Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Mexico

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Highest Paying Jobs in Mexico

Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Mexico

Mexico is well-known for being an affordable place to live, especially for expats from the United States, Canada, and other more affluent countries. Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, though, it’s crucial to have a job that pays well and allows you to cover all your expenses.

Not sure which job you should try to land?

In this blog, you’ll discover the top 30 highest-paying jobs in Mexico. Whether you’re on the hunt for the highest-paying jobs in Mexico without a degree, the top jobs in Mexico for foreigners, or the best jobs for expats in Mexico, you’ll find all the answers you need.

What is the highest-paid job in Mexico?

The most-paid jobs in Mexico vary significantly by industry, required training and experience, employee demand, and more. 

The list below features 30 of the highest-paying jobs in Mexico for locals, expats, those with and without college degrees, and more.

Average Salary:  106,000 MXN per month

Salary Range: 53,200-165,000 MXN per month

What do surgeons do?

Surgeons are medical doctors who have gained additional training to perform operations on patients.

All surgeons earn substantial salaries. However, those with the highest-paying jobs in Mexico are orthopedic surgeons (who work on bones, muscles, joints, etc.) and cardiovascular surgeons.

Average Salary: 92,900 MXN per month

Salary Range: 49,200-141,000 MXN per month

What do judges do?

Judges work in courtrooms and preside over legal cases of all kinds, from divorces to major corporate lawsuits.

They listen to arguments from both parties involved in a conflict and then make a decision based on the information presented.

Average Salary: 62,200 MXN per month

Salary Range: 28,600-98,900 MXN per month

What do lawyers do?

Lawyers represent people in front of a judge in court.

They act as an advocate for their client, explaining why they deserve a particular ruling, and do their best to persuade the judge to rule in their favor.

Average Salary: 62,00 MXN per month

Salary Range: 31,000-96,100 MXN per month

What do bank managers do?

A bank manager acts as the leader of a particular bank branch.

They supervise all the employees who work at that branch and make sure all the bank’s members have a positive experience and receive the support they expect.

Average Salary: 75,100 MXN per month

Salary Range: 39,000-115,000 MXN per month

What do chief executive officers do?

Chief executive officers are business professionals who lead and supervise organizations (sometimes organizations they also founded). They decide what’s best for the company, and all other leaders and executives report to them.

Average Salary: 71,300 MXN per month

Salary Range: 36,400-110,000 MXN per month

What do chief financial officers do?

A chief financial officer is one of the executives who reports to the chief executive officer. They comment on all matters related to the company’s finances. They also advise the CEO to help them make wise decisions regarding investments, layoffs, hiring, and more.

Average Salary: 97,800 MXN per month

Salary Range: 45,000-156,000 MXN per month

What do orthodontists do?

An orthodontist is a dental professional who has received extra training to straighten people’s teeth and help them manage jaw issues. For example, if someone has an overbite or underbite, even if their teeth are relatively straight, an orthodontist may still recommend braces to bring the jaw into alignment.

Average Salary: 19,000 MXN per month

Salary Range: 5,000-35,000 MXN per month

What do marketing directors do?

The marketing director at an organization supervises all other marketing team members. They also coordinate with the leaders of other teams, especially the sales team, to create marketing campaigns that best represent the company and promote the products or services to the proper audiences.

Average Salary: 56,700 MXN per month

Salary Range: 30,600-95,000 MXN per month

What do architecture managers do?

Architects design buildings and other structures, and architecture managers oversee them. 

They work with architects to ensure client needs and expectations are met. They also assist with project management and make sure architects and other team members stay on track and get things done on time.

Average Salary: 71,400 MXN per month

Salary Range: 35,000-111,000 MXN per month

What do airport services managers do?

An airport services manager has a big job — that’s why this is one of the highest-paying jobs in Mexico. They oversee all the daily activities at an airport, making sure everyone follows regulations, maintains safety, and get customers on and off their flights as efficiently as they can.

Average Salary: 56,000 MXN per month

Salary Range: 25,800-89,300 MXN per month

What do construction managers do?

A construction manager acts as a project manager on construction sites.

They supervise members of the team to ensure they’re doing their jobs correctly and efficiently. They also assist with goal-setting and progress monitoring and meet with the client to understand their expectations and ensure they’re satisfied.

Average Salary: 8,000 MXN per month

Salary Range: 6,000-13,000 MXN per month

What do psychologists do?

A psychologist cares for people’s mental health and well-being. They offer counseling in person or via video chat to help others overcome depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health problems.

Average Salary: 43,600 MXN per month

Salary Range: 23,100-66,300 MXN per month

What do customer service managers do?

Nearly every company has a customer service team, which means almost every company also has a customer service manager who supervises reps, assists with training, and keeps things running smoothly.

The customer service manager position could be a good option if you’re looking for jobs in Mexico for foreigners, speak Spanish and English, and have previous leadership experience.

Average Salary: 55,300 MXN per month

Salary Range: 29,800-83,500 MXN per month

What do operations managers do?

