Top 20 Part Time Weekend Jobs in Ireland

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Top 20 Part Time Weekend Jobs in Ireland

Top 20 Part Time Weekend Jobs in Ireland

Ireland is a proud nation of millions which happens to feature some of the highest employment rates in Europe: about 73% of the country (population: 5.033 million) is employed in some capacity, be that full, casual, or part-time. These figures are unsurprising considering that the cost of living in Ireland tends to lean higher than average. For example, a family of four, on average, can be expected to pay €3,250 per month (not including rent or mortgage payments).

Needless to say, any income stream is beneficial. But a part-time income can be just as useful.

In this article, we will tell you about the rights of part-time workers in Ireland––how much they can earn and where Irish part-timers can find employment––plus, the 20 best job titles for those looking for a casual yet rewarding weekend gig. 

How Much Does a Part-Time Job in Ireland Pay?

In Ireland, there are many individual rights afforded to people who work on a part-time basis, the consensus of which is that part-timers have the right to be treated fair and comparably to their full-time coworkers. And these rights are protected by law. 

The distinction is fairly broad: employees are considered part-time if they work fewer hours than a comparable full-time employee

In 2023, the minimum wage in the country rose to €1,909.70 per month (or about €11.30 per hour) for full-time employees. Depending on how flexible your schedule is, part-time workers can expect to earn the same hourly wage, but their monthly earnings fall around €950 – 1,000 per month.

The only workers not entitled to the minimum wage in Ireland are:

  • Those who are employed by a family member or other close relative. 
  • Those who are in a statutory apprenticeship. 
  • Those who are under the age of 20. If you are 19, you receive 90% of the national minimum wage (€10.17); 18-year-olds earn 80% (€9.04), and so on.

Part-time workers in Ireland are subject to the same tax laws as full-time employees, and they are also entitled to pensions (provided part-timers work at least 20% or more of the “normal hours” of a comparable full-time employee. Depending on the industry and the number of hours worked, there are significant benefits to working part-time hours in Ireland. Particularly, for example, The Part-Time Job Incentive (PTJI) Scheme.

Overall, part-time employment in Ireland is treated fairly and equitably and many residents––especially those who work PT for the flexibility and the extra income stream––are considered happy on the national level. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for online work-from-home jobs in Ireland. These tips can help you simplify your search and find job openings that are a good fit for you:

20 Best Part-Time/Weekend Jobs in Ireland

Top companies hiring: Superproof, Volunteer Ireland, FindTutors

Average salary: €15 – 50 per hour

Job description: Tutoring is a great supplementary gig for those looking for part-time or weekend work in Ireland. Once you’ve got a decent amount of experience and/or certification in an area of academics, you can start advertising your tutoring services online, or by posting adverts around college and university campuses. Or you can partner with one of many companies looking for skilled part-time applicants across the country. 

Top companies hiring: Deliveroo, UberEats, Buymie, What’s For Dinner? 

Average salary: €12 – 15 per hour

Job description: With popular brands like Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo on the rise in Ireland, weekend job seekers should consider looking into taking on the job of delivering food to homes and businesses. The average pay varies from provider to provider, plus there is your mode of transportation to factor in, not to mention the distance traveled. But these highly in-demand roles offer great flexibility and communication skills. 

Top companies hiring: ShoutVox, Hire Digital, Valnet

Average salary: €25 – 65 per hour

Job description: Writing effective copy is essential in this digital age and it’s a job that can easily and conveniently be done from anywhere. If you’ve got the talent and a flexible schedule, you can write content for companies or access countless online platforms that need freelance writers. The amount of money you can earn via freelance copywriting depends on a few factors. Once you’ve developed stronger writing skills, your freelance rate can increase. 

Average salary: €30 – 40 per hour

Job description: Flyer distributor is another popular part-time job in Ireland. It can be an exhausting venture as it often requires standing for long periods while disseminating various types of marketing materials, but it offers great networking opportunities and plenty of exercises and fresh air.

Top companies hiring: Hays, Irish Life Group Ltd., UPS Ireland, Morgan McKinley

Average salary: €15 – 24 per hour

Job description: Some people have a natural gift for connecting with others and know just the right words to say to sway their decision-making. If this sounds like you, a job in a call center could be a good fit. Although it does require a lot of sitting at a desk and talking on the phone, it also has flexible hours (making it perfect for a weekend gig), plus many companies offer commission rates on sales.

Top companies hiring: Scribendi, Grammarly, SlickWrite

Average salary: €15 – 20 per hour

Job description: If you enjoy reading and analyzing documents, and you’ve got exceptional proficiency in writing comprehension, language skills, and an editorial eye, then chances are you’d make a great part-time proofreader –– and there are plenty of online platforms looking to hire qualified candidates. 

Top companies hiring: WrkWrk, Sofar Sounds, Noel Group, 

Average salary: €11 – 18 per hour

Job description: There are always events happening throughout Ireland so it’s quite common to find work as an event crew member. Depending on your schedule, these types of gigs tend to be one-offs, which makes them a flexible option for job seekers who aren’t ready to commit to long-term opportunities. Aside from the decent hourly rate, event crew work is often a great opportunity for promoting products, connecting with potential customers, making sales pitches, and closing deals.

Top companies hiring: Zachary Daniels, Supermicro, Bauer Media Audio Ireland

Average salary: €22,000 per year (part-time)

Job description: Social media proficiency is a rapidly growing skill across the globe, which makes digital content creation a perfect part-time job for those looking for a seamless weekend gig. If you have a knack for creating an audience of followers online and keeping them engaged with your posts, chances are you’ll catch the attention of agencies looking for influential leaders to sell their products.

