16 Highest Paying Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in Malaysia

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Highest Paying Part time Work from Home Jobs in Malaysia

16 Highest Paying Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in Malaysia

Part-time jobs are a convenient source of income for many different people. Whether you’re a student looking for some extra money or an adult who needs some extra income to put away or toward bills, there’s strong incentive for getting a part-time position. The World Bank estimates that about 12% of the working population of Malaysia has been employed part-time over the past decade or so.

Working part-time work from-home jobs in Malaysia lowers the cost of having a part-time job (commuting, attire, etc.) and makes it even more attractive, especially with a flexible schedule that allows you to slot in your extra work around other fixed time sinks (like going to school or another job full time). The difficulty in acquiring a job that is both part-time and remote is that you often need to bring your own equipment on board and have skills and experience that are applicable to remote work, since that usually involves working from a computer.

Nonetheless, there are benefits that come with working from home that just can’t be beat. A recent poll found that over 33% of Malaysians would prefer to work from home completely. 74% of employees want more flexibility when it comes to their office hours and 71% say they are more productive with a more flexible schedule. Clearly, remote work serves an important role in enabling workers to be more independent.

In this article, you’ll find some of the most common perks and downsides of working from home that you should consider before making a major career move. Besides that, you’ll find a list of the highest paying part-time work-from-home jobs in Malaysia along with links for quick access to relevant positions.

4 Benefits of Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia’s economy is quickly recovering from the effects of the 2020 pandemic, and lots of different industries are looking for workers. However, certain types of jobs are in particularly high demand right now, including the 10 listed below:

1. A better work-life balance

Working from home comes with unstated benefits. Most of us don’t realize how much time we really commit to work every day. Imagine the time you could save by not having to dress appropriately or commute. Many people reported spending more time with their families and having better control over their personal schedules. Some work-from-home jobs don’t even have fixed hours.

2. More opportunities

Working from home allows you the freedom to choose remote positions that would otherwise be impossible to accept because the commute would be too far. You can even accept jobs in other countries! Employers also recruit overseas often because it gives them access to better candidates

3. Personal freedom

For many people, their workspace in the office is adequate but not ideal for their working preferences. When you work from home, you get to have the setup that you want. You could even work out of a café or coworking space as an alternative to setting up your own station.

4. Forming better habits

Many people make small sacrifices to their personal health for work. They skip exercising or choose their meals for convenience or cost-effectiveness instead of nutritional value. Working at home allows you to prepare your own meals and develop better eating habits. Many workers discuss how they feel less stressed.

3 Challenges of Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in Malaysia

1. Poor setups

Sometimes the freedom to craft your own workstation means limited access to essential tools. Enterprise software, for example, often will not be installed on a personal device for security reasons. Some people also find it a hassle to make room for an entire workplace at home. Even a poor internet connection can be an unexpectedly large hindrance.

2. Worse communication

Nothing is better for forming long-term working relationships than continual, regular interaction. Getting that rapport when you don’t even have to see or talk to the people who work with you becomes difficult. A lot of the nuance in conversation is also lost through texts or emails, which can lead to more frequent miscommunication. It’s not uncommon for some work from homers to express loneliness or even depression.

3. Lack of privacy

If you’ve got a large family, finding somewhere to be productive can be a hassle. This tends to be especially true for parents with young children, who often demand a lot of attention. These distractions are disruptive and can be frustrating.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs to Work from Home?

Finding a part-time work from home job is typically easiest online, especially since many employers hire remotely for work from home positions in general. The assumption is also that since you will probably be working from your computer that it’s going to be a constant resource to which you turn. Even without considering remote work, many employers are moving to online job portals anyway for the sheer convenience and the massive audiences they attract in such a digital era. Grabjobs is one such fast-growing online recruitment platform that makes it extremely easy to search for remote work.

16 High Paying Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in Malaysia

Job Description: A data entry specialist is a fancy name for someone who’s typically proficient with computers, especially using spreadsheet software. The main requirements of the role are to copy data into other data banks and possibly edit it for accuracy and so on, depending on your employer’s needs.

Expected Salary: RM 1500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: E-Living Furniture

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Job Description: An administrative assistant can have a wide variety of duties that also typically revolve around computer use. Your work can vary from correcting data entry errors to helping with billing and accounting, payroll calculations, and various other jobs your employer needs. An administrative assistant is basically a catch-all for someone who helps with the administrative needs of their business.

Expected Salary: RM 1500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: Champion Group,IHB Solutions

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Job Description: As a freelance writer, you’ll create text content for your employer. Many freelance writers are paid per assignment, but others are kept on retainer, meaning they earn a fixed monthly income from that employer.