Operations managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a company and making sure processes and systems work efficiently and bring the business closer to meeting its goals. 

When they notice issues with these processes and systems, they also make suggestions to improve them and make them more effective.

Average Salary: 54,300 MXN per month

Salary Range: 29,300-82,000 MXN per month

What do biomedical engineering directors do?

A biomedical engineer combines the problem-solving skills of engineers with the scientific processes needed to make medical devices, equipment, or pharmaceuticals. The biomedical engineering director oversees a team of engineers and makes sure they stay on track and complete projects on time.

Average Salary: 64,500 MXN per month

Salary Range: 32,900-99,400 MXN per month

What do real estate portfolio managers do?

A portfolio manager has extensive expertise in finance and real estate.

This position is one of the most-paid jobs in Mexico because portfolio managers have such significant responsibilities. They oversee their clients’ real estate investments and help them optimize the returns they get from them.

Average Salary: 45,000 MXN per month

Salary Range: 23,400-68,900 MXN per month

What do production directors do?

A production director is similar to an operations manager.

This person creates and oversees the policies and procedures that keep a company organized and operating at maximum efficiency, especially when it comes to fulfilling orders or meeting deadlines.

Average Salary: 62,900 MXN per month

Salary Range: 32,100-96,900 MXN per month

What do hospitality directors do?

Hospitality directors manage hotels, resorts, and other, similar organizations. They collaborate with other employees to provide guests with a memorable experience. They also handle administrative tasks like training, scheduling, budgeting, etc.

Average Salary: 53,400 MXN per month

Salary Range: 27,700-81,600 MXN per month

What do chief people officers do?

Also known as a chief human resources officer, the chief people officer is the head of human resources at a business. They oversee processes related to hiring, onboarding, training, and employee engagement.

Average Salary: 52,800 MXN per month

Salary Range: 25,400-82,900 MXN per month

What do import and export managers do?

An import and export manager works for a specific organization and manages the import/export processes for that organization’s products.

They make sure the company is complying with laws and regulations and also handle tasks related to documentation and quality control. This position will quickly become one of the most popular jobs in Mexico, especially as the country’s reputation as a reliable import/export partner continues to improve.

Average Salary: 59,600 MXN per month

Salary Range: 27,400-94,700 MXN per month

What do risk management directors do?

A risk management director helps business owners and executives make informed decisions and take calculated risks. They provide insight into the potential outcomes of a specific decision and the likelihood that it will benefit the company.

This is particularly one of the highest-paying jobs in Mexico City and other major business hubs in the country.

Average Salary: 49,700 MXN per month

Salary Range: 23,900-78,100 MXN per month

What do chief information officers do?

Chief information officers manage, implement, and utilize information and computer technologies. They help a company run smoothly, meet deadlines, and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Average Salary: 32,800 MXN per month

Salary Range: 14,800-55,600 MXN per month

What do heads of public relations do?

The head of public relations at an organization or business makes sure the public sees the company in a positive light. They handle press release writing and delivery and often offer feedback on the company’s social media presence and overall public persona.

Average Salary: 59,300 MXN per month

Salary Range: 30,800-90,700 MXN per month

What do supply chain directors do?

Supply chain directors oversee all factors related to a company’s supply chain, from label creation to delivery. They make sure the supply chain is efficient and optimized.

Average Salary: 53,000 MXN per month

Salary Range: 28,100-80,600 MXN per month

What do quality control managers do?

Quality control managers often work in manufacturing and industrial positions, although they can also work in the tech field. Regardless of their industry, quality control managers test devices and oversee processes to ensure the company only puts out high-quality goods.

Average Salary: 93,700 MXN per month

Salary Range: 49,700-142,000 MXN per month

What do wholesale managers do?

Wholesale account managers create sales strategies, cooperate with buyers, keep buyers informed of sales opportunities, and collect wholesale orders from clients. They are sales professionals who specifically work for wholesale companies.

Average Salary: 78,800 MXN per month

Salary Range: 42,600-119,000 MXN per month

What do economists do?

Economists gather financial information from various sources and use it to offer advice and make predictions for the future. They may work with business owners, banks, government agencies, and many other organizations.

Average Salary: 56,500 MXN per month

Salary Range: 27,700-88,200 MXN per month

What do automotive general managers do?

An automotive general manager is responsible for managing an automotive sales company and its employees. They manage scheduling, client relations, goal-setting, and other processes that keep the business up and running.

Many automotive general managers have university degrees, but it’s not required if you have previous automotive experience. That makes this one of the highest-paying jobs in Mexico without a degree.

Average Salary: 71,300 MXN per month

Salary Range: 35,700-111,000 MXN per month

What do aviation managers do?

An aviation manager works alongside airport services managers. They specifically handle issues related to flight plans, flight schedules, maintenance, and crew management.

Average Salary: 101,476 MXN per month

Salary Range: 63,000-159,000 MXN per month

What do college deans do?

A college dean holds one of the highest positions at a university. They are responsible for all employees, from professors to administrators and students, making sure everyone is supported and has the tools they need to succeed.

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