Top 20 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Dubai

Discover the top 20 jobs in Dubai set for transformation as AI like ChatGPT becomes more integrated in different fields!
Top 20 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Dubai

Top 20 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Dubai

According to the latest data, ChatGPT — an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI — has over 100 million users worldwide, including many in the Middle East. In fact, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) claims to be the world’s first utility company to use ChatGPT to improve its offerings.

AI has arrived in Dubai, and it’s clearly not going anywhere. While this is good news for many of the city’s three million residents, it also presents threats to some of them and their jobs. After all, why would an employer pay them to do a task when ChatGPT can do it for free?

Concerns about ChatGPT and AI, more broadly, taking away jobs have risen in the last few years, and understandably so.

In this article, you’ll find answers to pressing questions like “Will ChatGPT replace jobs?” and “How many jobs will AI replace by 2030?” You’ll also learn more specific jobs ChatGPT will replace in Dubai, as well as jobs that AI can’t replace.

How Can ChatGPT Replace Jobs? The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has the potential to replace positions in numerous industries, from manufacturing to finance.

How many jobs will AI replace by 2030? One study suggests that it could replace 300 million full-time jobs by the end of the decade.

There are plenty of benefits that come with incorporating AI into various roles. However, it also comes with some downsides, both for the employees who may potentially be replaced and the customers or clients who are now being served by AI instead of actual humans.

The following are some of the most significant pros and cons of ChatGPT in the workforce:

  • Pro: ChatGPT can help to automate redundant tasks and increase productivity
  • Pro: ChatGPT can reduce errors and allow for greater accuracy
  • Pro: ChatGPT can maintain a consistent pace and produce more consistent results
  • Con: ChatGPT-produced work often lacks nuance
  • Con: ChatGPT has limited problem-solving abilities, meaning it’s not ideal for complex tasks
  • Con: ChatGPT lacks empathy, meaning it can’t fully replace human connection and communication

With these pros and cons in mind, it’s safe to say that while there are some situations in which it makes sense to use AI rather than a human employee, it may not be practical to replace human employees with chatbots entirely.

What Jobs Has AI Already Replaced?

AI is not exactly new technology (the birth of AI dates back to the 1950s), and it’s already dramatically changing the world’s work landscape. For example, one survey featuring AI replacing jobs statistics showed that half of respondents were already using ChatGPT, and 48 percent of respondents said it had replaced workers.

What jobs has AI already replaced? Here are some of the most frequently cited ones:

  • Customer support
  • Writing code
  • Copywriting
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Restaurant workers (specifically those who take orders)
  • Receptionists and personal assistants
  • Bank tellers

In many cases, companies use a combination of human workers and AI to carry out jobs like those listed above. However, some business owners may take things a step further and use AI to eliminate the need for human workers in these roles altogether.

What Are the Best Jobs AI Can't Replace?

Although there is potential for AI to replace a wide range of jobs, there are also plenty that can only be done by humans. Here are some of the top jobs that ChatGPT and other chatbots can’t replace:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): For companies to succeed long-term, they need experienced, creative, empathetic, and tenacious human beings at the helm.
  • Lawyer: Because ChatGPT and other chatbots lack empathy and emotional intelligence, they can’t make the same kinds of compelling arguments that lawyers can.
  • Marketing Manager: While AI can help marketing managers with tasks like collecting and assessing data, a human touch is still required to interpret that data, implement it into marketing campaigns, and then execute those campaigns effectively.
  • Teacher: Teachers can use AI to make their jobs easier, but the risk of them being fully replaced is low; the best teachers are empathetic and compassionate, two traits that ChatGPT doesn’t possess.
  • Doctor: Although robotics and AI are used to streamline some aspects of the healthcare profession, patients still require a human doctor’s judgment and advanced problem-solving capabilities.
  • Jobs requiring physical labor: Many positions that require physical labor, from housekeeping to landscaping, can’t be automated by ChatGPT. The same is true of jobs that require great physical dexterity.

Although AI can be used as a valuable tool in numerous settings, it can’t replace the human worker altogether. Employers need to remember this when they consider incorporating ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools into their organizations.

Top 20 Jobs ChatGPT will Replace in Dubai?

Computer programmers are responsible for writing, editing, and testing the code and scripts required for software and applications to function correctly.

  • Average Salary: AED 4,286
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT’s coding and code-reading capabilities to enhance productivity, address multiple tasks at once, and check code accuracy.

Technical writers assist with developing instruction manuals, journal articles, how-to guides, and other types of technical documentation.

  • Average Salary: AED 10,000
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to streamline the writing process, develop outlines, and assist with editing and proofreading.

A data analyst must review collected data and use it to identify solutions to specific problems. They’re also responsible for communicating their findings to company leaders and other stakeholders.

