20 best reddit personal finance threads

20 Best Reddit Personal Finance Threads to Follow

What better way to grow in your personal finance knowledge than checking out advice on the 20 best reddit personal finance threads to follow!

Reddit has become one of the largest hubs for people to connect, ask questions, and share advice. And when it comes to personal finance, you can find endless discussions to join and learn from. Ready to improve your finances? Here are the top 20 best Reddit personal finance threads for you to check out.

The best way to achieve your goals is to surround yourself with like-minded people. If you can’t find any of those people in your daily life, you can find them online. Especially in places like Reddit.

Top 20 Best Reddit Personal Finance Threads

  • Created February 9th, 2009
  • 6 Million Members
  • Topics: All Personal Finance Topics

Why you should follow it: This mega subreddit is one of the biggest personal finance threads. It covers a ton of topics, including budgeting, insurance, investing, mortgages, and more. This subreddit even has its own Wiki page, which links to popular threads on the most commonly asked about personal finance topics.

  • Created October 3, 2012
  • 149k Members
  • Topics: Passive Income Ideas

Why you should follow it: If you’re interested in earning passive income, this is the subreddit for you and one of the best Reddit personal finance threads to follow. Topics include all passive income ideas – everything from investment strategy to passive online businesses are discussed.

  • Created March 28th, 2018
  • 733k Members
  • Topics: Personal Finance for the Financially Challenged

Why you should follow it: If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t have enough money to follow conventional personal finance advice, this thread is for you. In this subreddit, you can openly ask any questions about personal finance, and you’ll read inspiring stories like how one user went from $16 per hour to earning over $80k in a year.

  • Created November 10th, 2011
  • 901k Members
  • Topics: Early Retirement and Investing

Why you should follow it: If you’ve ever thought about retiring well before the traditional retirement age, this subreddit is for you. Members can ask questions about investing and strategies to achieve retirement by an early age. You’ll also be inspired by the stories of those who have accomplished early retirement in this personal finance thread. 

  • Created April 20th, 2009
  • 224k Members
  • Topics: General Personal Finance

Why you should follow it: If you’re just getting started in your financial journey, this subreddit gives you a place to ask questions and chime in on conversations. Topics covered are pretty general and include planning, frugality, personal finance, and more.

  • Created March 14th, 2009
  • 129k Members
  • Topics: Tax News and Discussion

Why you should follow it: This is a great subreddit for anyone who wants to learn about tax laws or tax planning. And since about everyone under the sun pays taxes, there’s something to be learned here. If you’re trying to lower the amount of money you pay in income taxes, you’ll find this subreddit especially important.

  • Created September 14th, 2008
  • 393k Members
  • Topics: Paying Credit Cards and Earning Credit Card Rewards

Why you should follow it: Have you ever wondered which credit cards have the best rewards and how to maximize them? If so, you’ll enjoy this subreddit. You can learn about which cards have the biggest bonuses and get basic questions answered, like why it’s so important to pay off your credit card balances.

  • Created April 19th, 2010
  • 105k Members
  • Topics: Getting and Paying Off Student Loans

Why you should follow it: Whether you have a student loan or plan on getting one, this subreddit is full of wisdom. Under this personal finance thread, find advice on paying back student loans, understanding federal versus private loans, and watching out for scams. From time to time, you’ll even get to read inspiring success stories from people who are now student debt free.

  • Created October 4th, 2008
  • 712k Members
  • Topics: Investing in All Kinds of Real Estate

Why you should follow it: If you’ve ever thought of investing in real estate of any kind, you’ll like the discussions found in this subreddit. Users ask questions about working with partners, finding loans, renting properties, and more.

  • Created March 3rd, 2008
  • 8 Million Members
  • Topics: Finding Ways to Spend Less and Waste Less

Why you should follow it: If you need to find ways to cut back on spending, the Frugal subreddit is what you need for inspiration and solid advice. You can learn about spending less on food, reusing household objects, and saving money on everyday expenses.

  • Created July 2nd, 2015
  • 33k Members
  • Topics: Preventing Homelessness

Why you should follow it: If you’re feeling down on your luck and have lost a place to live or have come close to it, you can find support and advice in this group. Members in the group discuss finding affordable places to live and making the most of their current situations.

  • Created October 16th, 2019
  • 23k Members
  • Topics: All Personal Finance Topics

Why you should follow it: You’ll like this thread if you consider yourself middle class but want to get ahead. Commonly discussed topics are investing on a middle-class income, housing costs, and budgeting. Some users also share their success stories which can be very motivating.

  • Created March 11th, 2013
  • 8m Members
  • Topics: CryptoCurrency News and Discussion

Why you should follow it: This subreddit is not for everyone. However, if you’re interested in learning about, analyzing, or investing in cryptocurrency, you need to be in this group. You can learn about the values of different cryptocurrencies and why some are more popular than others.

  • Created March 4th, 2011
  • 188k Members
  • Topics: Careers in the Financial Sector

Why you should follow it: If you’ve ever dreamed of having a career in the financial sectors,you’ll find loads of helpful advice on this subreddit. You’ll also get to read advice on what classes to take at University, what working in certain fields is like, and how to prepare for job interviews.

  • Created October 14th, 2015
  • 8k Members
  • Topics: Personal Finance Tools

Why you should follow it: If you ever wondered what the best tool is for tracking debt, creating a budget, finding housing, or anything else related to money, wonder no more. This subreddit is full of the best recommendations for personal finance tools that can transform your money and life.

  • Created January 1st, 2014
  • 3k Members
  • Topics: For Students Studying Finance

Why you should follow it: While a user created this subreddit for students in the finance sector, it contains advice that ranges from getting a good credit score to doing well on college finance assignments. This is a great thread to join if you’re currently a finance student or you’re a high schooler with hopes of becoming a finance student.

