The Ultimate List of Flexible Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

The Ultimate List of Flexible Part time Jobs in Singapore. Everything you need to know about flexible part-time jobs and more!
flexible jobs in Singapore

Businesses and their employees have been forced to quickly adapt to changing circumstances to survive this pandemic, which has influenced the availability of flexible part-time jobs. As business owners look for creative solutions to keep their doors open, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has moved to promote and update several employment strategies. Together, these can make it easier for employers and employees to legally manage wages, scheduling, and employment status.

These rules make it easier for employers to reduce working hours and spread out schedules to change how overtime pay is accrued in an attempt to provide a stable monthly income and greater job security in the long run. For the sake of employees who may now be subject to reduced hours or opportunities for overtime pay, the MOM has encouraged employers to work hard to accommodate employees who are looking to take on flexible part-time jobs in Singapore, especially as a second job.

This guide will give you some insight into the MOM’s current guidelines for flexible work schedules and how to use that knowledge in the current job market. Whether you have been affected by recent retrenchment already or are looking at your best options for the future, we have also included some of the best flexible part-time jobs in Singapore. Read on for our suggestions for flexible part-time jobs for mums, short hour part-time jobs, and day or night part-time jobs.

Which are your top 3 reasons for starting a part-time job in Singapore?

The MOM has provided several guidelines that have reshaped employment regulations in light of the pandemic. Many businesses have found that their usual traffic has been reduced or their manpower needs have shifted. As a result, the MOM has encouraged employers to apply for flexible work scheduling. By doing so, they can reduce their weekly working hours to better balance scheduling and save money, hopefully preserving as many jobs as possible.

If an employer’s plan is approved by the MOM, they can be exempted from the Employment Act requirements that dictate how overtime and holiday pay is calculated. They may also be able to change how rest days are earned for up to 2 years. According to the Employment Act, overtime work merits 1.5 times the hourly rate of pay. If an employer calls you into work on your rest day, you’ll be paid double the hourly rate. Additionally, work on a public holiday will be compensated by an extra day’s salary.

Instead, suppose the MOM grants an employer’s request for flexible scheduling. In that case, they may be allowed to compute working hours over a more extended period to establish the basis for overtime pay. Depending on the details of the scheme that an employer submits, they may also be exempted from or allowed to pay for overtime wages, rest day work, or public holiday work at a different rate than what is currently prescribed.

To get permission to implement flexible-scheduling, employees must continue to receive their basic monthly salary when they work less than their contractual hours. In one example, if business is slow, an employer might reduce the standard schedule of 44 hours per week to 40 hours per week for all employees for four work weeks. If business picks up, the employees may work more than 44 hours to meet the demand for the following four weeks of the eight-week cycle.

The hours that were reduced during the initial period would roll over into the second month. Only after employees worked up to the difference from the initial reduction would they be paid overtime. In this case, after employees work more than 16 hours over and above their typical work week, would they be paid overtime.

In another scenario provided by the MOM, employers manage to keep wages consistent by reducing the hours worked during the first four weeks of the cycle but paying for those unworked hours at the standard hourly wage. In the second four-week cycle, the workload increases significantly. Any difference accrued from additional overtime is only paid after the amount due exceeds what has already been paid at the standard hourly rate. The specifics of flexible scheduling will vary by the employer and must be approved by any unions or more than half of the employees to be approved by the MOM.

Is it Legal to Work 2 Jobs?

In many cases, yes, it is legal to work two jobs. There are two main exceptions, though. If you have an exclusive contract that prohibits you from taking on additional employment, you must get approval from your primary employer before taking on a second job. If your second job will cause a conflict of interest with your first, then you can’t take that job unless you work something out with your employer. (In addition, you should note that the Public Service has a long-standing policy of discouraging its employees from moonlighting, although there are exceptions.)

In the face of the pandemic, many businesses have cut work schedules and reduced hours in the face of the pandemic. The MOM is encouraging employers to work with their employees who are looking to take on additional work by being more understanding when it comes to the above conflicts and other concerns like scheduling.

Do I Need to Declare my Second Job?

The MOM recommends that you consult with your employer if you plan to take on a second job. This can help resolve possible conflicts like scheduling, salaries, and employee benefits so that they don’t cause problems down the line. You’ll also be required to report any earnings from your second job to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) when you file your taxes.

Do I Need my Employer's Permission for a Part-Time Job?

If your second job may conflict with your first in any way, or if your current contract prohibits you from taking on a second job, then you do need your employer’s permission to seek a second job. If either of those conditions applies, you could be in violation of your current employment contract. Even if those circumstances don’t apply to you, it is still helpful to confer with your employer. Transparency at the beginning can save time and potential frustration and help you get the most benefit from working a second job.

What Jobs Give you the Most Flexibility?

Typically, you’ll find that there are several types of jobs that offer lots of flexibility. The first kind is jobs where you’re paid by the task, like delivering food or private car hire. As an independent worker, you set your schedule by selecting the tasks that you want to fulfill as you are able to work.

Other jobs, like line cooks, baristas, or different food and beverage (F&B) positions can be physically demanding. They will all give you some flexibility, as your physical presence is required. You’re usually only involved with the surface operations of things like food prep or waitressing. Other great flexible part-time jobs in Singapore may even offer virtual options, like telemarketing or data entry for those who want the ultimate flexibility—the chance to work from home.

