The Complete South Africa Salary Guide 2024

If you’re looking for a job in South Africa right now, this South Africa salary guide will teach you everything you need to know so you can choose a job that pays you what you want and deserve to earn. 
South Africa Salary Guide

In 2020, South Africa’s employment rate hit a startling low of 36.25 percent. It started to recover in 2021, rising to 38 percent and is expected to continue improving in 2022. Experts forecast an employment rate of 41.30 percent in 2022 and 43 percent in 2023.

For those who have been searching South African job sites and looking for in-demand jobs in this country, things are finally starting to look up. Before you start applying for the highest-paying jobs in South Africa, though, it’s important to have a more thorough understanding of the average salary here so you can set realistic expectations.

This South Africa salary guide will teach you everything you need to know about the average salary in South Africa, as well as the skills you need to develop to increase your chances of getting hired in 2024.

South Africa Salary Guide

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What Is The Average Salary in South Africa?

The average salary in South Africa is approximately 683,421 ZAR per year. However, the most typical salary in South Africa is 245,409 ZAR per year. 

An employee’s expected salary range in South Africa can, understandably, vary quite a bit depending on the position they hold and the amount of experience they have in a specific field. 

To help you get a better understanding of what you can expect to earn in South Africa, here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular jobs in South Africa, complete with average salary ranges, top companies hiring, and career prospects: 

What Are The Expected Salary Ranges For Jobs In South Africa?

  • Expected Salary Range: R 140K to R 550K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: Amazon, Yellow, Takealot
  • Career Prospects: The tech industry is growing rapidly in South Africa (and throughout the world), so prospects look great for developers who can help businesses grow and become more modernized.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 49K to R 237K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: Double Bloom, Wagworld, Giordano South Africa
  • Career Prospects: There will always be a need for skilled sales reps across all industries. Because of this, prospects for this career look promising now and in the future.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 180K to R 3.6M per year 
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: The Hunted, Ello Recruitment, Old Mutual South Africa
  • Career Prospects: Financial advisors can be valuable team members to businesses of all kinds, and they can also help individuals looking for investment guidance, so there’s a lot of opportunity throughout South Africa for these professionals.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 120K to R 460K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: Shotcrete Africa, Infobip, Mazars in South Africa
  • Career Prospects: As is the case for financial advisors, there’s a lot of demand for accountants who can help businesses and individuals handle their money and stay on top of everyday money management-related tasks.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 170K to R 690K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: Intercon, AECOM, Tumaini Consulting
  • Career Prospects: South Africa has growing infrastructure demands, which means there are lots of opportunities for civil engineers to contribute and make a name for themselves within the industry.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 170K to R 690K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: LCL Construction, Innovtech Projects, Ultimate Dynamic
  • Career Prospects: There’s a growing demand for construction workers to assist with various projects in South Africa. There’s also a strong need for construction managers who can oversee these teams and ensure projects are handled correctly.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 345K to R 4.1M per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: City Property Administration, Cederburg Municipality, Kheeran Group
  • Career Prospects: As more construction projects take place throughout South Africa, there will also be a stronger demand for building inspectors to ensure everything was designed and built properly, so prospects for this career look very good.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 73K to R410K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: NSC Global, Initiate International, Pro Talent
  • Career Prospects: As the economy recovers and businesses continue to grow in South Africa, recruiters will play an important role in streamlining the hiring process and helping companies find the right people for each job opening.
  • Expected Salary Range: R 130K to R 580K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: Salt South Africa, Carlysle, Magnetic Creative
  • Career Prospects: Marketing specialists will play a key role in 2022 and beyond when it comes to helping businesses expand their reach, build a bigger audience, and increase conversions. 
  • Expected Salary Range: R 59K to R 260K per year
  • Top Companies Hiring in South Africa: Amazon, Webhelp, Clickatell, Ciazcon
  • Career Prospects: Growing businesses throughout South Africa can benefit from skilled customer support specialists to help them keep customers happy and loyal, so prospects for jobs in this field look very good moving forward.

