20 Best Part-Time Jobs in Brazil

What are the best part-time jobs in Brazil? Read on to find out how you can upskill or plan out your career into one of them.
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20 Best Part-Time Jobs in Brazil

Part-time employees currently make up approximately one-quarter of the workforce in Brazil. Are you currently searching for a part-time job in this country?

Part-time jobs are a great option for students, as well as those who are looking to earn some extra money on the side while working full-time. Online part-time jobs and part-time remote jobs (which are more popular now than ever before) are also great fits for those who have a hard time leaving the house but still need to work (stay-at-home parents, those with disabilities, etc.). 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for online part-time jobs, easy part-time jobs, or high-paying part-time jobs. Regardless of your employment needs, this guide is the perfect resource for you. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of part-time work. You’ll also find a list of the best part-time jobs you can apply for today.

9 Benefits of Working Part-Time in Brazil

There are lots of reasons to consider working part-time in Brazil (both online part-time jobs and in-person part-time jobs). The following are some of the top benefits you can enjoy when you find a part-time job here: 

1. Make Time for Other Things

When you have a part-time job (especially an online part-time job), it’s easier for you to make time for other things that matter in your life. For example, if you have a hobby that you enjoy or play a sport in the evenings, working part-time allows you to continue doing the things you love while still earning an income.

Work is important, of course, but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Working part-time lets you have the best of both worlds.

2. Gain Work Experience

Even the most flexible part-time jobs still provide you with lots of opportunities to gain work experience and improve your skills.

If you haven’t worked a lot in the past, or if you’ve taken a long break from the workforce, working part-time is a good way to dip your toe back into the working world without getting overwhelmed. You’ll also have a chance to gain important experience and skills that you’ll be able to take with you to other jobs (including full-time positions) in the future.

3. Get a Foot in the Door

Many part-time jobs, such as part-time accounting jobs allow you to get a foot in the door at a company you’d like to work for full-time in the future.

For example, if you start working part-time as an accounting assistant, you can make a great impression on your supervisor and get to know other higher-ups at the company.

This can work in your favor when you start applying for full-time jobs later. People will already know you and your work ethic, and you may have an advantage over other applicants. 

4. Earn Extra Income

From online part-time jobs for students to in-person part-time evening jobs, all part-time work provides you with extra income.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student looking for additional cash or a full-time worker who needs a side hustle. Taking on this kind of job will help you bring in more money that you can set aside for a rainy day, use to cover surprise bills, or anything in between.

5. Keep School a Priority

If you’re a student working part-time (particularly working online part-time), it’ll be easier for you to keep your studies as a top priority. For those who need extra cash but still want to keep their grades up, part-time work is the perfect solution.

It’s important to note, too, that there are lots of flexible and remote part-time jobs out there that are perfect for students. No matter how crazy your class schedule is, you’ll still be able to fit in everything that’s important to you. 

6. Enjoy New Networking Opportunities

Part-time jobs, even part-time remote jobs, give you a chance to expand your network and connect with professionals you never would have met otherwise.

Remember, networking is one of the most important aspects of job hunting, especially when you start looking for full-time work. By building connections with professionals in your desired field, you’ll have an easier time getting recognized and landing recommendations for open positions in the future. 

7. Reduce Transportation Costs

As opposed to those working full-time, part-time workers generally don’t have to spend as much money on transportation costs.

Since they’re not driving back and forth to work every day, they can reduce spending on fuel and vehicle maintenance. This frees them up to spend their money on other things.

Keep in mind, too, that when you work part-time remotely, you get to enjoy even more savings since you won’t have a commute at all. 

8. Reduce Stress

People who work part-time, including those who have online part-time jobs for students, often have lower stress levels than those who work full-time.

When you have extra space in your schedule to do other things you want to do, it’s easier to maintain a good sense of work-life balance. This, in turn, can help you feel healthier physically and mentally, and it will reduce your chances of dealing with burnout. 

9. Improve Time Management

Finally, working part-time, from part-time evening jobs to part-time remote jobs, helps you to improve your time management skills.