  • Average Salary: AED 12,896
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to assist with data collection, leaving more time for review and problem-solving tasks.

Graphic designers create visual materials by hand or with computer software. They assist with the layout and design of various applications, including advertisements, brochures, and magazines.

  • Average Salary: AED 12,800
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT for ideas and inspiration to break through a creative rut.

Copywriters create various types of written content for clients, from webpages and emails to blog posts and social media captions.

  • Average Salary: AED 9,000
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT for ideas and inspiration and to assist with editing and proofreading.

Legal assistants work alongside lawyers, handling tasks like processing invoices, resolving billing issues, organizing documents, and sharing information with lawyers upon request.

  • Average Salary: AED 11,200
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT and other AI tools to automate tedious tasks and create time for more detailed analysis and evaluation.

Marketing analysts are responsible for collecting and analyzing data regarding consumer behavior, the latest market trends, and competitor performance. They use that information to adjust their marketing strategies.

  • Average Salary: AED 8,805
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to assist with data collection and report creation, leaving more time for in-depth analysis.

Financial advisors provide guidance on numerous financial topics, including investment, tax planning, and estate planning.

  • Average Salary: AED 5,408
  • What to do: Automate tedious tasks with ChatGPT, resulting in more time to engage with clients and offer them personalized guidance and support.

A customer service representative is responsible for assisting customers, answering their questions, responding to complaints, and ensuring they have a positive experience.

  • Average Salary: AED 3,750
  • What to do: Use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and solve common problems, making it easier for customers experiencing more unique challenges to get in touch with a human representative.

Editors review content, looking for grammatical and spelling errors, as well as issues related to tone, flow, etc.

  • Average Salary: AED 5,000
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to handle basic editing (grammar checking), leaving more time to do stylistic reviews and make recommendations that enhance the content’s impact.

Interpreters and translators take information delivered in one language and communicate it in another so that all involved parties can understand.

  • Average Salary: AED 5,000
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT for basic translation, but use human knowledge (especially emotional intelligence) to pick up on nuances and ensure the message gets communicated accurately.

A website developer creates and maintains websites. They handle a variety of tasks, including writing and editing code, addressing bugs, and making sure the website is easy for users to navigate.

  • Average Salary: AED 14,243
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to assist with code writing and editing, creating more room for you to focus on issues like navigability and user experience.

Cashiers take orders and ring up purchases for customers at retail establishments and casual restaurants.

  • Average Salary: AED 3,250
  • What to do: Automate basic order-taking and payment-collecting processes with ChatGPT and focus on other, more human-centric tasks like answering questions or addressing special requests.

Recruiters are part of a company’s HR department. They assist with writing and sharing job ads, setting up interviews, interviewing candidates, and choosing the right fit for open positions.

  • Average Salary: AED 6,250
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT for tedious tasks like writing job ads and scheduling interviews. Doing this leaves more time for interviewing and assessing candidates.

Clinical data managers handle data collected from clinical trials. They ensure that data is collected and recorded correctly to ensure accurate conclusions can be drawn from it.

  • Average Salary: AED 14,167
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to ensure accuracy and speed up the collection process.

Data entry clerks are responsible for transferring data from paper and digital documents, as well as audio files, into a central database for others to access and review it.

  • Average Salary: AED 2,910
  • What to do: Simplify data collection with ChatGPT, making it easier to ensure information gets sent to the correct place.

An insurance underwriter evaluates applications for coverage and decides whether or not to approve them. They also determine the amount of coverage someone is eligible for and what their premiums will be.

  • Average Salary: AED 4,765
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to streamline data collection and application evaluation, allowing more time for making judgments that require a human’s critical thinking skills.

A receptionist handles various organizational tasks for an individual or company, such as scheduling appointments, answering phone calls and emails, and directing guests to the proper location.

  • Average Salary: AED 3,750
  • What to do: Automate tedious tasks with ChatGPT, leaving more time for impactful human interactions — answering complex questions, solving problems, etc.

Bookkeepers work with businesses and organizations to help them keep their finances in order. They monitor ingoing and outgoing funds, assist with tax preparation, and often handle payroll.

  • Average Salary: AED 10,000
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to help with organizational tasks or to ensure accuracy.

Order processing clerks handle phone and online orders. They communicate with customers regarding prices, shipping dates, and delays. They also handle contracts and customer questions/complaints.

  • Average Salary: AED 3,131
  • What to do: Use ChatGPT to answer frequently asked questions or collect order data, leaving more time to handle complex questions or complaints and increase overall accuracy.

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Will ChatGPT replace jobs? Yes.

There’s no getting around it. However, you don’t have to live in fear of AI’s effects on the job market in Dubai and beyond.

If you keep the information discussed above about jobs ChatGPT will replace in Dubai in mind, you’ll have an easier time navigating these impending replacements and finding new positions where you can use your skills and talents.

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