. That’s right – you can start your own business and become your own boss.

While experience is obviously helpful, it’s certainly not an absolute necessity when it comes to starting your own business. Nor do you need an absolutely killer or unique idea to start making money.

You could start your own by doing something as simple as upcycling or selling clothes online. These aren’t new ideas, but as there’s a big demand for them, a new small business in the space can still make money.

Exactly what you end up doing and how much money you’ll make isn’t for us to say, but the possibilities are almost endless! And remember that failure is no bad thing – even if you decide it’s not for you and apply for a more typical graduate job instead, having the experience on your CV will be invaluable.

So there you have it: five great jobs that require absolutely no experience. But don’t worry if none of them are quite your thing – there are loads more jobs that are open to anyone, so don’t be put off!

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