20 High-Paying Weekend Part Time Jobs in Malaysia

What are the highest-paying weekend part-time jobs in Malaysia? Find how you can land one of the highest-paid part-time jobs in Malaysia!
high paying weekend part time jobs in Malaysia

20 High-Paying Weekend Part Time Jobs in Malaysia

Times have been tough for a lot of people recently, no thanks to the recent pandemic, and most of us are feeling the pinch in our wallets. Whether you’ve got bills to pay, presents to buy, or just want to put aside some money for the future, a weekend part-time job might be just the thing for you. You can exercise some of your lesser-used skills and put some of your free time to good use! The incredible variety of high paying weekend part-time jobs in Malaysia available means there’s almost certainly something out there for everyone, even if you’re not a big fan of work.

Read on for more on what you should consider when looking for a job, and then a list of 20 amazing ideas for you to get started thinking about a part-time job for yourself.

What makes a good weekend part-time job?

Part-time jobs have a lot of variability because employers hire part-timers for all kinds of roles and responsibilities. In your search, you’ll almost certainly encounter a wide variety of jobs that take place in various locations, at various hours, often with a specific and straightforward set of duties. The best weekend part-time job, with all this variability, is going to be whatever works best for your schedule and aligns best with your interests. Some of the most important aspects that you might want to consider include:

  • Where does the work take place?
  • What hours can you expect to work?
  • Do you have to be physically present at work?
  • How much will you make?

What types of weekend part time jobs are there?

There are generally a few major ways of sorting part-time jobs. First, there are your typical in-store or in-office part-time positions where you’ll work fixed hours, at a fixed location, often for fixed pay at a fixed rate (whether that’s per hour, per day, or per month).

Next, you’ll probably encounter positions that are flexible on location but that require committed hours. Customer service and sales representatives are great examples of remote, fixed-schedule positions.

Last but certainly not least, there are positions that are both fully remote and fully flexible. More often than not, these tend to be high-skill vocations where you can apply specialized knowledge to produce high-quality work as a freelancer.

How to start finding a high-paying weekend part time job?

The simplest way to find a high-paying weekend job is to search online. A job portal like Grabjobs can offer you sorting and filtering options through their thousands of vacant positions so you can trim down your search to only the roles that suit your needs. For finding work that’s remote, online resources are also your best bet because chances are your employer isn’t only looking for employees in their locality. Remote jobs are most often recruited for using online resources because of the high visibility and great accessibility of these sites for employees from all over the world.

Top 20 high-paying weekend part-time jobs in Malaysia

Companies like Grab and Uber are always in need of additional drivers. As a driver, you’ll use your personal vehicle to provide transportation for customers—like a taxi service. You’ll get to decide your location, hours, and customers to some degree, so there’s a little flexibility with the role.

Skills Required: Driving, basic customer service
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: Grab, Uber, MyCar

If you’re handy with tools and know your way around some basic repairs and household maintenance, you could sell your services to people in your area. You could help people paint their houses, fix plumbing, patch holes, or put together furniture.

Skills Required: Basic mechanical skills
Expected Salary: Variable, depending on work
Companies Hiring: N/A

Bartenders generally need to be familiar with both a range of alcohols as well as know how to pour a catalogue of basic mixed drinks. You’ll also have to interact with customers and make small talk and sales, so extroversion is a bonus.

Skills Required: Bartending, conversational skills
Expected Salary: About RM 1,500 per month
Companies Hiring: Various restaurants and bars

Caddying is a fairly simple job. Generally, your main goal is to carry around a player’s set of golf clubs and perform tasks like handing them the right club, or providing basic advice about the course as an employee. At some golf courses, you might also be required to drive the customers around the course.

Skills Required: Physical strength, endurance, knowledge about golf
Expected Salary: About RM 1,500 per month
Companies Hiring: Mines Excellence Golf Resort, Fm Supplies & Services

Freelance writers produce content for clients. Most freelancers acquire their own customers as a routine part of their business. Depending on your niche as a writer, you can compose blog posts, technical guides, articles, and more.

Skills Required: Writing, client acquisition
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: Sunshine Group

Freelance graphic designers are similar to freelance writers, but you’ll be working with graphics as a medium, of course. Your clients might request that you create illustrations, social media content, logos, and more.

Skills Required: Graphic design
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: Pink Gorilla Communications, Bona Film & Culture

Customer service representatives usually handle customer complaints, feedback, and other similar issues. You’ll need to be well-versed in your company’s customer support protocols and experience handling possibly volatile customers is beneficial. Some customer service representatives work remotely, typically over the phone or through an online communication channel.