No matter what kind of job you have, you’ll need to keep track of your schedule to ensure you get things done on time and don’t leave your colleagues or customers hanging. These time management skills will carry over into other parts of your life and will help you to be more organized and on top of things later.

What Are the Top 20 Part-Time Jobs in Brazil?

Now, let’s get into the best part-time jobs Brazil has to offer. From online part-time jobs and part-time jobs for students to high-paying part-time jobs and flexible part-time jobs, there are tons of great options to choose from, including these 20 positions:

Expected Salary Range: R$5K to $8.5K per month

What Do Logistics Operators Do?

If you’re looking for part-time evening jobs or other types of in-person part-time jobs, a logistics operator position is a good one to consider. Logistics operators are responsible for conferring, separating, moving, stocking, and managing the supply and availability of products.

Companies Hiring:

  • Leroy Merlin
  • SuperOpa
  • Grupo Boticário

👉 Browse Logistics Operator Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$1,170 per month

What Do Restaurant Crew Members Do?

Restaurant crew members are responsible for preparing and serving food to customers. They also take orders, keep the restaurant clean (in the front and back) and make sure everyone who enters has a positive experience.

Companies Hiring:

  • McDonald’s
  • Jobbol

👉 Browse Restaurant Crew Member Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$3,716 per month

What Do Sales Advisors Do?

Sales advisors are responsible for showcasing and promoting products to customers. They highlight all the benefits of various products and services, explain what makes them great, and encourage people to pull the trigger and make a purchase. Sales advisors may also handle other tasks like managing inventory, ringing up customers, and handling returns or exchanges.

Companies Hiring:

  • Apothecary Group
  • Shoulder
  • L’Occitane Group

👉 Browse Sales Advisor Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$5,200 per month

What Do Store Operators Do?

Whether they work full-time or part-time, store operators are responsible for keeping retail establishments running smoothly. They oversee inventory, sales, employee scheduling, customer service, and more.  

Companies Hiring:

  • Studio Z
  • Artizia

👉 Browse Store Operator Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,775 per month

What Do Customer Service Agents Do?

Customer service agents may work from home or in an office. They answer phones and emails to address customer concerns, oversee returns and exchanges, and ensure they have a positive experience so they will remain loyal to the company now and in the future. 

Companies Hiring:

  • Delta Airlines
  • BlaBlaCar

👉 Browse Customer Service Agent Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$3,850 per month

What Do Editors Do?

Editors are responsible for reviewing documents and making sure they are well-written. This includes checking for spelling and grammar errors, as well as ensuring the content flows well and achieves its desired intent. 

Companies Hiring:

  • Eurasia Group
  • +A Educação
  • Sociedade Meridional de Educação Marista
  • Brasília, DF

👉 Browse Editor Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$4,968 per month

What Do Communications and Operations Coordinators Do?

Communications and operations coordinators are responsible for creating and producing all kinds of written media, including blog posts and newsletters. They also coordinate and assist with photoshoots, video shoots, interviews, and more.

Companies Hiring:

  • NESsT Inc
  • Bruker

👉 Browse Communicators and Operations Coordinator Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,300 per month

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

Virtual assistant jobs often show up on lists of easy part-time jobs, which make them great for students and those with busy schedules. Virtual assistants handle a variety of administrative tasks remotely, including scheduling appointments, reviewing documents, and helping clients stay on top of their schedules. 

Companies Hiring:

  • SAP
  • Verint Systems

👉 Browse Virtual Assistant Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$3,850 per month

What Do Registered Nurses Do?

Registered nurses work in hospitals and clinics to help them care for patients and ensure they receive the appropriate treatment. Many registered nurses work full-time, but there are also lots of part-time positions for those who prefer a more flexible schedule.

Companies Hiring:

  • Centura Health
  • MPRO
  • International SOS

👉 Browse Registered Nurse Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$3,213 per month

What Do Data Entry Specialists Do?

Data entry specialists are responsible for inputting data from audio files, written documents, and more. These tasks help businesses to stay organized and ensure they have accurate data to present to their clients, investors, and shareholders.

Companies Hiring:

  • BairesDev
  • Plajobs.net

👉 Browse Data Entry Specialist Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,333 per month

What Do Blog Writers Do?