Top companies hiring: SKY Group, The Health Store, Foot Locker, Marks and Spencer

Average salary: €12 – 18 per hour

Job description: Retail jobs are quintessential low-pressure, part-time gigs that are ideal for weekend job seekers. Stores across Ireland are often looking for motivated and energetic people to welcome and assist customers, stock merchandise, clean, and organize. Working as a retail assistant often comes with a staff discount, which is a great perk. 

Top companies hiring: Duck Donuts (Dublin), Di Bruno Bros., Nando’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Average salary: €14 – 20 per hour

Job description: The foundational role of just about any sales company is the cashier. They are the ones who execute the transaction and handle payment. This makes it the perfect part-time job for those interested in learning how to manage finance while brushing up on their mathematics and calculation skills.

Top companies hiring: Dublin Business School, Radisson Blu Hotel (Limerick), Cushman & Wakefield

Average salary: €12 – 19 per hour 

Job description: Receptionist jobs are another type of low-pressure, part-time opportunity for people with flexible schedules. It mostly involves answering telephones and using digital organizational tools to make and manage schedules. It does, however, provide good pay and build interpersonal relationships. 

Top companies hiring: IKEA, BT Ireland, DHL, JYSK, UPS Ireland

Average salary: €18 – 29 per hour

Job description: While working in a warehouse is a relatively routine and repetitive job, it’s also an active one, so it’s great for people with flexible schedules who like to build with their hands while staying on their feet. A typical warehouse assistant job involves packing orders and checking items for quality, handling incoming and outgoing deliveries, and organizing stock and inventory.

Top companies hiring: Tesco, Speedy Services, EZ Living Furniture, Domino’s Pizza

Average salary: €13 – 25 per hour

Job description: Package delivery in Ireland has boomed since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In-store shopping has rebounded, but many still prefer to have their online purchases delivered to their door––which is where a flexible, part-time delivery driver can make a great deal of side-hustle money.

Top companies hiring: KPMG Ireland, Morgan McKinley, Coca-Cola, University College (Dublin)

Average salary: €22 – 40 per hour

Job description: Working part-time as an administrative assistant provides a great introduction to those who want to gradually introduce themselves to a steadier, full-time career. These pivotal roles involve performing numerous essential tasks that keep an office environment running smoothly, from keeping filing systems neat and organized to answering phones to making photocopies.

Top companies hiring: Oxfam, Unique Communications, Hays, Stripe

Average salary: €14 – 20 per hour

Job description: Companies across Ireland need telemarketers to help grow their sales figures. These jobs are perfect for part-timers because of the flexibility and limited training and experience required. If you can sell over the phone, you can expect to find work easily. 

Top companies hiring: Radisson Hotel & Spa, The Vintage Inn, The Goat Bar & Grill

Average salary: €12 – 14 per hour

Job description: One of the most popular part-time jobs for weekend job seekers, bartenders carry with them a very cool reputation among restaurant workers –– if you are of legal age and know how to craft cocktails and sling suds then this is an exciting venture wherein you will likely meet all kinds of interesting people. 

Top companies hiring: Banditos, MJ Byrne’s Irish Pub, The So Hotel Group, Lyrath Estate Hotel

Average salary: €12 – 18 per hour

Job description: Food service is one of the most popular part-time/weekend jobs in Ireland, and it’s easy to understand why. Most serving jobs don’t require experience and, if it’s a reputable place, they will provide you with foundational training. Plus, you often get to enjoy a free meal on your shift. These jobs are typically fast-paced, but the communication skills (and tips) you’ll develop make it a worthwhile option.

Top companies hiring: Telus International, Welocalize, eScribers

Average salary: €12,000 per year (part-time)

Job description: Part-time job seekers who excel at typing can find transcription work online and in various industries throughout Ireland. Transcribing does not require much creativity; candidates simply type out audio or video recordings into presentable, written documents –– making this line of work flexible enough to take on as many projects in a day or week as desired. 

Top companies hiring: Supervalu Ballymahon, Dunnes Stores, Tesco

Average salary: €11 – 16 per hour

Job description: If you enjoy an active job that keeps you on your feet for most of the day, part-time work as a supermarket helper could be right for you. Duties typically include stocking and arranging shelves, preparing tastings, bagging groceries, and assisting shoppers. Some of the benefits of this type of job are the customer service skills you’ll develop, plus teamwork and retail experience. 

Job description: Bloggers are often independently employed and work flexible, part-time hours based on their availability. Depending on the subject of your personal or business blog, you can create relevant content that speaks to people uniquely, gaining followers and even attracting companies and brands who may want to pay you to mention certain products or services on your blog. The delicate thing about blogging is that you shouldn’t blog too often, or you risk saturating your content and potentially turning off your audience.  

The Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Ireland by City

There are many different areas of Ireland where part-time jobs are in high demand. With millions of people around the world still climbing back from COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, businesses are faced with the reality of allowing employees to work remotely or a hybrid of virtual-in-person. These are some of the most populous cities in Ireland and 

  • Dublin – the nation’s capital is home to over 1,170,000 residents, many of whom have full or part-time employment. Dublin has some of the most convenient opportunities available for weekend job seekers who are highly skilled and have flexible schedules.
  • Cork – over 222,000 people call Cork home and, as such, it is the second most populated city in the country and features thousands of part-time positions available. 
  • Limerick – with a population of 94,000+, Limerick is another bustling region with part-time job openings looking to be filled.

Search for Part-Time/Weekend Jobs in Ireland

There you have it! The benefits of working part-time In Ireland –– plus, 20 job titles worth considering to earn some extra hourly cash. If you live in Ireland and are interested in finding a part-time/weekend gig of your own, check out GrabJobs and use their seamless filters to call up available part-time positions.  

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