What are the best jobs for 15-year-olds in Australia?

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best jobs for 15-year-olds in Australia

What are the best jobs for 15-year-olds in Australia?

While the first job you hold in your teens may not be the start of a career, it has great potential and will add to a lot to your professional and social development. 

As a youngster in Australia, you might be tempted to get a job for any number of reasons. Getting a job in your teens has been a long standing tradition in many countries, helping youngsters get a sense of adult-life and learn important life skills at a young age. It’s a great way to start making some money to get financial independence, and it’s definitely the smart thing to get your foot in the door, if you already have vested interest in a field. 

Regardless of the reasons, getting a job at 15 has its benefits. But what jobs can a 15 year old in Australia do?! Which jobs are likely to pay well and which ones will get you the most experience? In this article, we’ve covered all that and more about best jobs for 15-year-olds in Australia.

5 Benefits of Starting a Job at 15-years-old in Australia

As long as it’s in accordance with the state regulations, having a job at 15 can prove to be beneficial. 

1. Earning money and managing it

This is often the most obvious benefit, especially for teens. Teenagers get a tangible reward for all their hard work by having their own money. They learn valuable lessons about money management, from saving to spending, and understanding how to handle their finances. 

2. Empowerment and Independence

 They’ll feel more empowered and independent when they start earning. Financial independence, of even a small degree, instills confidence in children and allows them to see themselves as empowered individuals. Being able to choose what to spend their income on is empowering and also teaches them to rely on their own judgment. 

3. Life-skills

Children learn important life skills such as organization skills, time-management skills, and attention to detail, three life skills that are not only important to succeed in a job, but also in life.  They learn how to work in a team and improve communication skills, which is a must in any field of work as well. 

4. Character building

Holding a job at a young age teaches children two of the most important things in life that shape one’s character-responsibility and accountability. A job teaches one how to be responsible and fulfill commitments, even when in a tight spot. It also teaches children accountability, if and when they are unable to keep their commitments. 

5. Value of money

A child who has to work five hours to buy a shirt or a gaming console will quickly realize the importance of money. A job gives a teenager money to buy what they want while also helping them understand what and when to prioritize spending their hard-earned money. 

What are the regulations for working as a 15-year-old in Australia?

In most states in Australia, there is no minimum age marked to start a job. However, it is not uncommon for employers to avoid hiring anyone younger than 14 years old, and most will set their own age-limit. Employees under the age of 16 are entitled to a minimum wage of $7.48.  

Since most states have their own regulations for minors, such as minimum age for working and permits, make it a point to check the state guidelines if you are a minor looking for a job in Australia. Although, as a general rule of thumb, Australian Capital Area (ACT) specifies unique regulations for employees working under 15 years of age. So, if you’re a few months shy of 15 and looking for a job, you’ll want to make sure you know these!

  • You can work no more than 10 hours a week.
  • Cannot work before 6 a.m. and after 10 p.m.
  • Mandatory written permission to work from your legal guardian.
  • Door-to-door sales jobs cannot be undertaken. 

What are the 5 highest paying jobs for 15-year-olds in Australia?

Average salary– $23-$30

Babysitting is one of the most common jobs for 15-year-olds. A babysitter is responsible for ensuring the well-being and safety of a child entrusted to them by parents. The job usually includes feeding, bathing, and changing the baby if and when needed. Parents may also ask the baby sitter to do some chores around the house such as cleaning up the kitchen, or taking out the trash.

Average salary – $22-$28 per hour 

For those with an undying love for movies, this might be a great first job. Cinema attendant is a popular job for teens in Australia. An attendant at the cinema sells tickets, serves refreshments, and helps people find their seats at the cinema. They are also responsible for cleaning up the auditoriums and replenish refreshments kiosks after the show. Attendants can also expect some benefits such as employees’ discounts on tickets.

Average salary – $20-$28

Perfect job for anyone who enjoys the company of a furry! Dog walkers provide dog walking services to owners who are unable to walk their dogs. The job will include ensuring the dog’s safety during the walks and a timely pick-up and drop-off. Dog-walkers can find new clients on various online platforms, as well as through word of mouth. The income depends on the number of clients you take on and if you’ve secured a few regulars, this could be a great side gig.