What Is the Average Salary Across Industries in South Africa in 2024?

Beyond these common careers in South Africa, you may also be interested in learning more about the expected salary range in South Africa for other professions in various industries. This table details the average salary range for several different positions:


Average Salary in South Africa


R 120K to R 460K per year

Finance Manager

R 65K to R 130K per year

Sales Manager

R 250K to R 900K per year

Business Development Manager

R 180K to R 840K per year

Chief Executive Officer

R 86K to R 260K per year

Chief Finance Officer

R 290K to R 2.5M per year

General Manager

R 120K to R 1.2M per year

Legal Assistant

R 49K to R 370K per year

Customer Service Manager

R 140K to  R 600K per year

Human Resource Manager

R 170K to R 760K per year

Construction Manager

R 450K to R 914K per year

Hospitality/Hotel Manager

R 16K to R 280K per year

Tourism/Travel Agent

R 16K to R 240K per year

IT Manager

R 180K to R 950K per year

Graphic Designer

R 78K to R 300K per year

Civil Engineer

R 170K to R 690K per year

Electrical Engineer

R 150K to R 810K per year

Mechanical Engineer

R 160K to R 720K per year

Aerospace Engineer

R 290K to R 1.5M per year

Architecture Engineer

R 379K to R 660K per year

What Else Should I Know About Salaries in South Africa?

Our South Africa salary guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t also address some frequently asked questions regarding salaries in South Africa. Discussed below are some other important matters to consider when looking for a job in this country:

What Is the Cost of Living in South Africa?

The cost of living in South Africa is quite a bit lower than it is in other parts of the world. In fact, it’s cheaper to live here than 54 percent of other countries.

However, South Africa is also the most expensive African country to live in, so those who are planning to move here from other parts of the continent should keep that in mind.

The estimated monthly expenses for a family of 4 in South Africa is R 39,884. For a single person, estimated monthly expenses are around R 20,050.

How Much Will I Pay In Income Taxes in South Africa?

Income tax rates in South Africa vary depending on one’s total income for the year. In the 2024 tax year, tax brackets will be divided as follows:

  • R 1 to R 216,200: 18 percent of taxable income
  • R 216,201 to R 337,800: R 38,916 + 26 percent of taxable income above R 216,200
  • R 337,801 to R 467,500: R 70,532 + 31 percent of taxable income above R 337,800
  • R 467,501 to R 613,600: R 110,739 + 36 percent of taxable income above R 467,500
  • R 613,601 to R 782,200: R 163,335 + 39 percent of taxable income above R 613,600
  • R 782,201 to R 1,656,600: R 229,089 + 41 percent of taxable income above R 782,200
  • R 1,656,601 and above: R 587,593 + 45 percent of taxable income above R 1,656,600

What Benefits Do South African Employers Offer?

For full-time employees, South African employers are required to provide the following benefits:

  • Unemployment insurance contributions
  • Skills development levy contributions
  • Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases

Many employers offer additional benefits, too, such as paid leave or healthcare coverage.

How Can I Work In South Africa As A Foreigner?

If you’re looking for jobs in South Africa as a foreigner, you’re likely wondering what kinds of permits you need to legally work in this country. Foreign workers in South Africa need a valid work visa.

To get a work visa, they must have first received a job offer from a potential employer. Furthermore, they cannot start working until they’ve received said visa. 

The only exception to this rule is those who receive a critical skills work visa. This visa is for those who have skills that have been deemed critical and needed in South Africa to boost the country’s economy.

South Africa Salary Guide: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our South Africa salary guide was helpful to you and will make your job search easier. Keep this information in mind so you can find options for jobs in South Africa that provide a good salary and a strong sense of security.

If you need more help finding jobs in South Africa, check out the free GrabJobs search tool. Like our salary guide tool, this feature makes it easy for you to find listings in your area that check all your boxes. Give it a try today.

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