The Complete Guide to Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in New Zealand

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The Complete Guide to Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in New Zealand

Over the last 2 years, New Zealand’s work landscape has gone through some major changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a survey of over 2,500 New Zealanders, prior to the pandemic, 38 per cent of employees had never worked from home, and 36 per cent had only worked from home every now and then. In the midst of the pandemic, those numbers shifted dramatically, and 92 per cent of respondents worked full-time from home. 

The ability to work from home has been a major contributor to New Zealand’s positive handling of the pandemic. Because people were able to quickly pivot to remote work, spikes in cases were more easily controlled and the country did not experience the same severe economic disruptions (although some disruptions were inevitable, of course) that many other countries suffered.

Although some workers in New Zealand have gone back to working in the office now that cases are better controlled, there has also been an increase in the number of people working remotely or looking for work from home (or WFH) jobs — including part-time WFH jobs.

If you’re part of this group and want to work part-time from home, this guide can help you find the best opportunities that align with your skills and goals.

We’ve written several guides on working in New Zealand, including this one on the highest paying jobs in the country and this one on the country’s most in-demand jobs. For insight into part-time remote work, specifically, though, stick with this guide.

Below, we break down the pros and cons of working from home, how to find part-time work from home jobs in New Zealand, and which remote jobs are the most in-demand. 

Why Should You Consider Work from Home Jobs?

The number of job vacancies (including vacancies for part-time jobs) in New Zealand increased dramatically in 2021, and this trend has continued in 2022.

If you’re currently looking for work, you have plenty of options to choose from —- some in-person, and some remote. If you fall into one of the following categories, part-time work from home jobs in New Zealand might be the best fit for you: 

University Students

New Zealand is home to 8 different universities, which serve more than 175,000 students. A lot of university students could benefit from a part-time job to help them bring in extra cash, and a remote part-time job is particularly enticing since it provides more flexibility and allows them to easily fit work in around their busy class schedules.

Full-Time Employees

More than 2.2 million New Zealanders currently work full-time. For some of these people, the salary they receive from their full-time job isn’t enough to cover all of their bills and living expenses.

If this resonates with you, picking up a part-time remote job might be a good option to increase your income. Working from allows more flexibility compared to picking up a traditional part-time job in a restaurant or retail store, too, so you can tick with your full-time schedule and do extra work when you have time. 

Single Parents

A little less than 20 per cent of New Zealand families are led by a single parent. If you are a single parent, you know how hard it can be to juggle work and caring for your children, especially if you also have to pay for daycare or a babysitter. By working part-time from home, you can save money on childcare and spend more time with your kids — without sacrificing your income. 

People with Disabilities

Approximately 25 per cent of New Zealanders have a disability that impacts their physical health, mental health, sensory perception, or ability to learn and retain information.

For some of these people, working full-time or part-time outside of the house simply isn’t an option. In fact, only 45 per cent of those with disabilities in New Zealand are employed, compared to 72 per cent of non-disabled adults. A part-time remote job allows them to still bring in an income without overexerting themselves.

Pros and Cons of Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in New Zealand

Perhaps you fall into one (or more) of the categories listed above but still feel a little iffy about working part-time from home. If this is the case for you, consider the pros and cons listed in the table below. They’ll help you decide if part-time jobs from home are the right fit for your needs and lifestyle:

Pros of Working Part-Time from Home

Cons of Working Part-Time from Home

More schedule flexibility and better work-life balance, especially for workers who have families

No face-to-face connection with co-workers, which can interfere with communication effectiveness 

More freedom to work on personal projects or handle other tasks and responsibilities 

Approximately 20 per cent of remote workers report feeling lonely or isolated

No commute or transportation costs (gas, vehicle maintenance, public transport fees, etc.)

High initial costs for some workers — especially if they have to buy their own equipment, office furniture, etc.

Fewer distractions from co-workers, which can increase productivity 

Family members and pets can be distracting if you lack proper office space and clear work-life boundaries 

Higher employee retention rates (a benefit for employers) and less time spent searching for new jobs (a benefit for employees) 



Are you interested in working from home?

How Can I Find Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in New Zealand?

Because there’s a growing demand for part-time remote workers in New Zealand, there are also lots of options for finding these job openings. Here are some of the best websites to peruse if you want to find and apply for part-time remote jobs:

GrabJobs is a free and easily navigable job search site. It allows you to apply for jobs quickly without a CV, and you can receive personalised job recommendations so you’re always in the loop about openings in your preferred field.

Thousands of employers post job ads on GrabJobs each day, and millions of people have successfully used it to find part-time remote work. You could be next if you sign up today — it only takes a couple of minutes!

SEEK is an Australian job search site, but it also features job ads from companies all over the world, including New Zealand.

If you want to search for remote part-time jobs using SEEK, all you have to do is use the search tool’s handy drop-down menus to select the types of jobs you want to find. From there, SEEK will do the rest and present the best matches for you almost instantly.  

LinkedIn is not just a social media platform for professionals. It’s also a useful job search tool that features lots of remote part-time positions for New Zealand-based job seekers.

LinkedIn is also useful because it allows you to send messages and join groups to connect with other remote workers from all over the world. This can alert you to openings you might not have heard about otherwise.

Remoters is another job search site that features lots of openings from New Zealand-based companies (and from global companies that are open to hiring New Zealanders).

