Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Romania

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Highest Paying Jobs in Romania

Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Romania

Romania’s economy is recovering from the sharp inflation spike it experienced last year. However, inflation is still relatively high (over nine percent), and people are feeling their wallets being squeezed as a result.

One way that people are keeping up with inflation is by seeking new career paths and pursuing jobs that offer higher salaries.

Are you thinking about taking this approach? If so, keep reading.

This guide to the highest-paying jobs in Romania will answer some of your most important questions, such as “What are the best-paid jobs in Bucharest?” and “How can I earn a high Romania job salary?”

What is the highest-paid job in Romania?

There are plenty of high-paying and high-demand jobs in Romania that allow you to earn far more than the average salary, which is 7,317 RON or $1563.43.

Do you need help deciding what kind of job you want to have in Romania? Here are 30 excellent options to consider.

Average Salary: 27,874 RON per month

Salary Range: 12,400-62,130 RON per month

What do chief executive officers do?

A career as a chief executive officer (CEO) will almost certainly earn you a high salary in Romania (or anywhere else in the world).

As a CEO, you are the leader of a business and all its employees. It’s up to you to make financial, product, marketing, and customer service decisions that benefit everyone.

Average Salary: 15,500 RON per month

Salary Range: 6,500-22,500 RON per month

What do IT managers do?

Do you have previous tech experience? If so, you may qualify for an IT manager position. In this role, you are responsible for managing everything related to a company’s computer and technological systems — including other members of the IT department.

Average Salary: 33,795 RON per month

Salary Range: 15,610-54,993 RON per month

What do sales directors do?

If you’re passionate about sales and great at building relationships with others, you may be a good fit for one of the highest-paying jobs in Romania — sales director.

Sales directors lead teams of sales professionals and provide the guidance and support these people need to meet or exceed their goals.

Average Salary: 19,916 RON per month

Salary Range: 9,463-31,400 RON per month

What do finance directors do?

The finance director has one of the most essential jobs in an organization — managing and overseeing the company’s money. This career offers a high salary because of the great responsibility that comes with it.

As a finance director, you will collaborate with other directors and executives, gather data on the company’s finances, and offer advice on how the business can become more profitable.

Average Salary: 8,991 RON per month

Salary Range: 4,085-14,350 RON per month

What do air traffic controllers do?

Air traffic controllers work at airports. They collaborate with pilots and other airline workers to ensure flights leave on time and can navigate the runways without colliding.

Average Salary: 14,658 RON per month

Salary Range: 7,723-22,608 RON per month

What do pilots do?

As a pilot, you can earn an average salary that is nearly double what the average Romanian makes.

This career gives you a chance to travel the world, but it also requires you to take responsibility for the aircraft you fly. For example, you must perform routine maintenance checks and ensure everything is functioning correctly before you take off.

Average Salary: 25,150 RON per month

Salary Range: 13,133-38,275 RON per month

What do judges do?

Judges have some of the highest-paying jobs in Romania because they, like many other highly-paid people on this list, have a lot of responsibility.

Judges oversee court cases and make decisions based on the information presented by attorneys and witnesses.  They have advanced legal training and years of experience that qualify them for this role.

Average Salary: 16,065 RON per month

Salary Range: 9,210-22,920 RON per month

What do IT architects do?

A career as an IT architect is another well-paid position for tech-savvy folks.

As an IT architect, you will develop solutions for business applications, infrastructures, and systems. You will also develop IT services and solutions for those organizations and help them manage important processes like security, communications, and networking.

Average Salary: 30,767 RON per month

Salary Range: 9,700-56,048 RON per month

What do marketing directors do?

A marketing director helps a company promote its products, get those promotions in front of its target audience, and generate more sales.

If you have previous marketing experience, you will likely qualify for a marketing director role at one of Romania’s many businesses.

Average Salary: 13,291 RON per month

Salary Range: 7,381-20,041 RON per month

What do supply chain managers do?

Supply chains are more complex than ever, with many companies shipping and receiving goods and materials from all over the world.

As a supply chain manager, you’re responsible for handling every aspect of a business’s supply chain, from scheduling deliveries and pickups to creating and coordinating storage systems.

Average Salary: 12,500 RON per month

Salary Range: 7,500-26,000 RON per month

What do devops engineers do?

A career as a DevOps engineer is another good choice if you want to land one of the highest-paying jobs in Romania — specifically in the tech world.

DevOps engineers do all of the building, testing, and maintaining required for software development.

Average Salary: 9,636 RON per month

Salary Range: 4,956-15,041 RON per month

What do leasing managers do?

Leasing managers work at apartment complexes and other rental properties.

As the name of the position suggests, these professionals manage everything related to renting out homes and apartments, from collecting rent to dealing with tenant questions and complaints.

Average Salary: 11,500 RON per month

Salary Range: 5,750-22,000 RON per month

What do software engineers do?

Working as a software engineer is a good way to get your foot in the door of the tech world.

As a software engineer, you design and develop software products for clients. You will also get a lot of valuable experience that you can use to move into other roles, such as a DevOps engineer position.

Average Salary: 10,500 RON per month

Salary Range: 4,000-15,500 RON per month

What do IT project managers do?

Time spent working as a software or DevOps engineer could also help you become qualified to work as an IT project manager.

IT project managers are leaders in a company’s IT department. They supervise other team members and make sure they complete projects on time without sacrificing quality or overspending.