Expected Salary: Variable, dependent on the ability

Companies Hiring: VK Trend Education

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Job Description: A graphic designer is just that—someone who designs graphics. This can vary from employer to employer, but generally you’ll be creating artwork for your boss to apply to various content they create. This can take the form of logos, document design, social media, and more.

Expected Salary: RM 1500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: Ike Solutions Sdn Bhd, Print Workz, Inovix (M) Sdn Bhd

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Job Description: Most customer support staff deal with consumer complaints and attempt to either troubleshoot the problem remotely or offer an alternative resolution. Your work will typically delineate different options for you to resolve various problems as well as pathways for you to escalate issues you cannot fix.

Expected Salary: RM 2500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: CG Computers Sdn Bhd, Wingo Starr Group, Resonet Sdn Bhd

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Job Description: Fairly self-explanatory—translators translate. You’ll most likely have to translate documents for your employer, but that may branch out depending on their needs and your ability. An obvious requirement for translators is to be multilingual.

Expected Salary: Variable, depending on ability, language etc.

Companies Hiring: Odoo, Helsingin Kaupunki

👉 Browse Translator Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Most tutors work with children, but you could possibly find adults who need to learn a skill you possess. Many tutors now use telecommunication software to teach remotely, which saves them time and expenses. Your wages will probably depend on what you teach, as well as the level of your students. 

Expected Salary: Variable, dependent on the ability

Companies Hiring: Mavis Tutorial Centre Pte Ltd, Opus One Music, Kaust, Air Class

👉 Browse Tutor Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Simply put, transcriptionists convert audio (sometimes with videos) into text. While it may seem simple, transcriptionists often need to type very quickly to keep up with conversational speech and have a strong mastery of language. Transcriptionists must also be consistent about formatting and styling their work.

Expected Salary: RM 1500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: Vitreo-Retinal Associates, Nemar Realty Corp, Atlantic Health System

👉 Browse Transcriptionist Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Sales representatives pitch their company’s products to potential clients. Your responsibilities will include having a comprehensive understanding of the products, of course selling them, and typically following up with clients who rejected a purchase before.

Expected Salary: RM 3500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: VK Trend Education, CGR Agency Enterprise

👉 Browse Sales Representative Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Database administrators work intimately with computer servers. They configure databases to work with company requirements and troubleshoot problems. Depending on your employer’s needs, you’ll need experience and certifications relating to computer science.

Expected Salary: RM 4500+ monthly

Companies Hiring: Dixon Valve & Coupling Company, Metyis, Microland

👉 Browse Database Administrator Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: A social media manager is generally responsible for curating the social media profiles of your employers. This can involve creating and scheduling uploads, editing previous content, and moderating interactions with the public. As an assistant, you’d be helping with these responsibilities.

Expected Salary: RM 3000+ monthly

Companies Hiring: E-Living Furniture, Artemis Search & Partners Pte Ltd, Transcribe Guru

👉 Browse Social Media Specialist Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: An accounts assistant helps, unsurprisingly, with accounting. Most companies will require you to be certified and experienced with accounting procedures and maybe a familiarity with their accounting software. Other responsibilities may relate to invoicing and receiving payments.

Expected Salary: RM 3000+ monthly

Companies Hiring: Yijia Investment Group, Champion Group

👉 Browse Accounts Assistant Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Developers do many different tasks depending on personal ability, preference, and needs of the company. Generally, developers are in high demand because of the growing technological needs of many companies. Depending on what you’re capable of, the wages for a developer can have quite a wide range.

Expected Salary: RM 4000+

Companies Hiring: Bestinet

👉 Browse Developer Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Junior recruiters help their companies find new talent. You’ll probably work alongside an experienced recruiter and help them in developing and implementing recruitment processes. This can include advertising vacancies, screening applicants, and even final selection.

Expected Salary: RM 2500+

Companies Hiring: VK Trend Education

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Would you consider work-from-home?

Job Description: As an ecommerce assistant, your primary responsibilities will usually revolve around developing new channels for ecommerce and helping to promote the growth of your company’s online sales. Expanded responsibilities can include project analysis and supporting other involved departments like marketing.

Expected Salary: RM 2000+

Companies Hiring: Champion Group, VK Trend Education

👉 Browse Assistant Ecommerce Manager Jobs in Malaysia on GrabJobs

Job Description: Digital marketers run their company’s marketing strategies, primarily dealing with promoting and advertising their products online. As an assistant, you’ll probably be involved with primary tasks like SEO, PPC marketing, and more.

Expected Salary: RM 2000+

Companies Hiring: MS Digital Studio Sdn Bhn, Coach Foundation, Yijia Investment Group

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