  • Created June 26th, 2015
  • 197k Members
  • Topics: Financial Independence for Minimalists of Stoics

Why you should follow it: The FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement is huge, so it’s no wonder that there are FIRE groups with a more niche outlook. This group is for those who are looking to achieve FIRE but live a non-consumerist life.

  • Created January 28th, 2012
  • 9k Members
  • Topics: Investing and Retiring with Confidence

Why you should follow it: Retirement is something that everyone needs to plan for – even if you don’t have dreams of retiring at 40. If you have questions about the types of retirement plans, how much money you need to save, or what investments are, this group is for you.

Why you should follow it: If you’ve ever wanted to learn from or ask a question to a real economist, join this group. You’ll learn about the latest news from the perspective of economists.

  • August 28th, 2013
  • 44k Members
  • Topics: Creative Ways to Earn Extra Money

Why you should follow it: If you’re not earning enough at your day job or are interested in starting a side business, this is the subreddit for you. This is one of the best Reddit personal finance threads to follow if you want to increase your income. There are hundreds of different ways to earn money discussed in this community. You’ll also gain inspiration from stories of successful side hustlers.

Top 5 Best Personal Finance Advice Found on Reddit


“I made a spreadsheet for people who don’t know how to budget.”

Budgeting is the key to financial success. After all, without budgeting, you wouldn’t have leftover money to save, pay down debt, or invest. One Reddit user took it upon himself to create a simple budget spreadsheet that everyone could use.

Here’s a little bit more of what they had to say:

“I grew up very poor and had NO sense of what or even HOW to start budgeting. I was taught that money would disappear if I didn’t use it, so I just USED it. Even now, I still feel anxiety about money and can spend recklessly if I’m not careful.”


“Stop spending money on food! – Buy a crockpot.”

This Reddit user was sick of wasting money on food, so they found a way to curb the food budget and encourage others to do the same.

“How do I stop eating out??? Fast food is soooo good! And cooking is soooo hard! Well, first off, not really–you’re just attuned to that garbage ‘food’. You’re going to break free of both these stereotypes and someone has already invented it…..

Crockpot. It’s the crockpot. Crockpot.”

Side Hustling

“Strange side hustles. I resell bras fulltime on Amazon.”

Sometimes the most profitable side hustles are the most unconventional. That was true for this Reddit member who turned his side hustle of flipping bras into a full-time gig. In this thread he allows users to ask him anything.

Financial Independence

“The definition of rich is having greater passive income than you burn.”

If you’re looking for a helpful definition of rich, this is the one. When your passive income is more significant than what you need to live, you’ve officially made it.

Here are some other nuggets of wisdom from this thread:

“My dad and his wife receive about $50,000 a year from dividends, pension, and Social Security, and spend $40,000 a year. They are rich.”


“For everyone shopping on Amazon Prime day, “savings” from sales aren’t savings unless you were already planning on buying.”

Ouch. Sometimes the truth hurts. This serves as a helpful reminder, though – if you weren’t planning on buying an item, a sale doesn’t save you money, it costs you money.

Top 10 Most Popular Reddit Personal Finance Threads/Posts in 2021

  • 2k votes

This thread has gained a lot of popularity, even though the title is misleading. The poster initially thought someone had stolen his card and purchased $2,214 worth of food at Wendy’s from April to August 2019. In reality, it was Mint incorrectly categorizing his cash app payments made to a friend named Wendy as a fast-food purchase. Oops.

Top comment:

  • 16k votes

No matter what you’re trying to learn, you can find it on Khan Academy. They cover budgeting, saving, retirement, and more.

Top comment:

  • 2k votes

After the pandemic hit, this Reddit user thought they’d be stuck with their Costco fitness pass after using it for only five months before gyms were shut down. To their surprise, Costco graciously gave them a refund.

Moral of the story: it never hurts to ask!

Top Comments:

  • 12k votes

This Reddit user shares the story of how she and her mother went to Best Buy to purchase a TV. The associate to told her that the computers were down and she’d have to pay via Paypal. Later that day, it was discovered the employee was running a scam.

Top comment:

  • 7k votes

Great advice for young adults. This user advocates for young people to have their own bank account so their money is protected from their parents. Even if you’re not worried about that, having your own bank account is a great first step into adulthood.

Top comment:

  • 3k votes

Great question. Most people would agree that this is very hard to do but not outright impossible. The poster explains his situation and how he’s stuck in a low-paying job due to a previous felony conviction. Luckily, the Reddit community bands together with tons of solid advice and encouragement.

Top comment:

  • 8k votes

This former student shares the nightmare of checking paid off student loans to find that several of them now show balances. The commenters share tips for what to do when your loans are paid off so that you have proof when something like this happens.

Top comment:

  • 7k votes

This user made the mistake of maxing out their Roth IRA two years in a row without actually investing the money. Judging by the comments, this is a very common mistake and a reminder that if you have a Roth IRA, you need to allocate your funds after putting money into the account.

Top comment:

    • 6k votes

    Yikes. This user logged into the social security website and found out that his employer hasn’t paid any social security taxes for more than two years. The original poster started looking for another job pronto.

    Top comment:

  • 3k votes

Eminent domain is when the government takes private land for public use, essentially forcing you to sell the land you own. This user shares their experience and all the steps it took to go from negotiation to sale.

Top comment:


If you want to improve your financial situation, these top 20 best Reddit personal finance threads are a great place to get your questions answered and to seek inspiration. No matter where you’re currently at in your journey, you can find a group of like-minded individuals to connect with.

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