Remoters is a bit simpler and less sophisticated than some of the other sites on this list. However, it’s still a good choice if you’re looking for a simple, straightforward job search site geared toward remote work opportunities.

What Part-Time Work from Home Jobs Are in Demand?

It’s safe to say that, even as COVID-19 cases start to drop, part-time remote work is here to stay in New Zealand (and in many other parts of the world). Are you more interested in looking for a part-time work from home job now?

The following are some of the part-time work from home jobs in New Zealand that are currently in demand — and will continue to be in demand in the coming years:

There are over 175,000 university students in New Zealand, and there are over 750,000 primary and secondary students throughout the country. Many of these students need help in various subjects, and an online tutor could be a great asset to them.

By meeting with these students virtually, you can help them improve their grades, prepare for tests, and gain a deeper understanding of the subjects in which you are an expert.

Approximately 82 per cent of New Zealanders and social media users, and businesses throughout the country (and the world) need help from tech-savvy people to target these potential customers.

Do you have a background in digital marketing? If so, you could work from home on a part-time or freelance basis to consult with various businesses and help them improve their digital marketing strategy.

As long as you have a computer and a strong internet connection, you can easily do your work from home.

Data entry specialists work for a variety of businesses and help them digitize their data for more secure storage and easier retrieval.

Many data entry positions can be done from home on a part-time basis. In this job, you will collect client information (often via phone or email) and then input that information into a filing system. You’ll also be responsible for reviewing that data to ensure it’s accurate.

Do you have experience with coding languages like CSS or Javascript? If so, you can likely find a part-time remote job as a web or app developer.

Lots of businesses need help from developers to create products for themselves or their clients and are willing to work with developers on a part-time or contract basis, so it’s easy to find opportunities in this field if you know where to look.

For those who want to work part-time and have a flexible schedule but are also eager to get out of the house, working as a rideshare driver may be a better fit than some of the other jobs on this list.

Companies like Uber are always looking for drivers who can help them serve clients all over New Zealand. As long as you have a reliable car and a clean driving record, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting hired and will be able to start working right away.

Are you good with numbers? Do you have experience using bookkeeping software like Quickbooks? If so, you may be able to find work as a part-time remote bookkeeper.

Lots of businesses, especially small businesses, need assistance from a bookkeeper to keep their finances under control, but they can’t afford to pay a full-time employee. Working part-time gives you flexibility and allows them to save money while still getting the help they need.

Content writers are creative professionals who write a variety of web content — including blog posts, social media posts, and marketing emails — for businesses.

Many content writers work on a freelance basis from their homes and are able to create their own flexible schedules. If you’re a skilled writer, you’ll find lots of work opportunities on freelance job sites like Fiverr and Upwork, as well as through the job sites listed in the previous section.

If you like the idea of helping others and are highly organized, a part-time remote job as a virtual executive assistant might be the right fit for you. Lots of professionals need help from an executive assistant, and the majority of their tasks can be done from home, from scheduling appointments to sending emails to clients.

These days, lots of sales representatives can do their jobs from home.

If you have a computer and a strong internet connection, there’s no reason why you can’t contact leads, explain the benefits of a product or service, and close deals over the phone or via video chat. If you want to work in the sales field but don’t want to commute to the office, start looking for part-time remote sales jobs today.

Plenty of customer service positions can also be done from home, too. After all, you can take calls, answer emails, and respond to chat messages anywhere — including your house.

For years, companies like Apple have offered home advisor jobs to workers from all over the world, and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Look into these today if this kind of job sounds interesting to you.

Transcriptionists listen to audio recordings, then transcribe what they hear into a written document. This kind of job requires a high level of precision and attention to detail, but it doesn’t necessarily require you to work in an office surrounded by other co-workers.

Lots of transcriptionist jobs can be done from home and on a part-time basis, which is great for those who need flexibility but still want to earn a consistent living.

Similar to the points about rideshare drivers made above, a job as a delivery driver is another good fit if you want to get out of the house but also want a flexible schedule.

Companies like Uber Eats allow you to set your own schedule while bringing people’s orders straight to their front doors. This is a great job if you want to be out and about but don’t necessarily want to transport passengers from place to place. 

Website testers work from home on behalf of various businesses. They evaluate the company’s website and check it for potential problems or user issues, then report those back to the business’s web design or development teams.

This is a very flexible job that also provides a lot of variety, so it’s great for those who get bored easily. 

You may be looking for part-time work because you have kids to care for. Well, lots of New Zealanders are in the same boat. Why not offer childcare services from your home?

This is a flexible, scalable job that allows you to help others, spend time with children (including your own), and bring in extra money. Consider advertising your services on to get started.

If you aren’t interested in caring for children, perhaps pet sitting is more up your alley. Give people a place to drop their pets off while they work or travel and spend time with furry friends — it’s a win-win. Become a sitter through Kiwi House Sitters today to get started.

Start Searching for Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in New Zealand Today

Now that you have more insight into the remote work options available and the most in-demand remote jobs, are you ready to move forward and start applying for positions?

Keep the information discussed above in mind and you’ll have an easy time finding the best part-time work from home jobs in New Zealand for your needs, lifestyle, and goals.

If you want to find more information on working in New Zealand, check out our existing guides on the country’s highest-paying jobs and most in-demand jobs. Then, create your own GrabJobs profile and kick off your job application journey today!

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