Top 20 Weekend Jobs in The Philippines

Weekend work, endless opportunities! Discover the Top 20 Weekend Jobs in Philippines. Your perfect part-time gig awaits.
Weekend Jobs in Philippines

One of the world’s most populated countries, The Philippines is teeming with people constantly on the move. Filipinos, with their strong work ethic and commitment to family, tend to put in more than the customary 40-hour workweek that many Westerners follow. And it’s easy to understand why––what with a moderate cost of living and relatively high inflation rate, there is always money to be made in order for residents to experience the country’s fantastic culture, history, and entertainment features. 

If you live in The Philippines and you’re looking to take up a weekend job––that is, not a full-time job, and maybe something a little less flexible than a part-time opportunity––there are plenty of financial reasons to do so. But also, other benefits align with a greater work-life balance and increased workweek flexibility. For whatever your reasons, this article includes the best types of weekend jobs, from all types of industries and skillsets, that you can find in The Philippines right now.  

The Top 20 Weekend Jobs Available Right Now in The Philippines

1. Retail Sales Associate

Scope of work: The Philippines is full of retail locations––apparel, automotive, hospitality, luxury goods, you name it––and these stores need to be maintained by dedicated and knowledgeable retail assistants. While many senior-level associates work the Monday-to-Friday crowd, there are still plenty of opportunities available for those willing to tackle the busy weekends.

Salary range: PHP 800 to 3200 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, observation

2. Taxi Driver

Scope of work: In The Philippines, the increase in ride-sharing services has so saturated the market that many people are using their vehicles to become drivers themselves––it is, after all, a convenient and easy way to make a living. If you own your own car and have a weekend to spend chauffeuring people to and from appointments and events, then you can likely find work as a taxi driver, especially in the country’s major urban and metropolitan areas. Be sure to remain up to date on your licensing and registration, and are properly insured. 

Salary range: PHP 400 to 900 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, observation, social, negotiation

3. Bartender

Scope of work: Bartending work is a necessity in The Philippines. For as hard as everybody works, they also like to cool down with a drink every once and a while––usually on the weekends. This is where bartenders can make a great wage while working a flexible schedule and interacting with interesting clientele. 

Salary range: PHP 500 to 1500 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, observation, social

4. Food Delivery Driver

Scope of work: Delivery drivers in the food sector continue to be in high demand throughout Asia thanks to companies like FoodPanda and Deliveroo––apps that connect eateries with customers and has everyday people deliver the goods to their home. If you own your own vehicle (or even if you don’t: many platforms let you deliver by scooter, bicycle, or by foot) and have some weekend time to spare, you can supplement your income with some quick cash plus tips. 

Salary range: PHP 350 to 1000 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, observation, social

5. Data Entry Specialist

Scope of work: While not the most exciting of all career options available, data entry specialists are people who, simply, input numbers into graphs and charts, and spreadsheets for businesses. The work, while monotonous, can be stimulating if you choose to make it interesting and apply your collective financial knowledge in order to move the needle forward. These types of jobs are constantly being advertised in The Philippines and offer great flexibility for those with weekend availability. 

Salary range: PHP 650 to 1450 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, financial, negotiation

6. Call Center Agent

Scope of work: Call center agents are a highly valuable job in that people are always reaching out for information about a product or service. These roles are rightfully in demand throughout The Philippines, and they are very convenient since they can mostly be performed from anywhere––all you need is a script, a telephone, and a few hours free on your weekend. 

Salary range: PHP 1000 to 2800 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, social

7. Customer Service Representative

Scope of work: Many businesses in The Philippines have customer service departments that require skilled professionals to man the desks during the hectic weekend hours. These kinds of jobs need talented people who can manage the overflow of incoming telecommunication questions and give back exceptional customer assistance. If you are willing to work weekends, companies will often provide training and a competitive wage. 

Salary range: PHP 900 to 3100 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, sales, negotiation

8. Freelance Graphic Designer

Scope of work: Graphic designers with a Saturday to spare can expect a great deal of work from many of The Philippines’ brands and businesses looking to put together all types of commercial and creative visuals for print or digital. If you are a freelancer, you can expect to work as much or as little as you want, while constantly developing greater design skills.

Salary range: PHP 4500 to 6500 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, negotiation, creative, observation

9. Translator

Scope of work: This type of weekend job is readily available and highly desired in Asian-speaking countries like The Philippines. Translators can help companies navigate the nuances and communication barriers associated with foreign exchanges, especially in the financial sectors of the country’s major metropolitan areas. Being able to translate Tagalog, Cebuano, or Mandarin to English, French, and German is a skill that will take any candidate far.

