Learn How to be an Excellent Service Crew

Common Tasks of a Food Service Crew​

Are you planning to apply for a job as a service crew? Then it is only necessary for you to know that one of the most important things that can make or break a restaurant business is actually the efficiency of its food service crew members.

Top 5 Service Crew Interview Questions Answered

Service Crew Representatives are well-equipped with good communication and problem-solving skills. They are the heart of the company. Therefore, you’ll need to demonstrate passion for this role.

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Success Story

Photo (c) mcdonalds.com.ph

The Girl that Learned at the Job and Worked Hard in School

Cherry Toledo came from a broken family in Cebu. When she was told that her aunt could no longer continue supporting her education because of other financial responsibilities, Cherry had no choice but to earn for herself so she could finish her schooling. While eating at McDonald’s, she found an ad looking for part-time employees. Cherry applied, knowing that McDonald’s would fit all her needs, especially as a working student.   

From just thinking of a job as a means to earn money, to realizing it was an extension of school where she could learn so much, Cherry grew as a person at McDonald’s in more ways than she could have expected. 

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