1 – Freelance Delivery partners with companies like Foodpanda allow you to accept jobs as you are free to take them, so scheduling is a breeze. As people continue to order in, there are plenty of openings in this area. Since you work just when you want and only when you feel like it is worth your time, these are some of Singapore’s most flexible part-time jobs. Keep in mind that this type of work can be physically taxing, but you can earn some decent income from delivering things like food or groceries.
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2 – Kitchen Crew Members listings are also quite common, with plenty of open positions. The F&B businesses that are operating offer flexible part-time jobs for baristas and crew members that may be of interest. Most pay between $8-$9 per hour. There are plenty of available options for you to find a situation that works.
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3 – Administrative Assistant / Receptionist openings can be flexible, especially if you opt to work as a virtual administrative assistant from the comfort of your home. You’ll be responsible for keeping executives or front desk operations running smoothly if you take on one of these jobs.
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4 – Call Center / Customer Service jobs are relatively short-hour part-time jobs. Choose blocks of a few hours to work either as a telemarketer or as a customer service representative. As things move online, there is a lot more variety in these positions.
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5 – Digital Marketer positions offer a great deal of flexibility, and these positions are being listed all of the time. As eCommerce expands, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative and take your marketing and sales skills online.
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What are the Most Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Mums?

Mums with children at home, mainly younger children, are often limited to working from home if they are also responsible for caring for their children. Thankfully, there are several flexible part-time jobs for mums, most of which can be done virtually. Just find time and a quiet space to work with a stable internet connection and a computer.

1 – Virtual Assistant work requires that you be really organized and capable of paying attention to detail.
Just like a physical receptionist would, you’ll need to manage lots of details and information and perform administrative tasks. Since you can work remotely, you have the power to set your schedule.
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2 – Digital Marketer positions are increasingly popular. As people worldwide continue to embrace eCommerce, demand for this skillset will continue to grow. Social media savvy, marketing know-how, and computer skills are required to enter this field.
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3 – Data Entry may not be the most trendy job on this list, but it does provide consistency.
You can expect to pull in a decent income if you can dedicate a few quiet hours to inputting data every day. Some may find it mundane, but it is a flexible opportunity in that it shouldn’t require too much thought.
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4 – Call Center / Customer Service positions are always available.
If you can schedule a few short hour blocks into your routine, then you can pull in a respectable side income.
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5 – Graphic Designers can take on tasks with deadlines that they can work towards. If you are artistically inclined, this part-time job pays very well and allows you to exercise some creativity. Similarly, web designers and other coding skills work well for stay-at-home moms if you have the talent and are willing to learn.
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Beyond those jobs, if you have any professional skills, like tax preparation knowledge, bookkeeping, or writing, consider marketing them to one or two clients. This will help you keep your skills sharp and bring in a steady side income. As your children get older, you could be well on your way to a lucrative freelance career if you want it.

What are the Best Part-Time Jobs for Students?

Students often choose to take on flexible part-time jobs in Singapore to earn some extra income. Many of these are short hour part-time job opportunities that you can fit into your schedule.

1 – Food & Beverage Jobs can be an excellent fit for students since they have the stamina to perform.
Try checking with your favorite coffeehouse or restaurant for any openings. Many offer perks like free food while you’re working, so choose wisely.
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2 – Retail Jobs in Singapore abound.
These are especially great for working on the weekend. Perhaps working for one of your favorite nearby shops will be an exciting way to bring in some part-time income.
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3 – Social Media Marketer is like a dream job for college students.
You’ll need some social media experience and to be reasonably good with computers. Depending on the job requirements, you should be able to fit these responsibilities around your class schedule without a problem.
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4 – Tutoring or other educational positions like babysitting often allow you to have a great deal of influence on your schedule. There are plenty of available offerings under this heading, like afternoon drama teachers or movement coaches, if you enjoy working with children.
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5 – Freelance Delivery partners just need a bicycle to deliver orders to nearby residences.
Pick the jobs that you want when you want to work to earn some cash.
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What Jobs Can I Do After 6pm?

If you prefer night part-time jobs, take a look at these. While some, like event jobs and promotional activities, usually occur at night or on the weekends, there are also a few jobs with even more flexibility. You can perform those tasks at any time, including after 6pm. Other night part-time jobs are just for activities that typically pick up after dark.

1 – Event Jobs are really great flexible part-time jobs in Singapore.
To work events that come to town, you’ll generally apply to work for a specific function or with a catering/promotion company. Most of these take place on the weekend or after dark, making them perfect part-time jobs after 6pm. Most pay a decent hourly wage. If you have to promote something, you might even earn additional commission.
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2 – Call Center / Customer Service opportunities abound.
There are even online chat agent representative positions that you can perform at night for countries worldwide.
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3 – Data Entry or any other virtual undertaking can be performed on your own schedule.
You’ll need some basic computer experience and the ability to stay organized and on task to do well in this position.
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4 – Freelance Delivery partners are in high demand as people continue to order things to be delivered to their homes. Food delivery services like Foodpanda tend to have peak demand around mealtimes and on weekends, so there’s plenty of work available with the dinner rush. Just select the jobs that you want to take on after dark.
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5 – Food & Beverage Jobs like bartending or line prep for dinner service can be beneficial part-time opportunities.
There are plenty of options for working with food and beverages after dark.
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Flexible part-time jobs in Singapore come in many forms. Under the current guidelines set forth by the MOM, it is possible to work a second job. Especially if your employers have chosen to seek flexible scheduling alternatives to weather the pandemic, it’s worth looking into. While not ideal for all, these flexible scheduling options are in place to help employers provide future job security and meet with significant changes in demand.

Some of the most flexible part-time jobs are in person, while others have moved online as more people move to work remotely. Students, mothers, and those looking for a second job all have plenty of options when it comes to seeking flexible part-time jobs. As you search, consider how much you’ll enjoy a given task and be sure to count the total cost of your future employment.

Factor in related expenses, like travel or equipment like a bicycle and its maintenance, determine your new part-time job’s actual value. When you’re ready, head to GrabJobs to quickly and easily sift through the hundreds of listed flexible part-time jobs to find one that will work for you and your schedule.

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