Average Salary: 9,500 RON per month

Salary Range: 3,000-16,500 RON per month

What do cybersecurity specialists do?

If you’re passionate about cybersecurity and want to help companies stay safe from virtual threats, consider working as a cybersecurity specialist.

In this role, you will conduct regular reviews to ensure a company’s network is secure and doesn’t have any vulnerabilities that could put its data at risk.

Average Salary: 15,133 RON per month

Salary Range: 8,046-22,775 RON per month

What do chief operating officers do?

Chief operating officers are often the second-in-command to a company’s CEO. While the CEO makes big-picture decisions that are in the company’s best interests, the COO manages the day-to-day operations that keep the business and its employees on track. 

Average Salary: 11,216 RON per month

Salary Range: 5,971-16,666 RON per month

What do architects do?

A career as an architect is an excellent option for those who want to work in a creative role but also want to earn an above-average salary.

Architects design buildings and other structures, often working directly with clients to ensure their designs align with their vision.

Average Salary: 16,466 RON per month

Salary Range: 8,345-25,466 RON per month

What do construction project managers do?

Construction jobs are some of the best unskilled jobs in Romania 2023. The more experience you have in construction, the easier it is to qualify for higher-paying jobs, too, such as construction project manager positions.

As a construction project manager, you supervise construction projects and make sure tasks get done on time and according to the client’s budget.

Average Salary: 10,475 RON per month

Salary Range: 5,483-16,216 RON per month

What do therapists do?

Therapists understand that mental health is just as important as physical health, and they provide people with the resources they need to combat mental health issues like depression and anxiety. They work with clients to tackle specific challenges and help them feel better.

Average Salary:  11,858 RON per month

Salary Range: 5,510-18,525 RON per month

What do customer service managers do?

Customer service positions are also good examples of well-paid, unskilled jobs in Romania 2023.

Suppose you already have customer service experience, though. In that case, you will likely qualify for a customer service manager role, which involves supervising and coaching other customer service representatives at a particular organization.

Average Salary: 10,475 RON per month

Salary Range: 5,348-16,400 RON per month

What do engineering project managers do?

An engineering project manager is similar to a construction project manager, IT project manager, or any other type.

They are the go-to person for all questions and concerns related to a specific project and work with team members to ensure things get done correctly the first time. 

Average Salary: 16,216 RON per month

Salary Range: 7,610-25,691 RON per month

What do hotel managers do?

Hotel managers are tireless professionals who keep hotels and resorts running.

They coordinate with the heads of various teams and departments, assist with scheduling responsibilities and assignments, and work with guests to resolve issues and help them have a positive and memorable visit.

Average Salary: 10,366 RON per month

Salary Range:  5,358-16,050 RON per month

What do restaurant managers do?

A restaurant manager’s job is similar to that of a hotel manager — except they’re dealing with restaurant patrons who want to enjoy good food in a unique atmosphere. They oversee all staff to ensure that this mission gets accomplished.

Average Salary: 40,050 RON per month

Salary Range: 19,916-62,058 RON per month

What do heart transplant surgeons do?

The heart transplant surgeon role is, hands-down, one of the best-paid jobs in Bucharest and the rest of Romania.

Heart transplant surgeons are highly skilled and at the top of their field — and their salaries reflect that — because they literally hold people’s lives in their hands during operations.

Average Salary: 29,025 RON per month

Salary Range: 13,650-46,033 RON per month

What do pediatric surgeons do?

Pediatrics surgeons also hold careers with a high Romania job salary. Because pediatric surgeons work with children, they require a highly specific set of skills and must have good bedside manners. Not everyone is equipped for the job, but those who are are compensated very well.

Average Salary: 12,358 RON per month

Salary Range: 6,448-18,808 RON per month

What do human resources development managers do?

Human resources development managers are responsible for overseeing the development and training of a company’s human resources — i.e., its employees.

If you have experience in the HR world or consider yourself to be a good manager who collaborates well with others, this could be a high-paying role for you.

Average Salary: 23,475 RON per month

Salary Range: 6,404-33,133 RON per month

What do logistics managers do?

Logistics managers handle the — you guessed it — logistics surrounding delivering products from one location to another.

They make sure the delivery process is as streamlined and cost-effective as possible. They also manage tasks related to storage, information management, and quality control.

Average Salary: 13,225 RON per month

Salary Range: 7,015-19,916 RON per month

What do import/export managers do?

At first glance, an import/export manager’s job seems pretty simple. While it is straightforward, the role is anything but easy, especially when you consider all the moving parts at play when it comes to importing goods into one country and exporting them from another.

Average Salary: 14,350 RON per month

Salary Range: 7,228-21,933 RON per month

What do insurance sales directors do?

Insurance sales directors are master salespeople who specialize in insurance products and plans. They work with other sales team members and coach them on the best way to build relationships with customers and convince them to invest in insurance plans that suit their needs.

Average Salary: 12,358 RON per month

Salary Range: 6,105-19,250 RON per month

What do business intelligence consultants do?

“Business intelligence” refers to the tools and strategies used to analyze data and convert it into valuable, actionable insights.

As data analysis and collection become more important to a company’s success, the role of a business intelligence consultant will also become one of the top jobs in Romania (and the world).

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Clearly, the list of highest-paying jobs in Romania features a lot of variety. It doesn’t matter if you want to work in healthcare or sales — you can find a job that offers a high salary and lines up with your personal interests and experience.

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