Average salary– $20-$27

There is no age limit to start being your own boss. Maybe you’re a gifted artist, or maybe you excel in crafts and your DIY jewellery is the talk of the town. Cultivating your own interests after school and profiting off of them is a great idea if you’re not afraid to start slow and build up your clientele. However, unlike other jobs, you’ll need a bit of seed money to start making whatever you intend to sell. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, or other platforms such as Etsy are great for getting the word out. You could start off with publicising a sample product and go from there!

Average salary – $17-$22 per hour

Baristas are responsible for preparing food and beverages, such as tea and coffee, for customers in cafes. They also clean up the work area, including tables, machines, and other surfaces in restaurants. If you enjoy communicating with others, a barista job might be the right fit for you. Customers are also likely to tip you, adding to your salary, if they appreciate your service. 

What jobs will get you the most experience for 15-year-olds in Australia?

While waiting tables at 15 may not be your dream job, it is unmistakably one that will teach you several transferable skills that every employer looks for in an employee. As a busser, you can learn key skills such as organization, communication skills, problem-solving and adaptability. Not only that, bussing can also be a stepping stone for anyone looking to get a better understanding of the hospitality industry or customer service. 

If you’re skilled in a particular subject at school, tutoring your juniors will not only bring in a decent income, but also equip you with valuable skills for future jobs. Communication, problem solving, creative thinking, and patience are all integral to teaching. These skills are also transferable and desired in virtually every candidate applying for any job.  

Stocking shelves at your local grocery store might seem like an easy gig but it doesn’t mean it won’t teach you anything. Stocking requires excellent organization skills, and as with any job involving speaking to customers on a daily basis, it also requires interpersonal skills. Both will come handy if you eventually decide to apply to become a store manager. Stockers have to learn how to work in tandem with the rest of the store staff. This also teaches one team-work. 

A camp counselor ensures the safety and well-being of children while they participate in camp activities. They help with the planning activities, provide them moral and mental support, and guide them during camp events. The job can strengthen important skills such as communication and creativity, while also building leadership skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and patience. All these skills are highly desirable in a candidate and will come handy for future job applications. 

If you have a distinct voice and can modulate it well, working as a voice actor can open many doors for you. Businesses often require the services of voice actors for commercials, audiobooks, games, and more. Starting in your teens, you can build on technical skills, acting abilities, and hone your creative and technical skills which can eventually qualify you for other jobs such as a voice coach, actor, or radio jockey. 

Tip for Lading a Job in Australia

Now that we’ve covered talking about the best-paying and the most lucrative jobs, let’s look into some tips which will help you land the job you wish to. 

1. Collect all the information

Your social security card (not just your numbers) as well as a passport or driver’s license will be required. You may also need additional items depending on your age or your state, such as a work permit that must be signed by a parent/guardian. Check the state guidelines and make sure you have all the information you’ll need to start the job hunting process. 

2. Create a resume

Many teenagers wonder: Do I need a resume to get my first job? The short answer to this question-yes. Maybe you know another language aside from your native tongue, maybe you’ve won debates or perhaps you’re the president of a club, your high school achievements and accolades are valid and should make it to your resume. 

3. Create a Job-Search Strategy

Do your research to find the right job for you. That could mean looking up postings in newspapers, checking in with your network of family, relatives, and friends for any leads, or doing your search online on trusted platforms like GrabJobs. If you’re digitally inclined, GrabJobs’ many features such as automatic interview scheduling, interview reminders, and a broad database of job postings is sure to help you find the most suitable job. 

4. Practice your pitch

Being able to clearly communicate why you are the best candidate to fill a job is key to job-seekers’ success. You should be able to clearly articulate why you are the best candidate for the job. This will be useful when you are asked to come in for an interview. Have friends or family help you catch your mistakes and help make your pitch better. 

5. Plan Your Wardrobe

Once you’re called in for an interview, you’ll want to make sure you don’t show up in a tank top and jeans. Sure, it’s a good outfit, but its better suited for an outing with friends and not an interview. You’ll want to make a good first impression and that begins with choosing the right attire. A formal shirt and trousers should do the trick. Your hair, shoes, and nails should be neat and clothes well ironed. No employer wants a shabby employee walking the office corridors. 

6. Be prepared for competition -- and rejection

There may be a lot of competition, and not just from teens. Many jobs were previously held by teens, but in the recent years have been taken over by retired people and/or college students. There may be fewer job openings than in the past, and consequently more competition. So, it’s important to start your job search with an open mind and expect rejections. However, remember, it’s still just a job and in no way a reflection of your caliber and potential. 

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