Salary range: PHP 3800 to 6000 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, observation, language, teamwork

10. Barista

Scope of work: Commuters in The Philippines love their coffee. And so what better way to work with the public, while earning good money and honing communication and hospitality skills, than joining one of the country’s many coffee shops as a weekend barista? Making coffee, serving food, and performing additional administrative duties is a great job for a Saturday or Sunday––and highly in demand. 

Salary range: PHP 500 to 1500 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, observation

11. Freelance UX/UI Designer

Scope of work: UX/UI design is a powerful medium that many businesses––especially digital companies––value highly. These people help accurately and sensibly build websites and mobile apps, using the most common-sense approach to functionality. As such, these roles are very well paid. And if you operate on a freelance basis, you can set your own weekend schedule and take on as many clients as you can manage. 

Salary range: PHP 8500 to 10000 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, observation, creative

12. Flight Attendant

Scope of work: Being a nation of islands, The Philippines has a robust airline industry that is always on the lookout for flight attendants to take care of travelers both on and off the plane. While it may coincide with some weekday work, being a part-time flight attendant––responsible for ensuring the safety, comfort, and security of passengers before, during, and after flight take-off––comes with flexible schedules and great pay.

Salary range: PHP 2300 to 4800 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, observation

13. Proofreader

Scope of work: Proofreading is becoming a massively popular calling for anyone with a computer and an internet connection. There are plenty of companies in The Philippines, but even more online, looking for qualified people to review content and accurately assess the grammar, syntax, and readability of prints before they are published. If you have a weekend to spare, you can easily pick up some good money.

Salary range: PHP 1800 to 2900 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, observation, creative

14. Travel Agent

Scope of work: Some call it a dying art––others never travel anywhere without one. Travel agents are still in high demand throughout The Philippines. They remain at the top of their game in terms of knowledge and expertise about vacations, planning, tourism, and so many other industries. Many operations and positions have moved online, making them perfect opportunities for weekend jobseekers with hospitality skills in their blood. 

Salary range: PHP 900 to 2200 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, observation

15. Transcriptionist

Scope of work: No fuss, no muss. Transcriptionists are a popular job in The Philippines, and globally, due to the number of companies that require written transcriptions of audio/visual sources. If you are really adept at typing and can work seamlessly over the weekends, you’re sure to find a gig that suits your skills and schedule.

Salary range: PHP 2100 to 4500 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, observation

16. Weekend English Teacher

Scope of work: English language skills will always be a valued asset in The Philippines––especially to Filipino companies that specialize in tourism. If you have the language skills required, and the credentials, you can set up a private educational practice that specializes in weekend classes.

Salary range: PHP 4500 to 6200 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, language

17. Freelance Copywriter

Scope of work: Much like graphic designers, copywriters work together to create readable and engaging works that catch people’s eyes and convince them to buy things they might not otherwise buy. It’s a fun and challenging industry that requires expert skills and proficiencies. But once you’ve got it down pat, you can go for miles, especially as a freelancer.  

Salary range: PHP 4500 to 8000 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, creative

18. Cleaner

Scope of work: In The Philippines, cleaners are essential to the maintenance of homes and buildings––so much so that just about every home and building in the country has one. Or needs one. A weekend cleaning gig means using your time to scrub, polish, launder, wash, and dry. No experience is rarely if ever, needed and the pay can often be expected on the same day. 

Salary range: PHP 600 to 1200 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, negotiation, observation

19. Restaurant Server

Scope of work: A serving job in a restaurant is one of the quickest and easiest finds for a weekend job seeker in The Philippines. And it’s easy to see why: hospitality work comes with paid training, flexible hours, and the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills by interacting with interesting people––all while earning a decent wage + tips by taking orders and bringing food to the table.  

Salary range: PHP 700 to 1800 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, observation, social

20. Content Creator

Scope of work: A relatively new industry that is popping up all over the world, content creators in The Philippines can expect to earn great money on the weekends simply by creating content (video is usually the most popular) that connects with their audience of followers. YouTubers who post video blogs about their favorite local restaurants or shopping neighborhoods, or live streamers who play video games to an audience, even mukbang and ASMR creators can reap big rewards for the output of their creativity. 

Salary range: PHP 5000 to 7000 per hour

Skills required: Communication, time management, teamwork, social, languages

There you have it! The top 20 weekend jobs available in The Philippines right now. Whatever industry you choose to pursue, there are many convenient Saturday and Sunday options available––all of which help to contribute to an existing full-time income, which is invaluable in areas like Manila or Luzon. Now that you have a solid understanding of the types of weekend jobs available throughout the country, including salary range and the skills required, you should be able to source your own outlet and start earning. 

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