Blog writers are responsible for writing all kinds of blog posts for businesses’ websites. This includes how-to guides, FAQ pages, informative articles, and more. Blog writers often work remotely, too, so this is a great job option for those with busy schedules or those who don’t want to work outside of the home. 

Companies Hiring:

  • BeMo Academic Consulting
  • Suhani Pittie
  • EBAC

👉 Browse Blog Writer Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,119 per month

What Do Interns Do?

Interns are often students who work part-time to learn the ins and outs of various businesses and gain valuable experience for future full-time positions. Interns can work in a wide range of fields, from finance to education.  

Companies Hiring:

  • Philips
  • Insider
  • McKinsey and Company

👉 Browse Internships in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,640 per month

What Do Online Language Trainers Do?

Online language trainers work from home and assist students as they work to improve their language skills. Some online language trainers in Brazil teach English, whereas others teach Portuguese to foreigners.  

Companies Hiring:

  • GoCambio
  • Slang
  • Language Trainers

👉 Browse Online Language Trainer Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range:  R$2,501 per month

What Do Quality Assurance Specialists Do?

Quality assurance specialists work with various companies to ensure their products are working properly before they go to market. Many quality assurance specialists work full-time, but there are also some part-time positions in Brazil worth considering for those with busy schedules. 

Companies Hiring:

  • Technisys
  • Scandiweb

👉 Browse Quality Assurance Specialist Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,300 per month

What Do Administrative Assistants Do?

Administrative assistants, similar to virtual assistants, handle a wide range of administrative tasks for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. They oversee scheduling, filing, and phone and email communications. They sometimes handle bookkeeping duties as well.

Companies Hiring:

  • Antkins
  • Poder
  • Apofix

👉 Browse Administrative Assistant Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$1,600 per month

What Do Mentors and Tutors Do?

Mentors and tutors work with students to help them sharpen their skills and perform better in school. Most mentors and tutors specialize in a particular subject, whereas others offer more generalized services. Tutors can work remotely or in person.

Companies Hiring:

  • Aupair
  • LatinHire

👉 Browse Mentor and Tutor Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$1,240 per month

What Do ESL Teachers Do?

ESL teachers help non-English speakers learn the language so they are better prepared for international classes, international job offers, and more. Many ESL teachers work remotely, similar to online language coaches, but many teach classes in person as well. 

Companies Hiring:

  • Slang
  • EF Education First
  • Procesos Bilingues

👉 Browse ESL Teacher Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,875 per month

What Do Web Developers Do?

Web developers write and edit code to help clients create high-quality, high-performing websites. They work with clients of all kinds and may work in an office or from home on a freelance basis. This is a great part-time job for those who want to get into the tech industry one day and need to start building a portfolio.

Companies Hiring:

  • Scandiweb
  • Tameson
  • Husky

👉 Browse Web Developer Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,225 per month

What Do Interpreters Do?

Interpreters translate written documents, speeches, and more from one language to another. This is an important job with a lot of options, from freelance interpretation work to more consistent, higher-paying government positions.

Companies Hiring:

  • Homeland Language Service
  • Molzi by Brainlabs
  • Multilingual Interpreters and Translators

👉 Browse Interpreter Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Expected Salary Range: R$2,385 per month

What Do Accounting Assistants Do?

Accounting assistants work alongside accountants to help them manage clients’ funds appropriately. They assist with tax filing, budgeting, investing, and more. 

Companies Hiring:

  • OEmprego

👉 Browse Accounting Assistant Jobs in Brazil on GrabJobs

Find the Best Part-Time Jobs in Brazil Today

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for online part-time jobs in Brazil, in-person part-time jobs, part-time accounting jobs, or part-time jobs for students. There are tons of options for you to choose from.

Keep this list in mind so you can easily find the best part-time work opportunities that work for you and your schedule. If you need help finding other part-time jobs, be sure to use GrabJobs. 

This tool makes it easier than ever for you to search for part-time jobs based on a wide range of factors, from job type to experience requirements. Check it out today!

Are you interested in any of these part-time jobs in Brazil?

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