Skills Required: Customer service
Expected Salary: RM 2,000 per month
Companies Hiring: Talent Earth Management, Cmta Network

Your primary responsibilities as a web designer will be to help your clients design websites that run well, look great, and accomplish specific tasks. You might have to work with content created by other employees or freelancers and integrate it smoothly into your final design.

Skills Required: Coding, design, web development
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: CMY Audio & Visual, Lirunex Solutions

If you’re committed to the craft, blogging can prove quite lucrative in the long term. As a blogger, you’ll probably have to craft a niche website that provides great value to your visitors and then rely on advertising revenue and other methods for monetizing content. It takes time and effort to both build up your website and finds sponsors, so blogging is a venture that requires some investment.

Skills Required: Writing, design, web design
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: N/A

Tutoring is a reliable way to profit off of your unique skillset. Tutoring is also fairly flexible as you have the option to work for a tutoring centre or find your own clients. If you work for an accredited tuition centre, you might be required to have a degree.

Skills Required: Any, teaching
Expected Salary: About RM10-15 hourly
Companies Hiring: International Enrichment Centre, Angels Bud Volunteer Welfare Association

Exercising isn’t always intuitive, and people need to be taught how to exercise the right way so they can minimize injury and exercise effectively. If you know your way around some gym equipment, why not consider coaching an exercise class on the weekends?

Skills Required: Exercise know-how
Expected Salary: RM 3,000 monthly
Companies Hiring: Powerkids Tumbles Int’l

Just as it sounds, data entry involves digitizing physical documents for your company. It’s an easy but somewhat dull job that’s very often part-time because most companies don’t produce enough documents to warrant full-time data entry clerks.

Skills Required: Basic computer skills
Expected Salary: RM 1,500 per month
Companies Hiring: H&S Accounting

Virtual assistants may handle a wide variety of tasks depending on their employer. More often than not, the specifics of a virtual assistant’s job are unique to their employer’s needs and can vary from managing a schedule to making phone calls or sending emails. 

Skills Required: Various
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: Many

Delivery drivers make deliveries from companies to their clients. It’s really that simple. You’ll need to be able to drive and have a clean driving record, of course. Unlike with ridesharing, you’ll almost certainly be making deliveries in a company vehicle.

Skills Required: Driving, some logistics
Expected Salary: RM 2,000 per month
Companies Hiring: Myagogo Biz Solution

Caretakers are usually most needed on weekends because that’s when parents have time away from work to take care of other responsibilities. That’s where you come in as a caretaker/nanny/babysitter. Your primary task will of course be to watch the children and keep them safe, but you might make extra money for tutoring or helping out with other household chores.

Skills Required: Childcare
Expected Salary:  Variable
Companies Hiring: N/A

Pet sitters care for people’s pets, the same way a nanny cares for children. Depending on the animal, your responsibilities might shift but they’ll generally revolve around providing food and water, medications, and maybe exercise and play.

Skills Required: Animal care/husbandry
Expected Salary: Variable
Companies Hiring: N/A

Caregiving is not usually a weekend-only job, but you might be able to work out an arrangement with an employer about your schedule. You’ll most likely work with seniors or the disabled, helping to feed, bathe, and clothe them, and help them exercise as necessary.

Skills Required: Caregiving, Nursing
Expected Salary: RM 1,500 per month
Companies Hiring: Private Nursing Centre

Security officers are usually responsible for ensuring the security of a location. That may involve keeping out unwanted guests or maintaining order in crowded places.

Skills Required: Physical fitness
Expected Salary: RM 2,000 monthly
Companies Hiring: Sejahtera Security

Restaurants are usually at their busiest on weekends because that’s when most people go out to eat and spend time with their loved ones. As such, many restaurants find themselves short-staffed specifically at the end of the week—perfect for the weekend part-timer. You can

Skills Required: Various
Expected Salary: About RM 1,500 monthly
Companies Hiring: Various restaurants

While it’s not the most glamorous position, janitors are always in need and rarely in good supply. Many janitors work during a business’s off-hours, so if you like working alone you might enjoy it more than you think.

Skills Required: Cleaning
Expected Salary: RM 1,500 per month
Companies Hiring: Various companies

Look for High-Paying Weekend Part-Time Jobs Today

While some of the more niche part-time jobs, especially freelancing, require you to find work more creatively, the vast majority of part-time jobs are still listed by companies looking for regular, reliable employees.

For all of those jobs, a platform like Grabjobs is perfect for finding work. You can use the website to search for jobs by keyword, filter by salary, location, and type of job, and then read published descriptions about the kind of responsibilities you’ll have. To make your life even easier, you can bookmark jobs for later viewing or application and apply for multiple positions with minimal effort! Sign up with Grabjobs today, completely free.

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