Finding A Job Made Easy

finding a job made easier

As a global recession looms over our heads, it affects the way we carry out our daily activities. Many of us are faced with an unexpected period of temporary unemployment. Some others also lost their jobs altogether. Especially businesses were unable to continue with their planned operations. And so, finding a job in this climate can be scary as is.  


As the global economy gradually attempts to pick its way back up on the charts, some are on the lookout for a new job within a different company or industry. On the other hand, fresh graduates may be wondering where they should apply to officially join the workforce. 


In addition to the uncertainty posed by the hit job market, the struggles of finding a job continues to remain. In order to help alleviate some of the pain, a new job-finding software has been gradually helping people get back into the employment game.


With over 2 million active users at this very moment, GrabJobs has made finding a job much easier for job-seekers all around the world. In this article, we will be sharing some of the key features of GrabJobs that makes the platform one of the best job portals out there!


Note to readers in Singapore:


When it comes to working in Singapore, there are certain rules and regulations stipulated by the government which individuals will have to check that they are abiding by. These are detailed on the MOM webpage here.





Should you be self-sourcing for a job opportunity and come to face any doubts, feel free to contact the employer to clear your queries. Alternatively, job seekers may also refer to the MOM webpage to ascertain which mode of work they will be taking on. 


Companies and employers should offer you the benefit of CPF contributions should you be a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident in Singapore. Be sure to clarify this point of concern with your interviewers if it is something that you are unfamiliar with!


If ever in doubt, feel free to contact the customer service of MOM through an email enquiry! Or contact them through phone at 6438 5122 to ask your questions. If everything is looking good, let’s jump right into the piece!

Feature 1: No need for a CV

Ever been frustrated with the need to update your resume and cover letter for every single job posting you see out there? The need to adapt and edit our resumes to suit what a specific employer is looking for has definitely tested our patience at one point or another. 


With GrabJobs, individuals can now apply to a job opportunity posted on the webpage without the need for a CV! Applying to a job vacancy without the need for a resume also makes the entire process much quicker. It enables you to beat out any competition with the edge of speed on your side. 


As such, being able to apply for a job opportunity without the need for a CV enables you to express your interest in the position much faster. And sometimes, the fastest fingers do really win!


That’s one way finding a job has been made easier!

Feature 2: Instant Chat interview


Should you be shortlisted for a job opportunity, one tends to worry about the next step in the job hunting process: the interview stage. There are various resources out there that share more as to how you can put up the best image of yourself at an interview. 


However, arranging your schedule around to meet the interview slot alone can cause many individuals to panic. Finding a conducive environment at the time of the interview call or video session at short notice can negatively affect your chances of securing a job.


With GrabJobs, all those worries can finally be put to rest! Once you’ve applied for a job posting on the portal, you can attend a chat interview instantly. This means you’d have been ready anyway!


You’ll be posed questions already set out by the employers or hiring managers. Your responses will have to be entered in a chat box. The results of your chat interview will be shared as soon as possible too. Something like a screening process 🙂


Plus, the platform will inform you when the employer or hiring manager is ready to contact you again.

Feature 3: Personalised Job Recommendations

Tired of job sites that alert you of every job opportunity that pops up within the field or industry that you’ve expressed your interest in? Well, GrabJobs will only send you personalised job recommendations based on your previous job applications. Relevance is key these days.


As you browse available job vacancies and make your applications with specific employers, GrabJobs will learn of your preferences and recommend similar positions that may better suit your liking. 

This will once again save you precious time while finding a job!

Feature 4: Career resources and online courses

Yet another one of GrabJobs’ distinct markers is the fact that they have a career resources and online courses page. This is dedicated specifically to the job seekers who visit their job portal. 


The career resources page is divided into 4 sections. Namely, this includes ‘How to search for jobs easily’, ‘Job interview best practices’, ‘Growing your career’ and ‘Starting a new job’.


Each of these categories share articles and other reader-friendly material that can be used by job-seekers to gain relevant knowledge. Both industry-related trends and career boosting tips are introduced to job seekers who visit GrabJobs’ career resources page. 


Interested individuals can also browse through other available reading materials under the career guides section and featured written pieces. Similarly, GrabJobs also has a site dedicated for interested job seekers to expand their skill sets. They can do so by visiting GrabJobs’ free online courses page and looking through available resources to improve their professional skills. 


Individuals can select the industry that they are interested in and afterwards, focus in on the positions that they may want to take up in the future. Specific materials are shared to shine light on how each of the position’s skill sets can be nurtured. 


Materials are shared both in written as well as video formats to enable different modes of teaching and learning styles.

To wrap things up...

With these many features to help a job seeker lock in the job of his or her dreams, GrabJobs is certainly worth a visit! Job seekers can expect to not miss a single opportunity while receiving timely updates about their applications. They can also receive automated reminders when they get invited for an interview. 


Take a look at some of the available positions that match your needs and get matched with the best job opportunities near you through GrabJobs now! 


Through the platform, you’ll be able to filter through specific industries, part-time, freelance and full-time positions too. Apply for your desired work opportunity in just one click and get interviewed on the spot via GrabJobs’s chatbot. Save yourself some precious time and lock in the job of your dreams right away!


Visit GrabJobs here to find out more information! 🙂

On the lookout for a job?

If you’re just about to begin the job hunting process, why not consider giving GrabJobs a visit?


Through the platform, you’ll be able to filter through specific industries, part-time, freelance and full-time positions too. No matter the industry or the position, remember to visit GrabJobs to find a job opportunity in Singapore easily!

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