Top 30 Highest Paying Careers for Women in Indonesia (with Salary)

Find the highest-paying careers for women in Indonesia! Check our list of the best paid jobs for women in Indonesia including salaries.
Highest Paying Careers for Women in Indonesia (with Salary)

Top 30 Highest Paying Careers for Woman in Indonesia (with Salary)

The role of women in Indonesia’s workforce continues to be mostly undefined. However, in the deeply religious country of 275 million people, skilled and employable females tend to face undeserved challenges before they’ve even had a chance to interview. And despite the nation’s generally low cost of living (roughly Rp. 276,000,000 per year for a family of 4), it still might be time more employers consider relinquishing such biases so that women can have a more prominent seat at the table. 

In many parts of Indonesia, women are still less accepted for jobs within certain male-dominated sectors––especially the labor industry. Instead, they are typically reserved for jobs that correspond with traditional, female-centric archetypes, like caregivers, menders, minders, service, and family/community-based involvement. This is not the case throughout the entire country, but, in reality, women are held back despite this modern era of commercialism and business. 

Educated, “middle-class” women continue to amass skills and training for just about every career field imaginable, yet are often judged by employers not entirely based on their qualifications, but also their class and standing in society. Industries like IT, computing, medicine, finance, and government, are gradually coming around to outdated prejudices, and many women are succeeding, but there is still work to be done. 

In this article, we will share the best overall jobs, and the high-paying jobs for women in Indonesia––and the corresponding salaries.

What Are the Top 30 Highest-Paid Jobs for Women in Indonesia?

Average annual salary: Rp. 432,000,000 

Job description: Companies in all industries rely on Human Resources (HR) staff to source, interview, and hire the best candidates for their openings. Without an HR Manager, businesses would struggle to bring quality workers on board. Women have traditionally filled many roles in HR, and in Indonesia, it is no exception. For a wealth of HR information, be sure to visit Whatishumanresource and expand your understanding of the intricacies and dynamics of the HR field.

Average annual salary: Rp. 100,000,000 

Job description: Also known as content writers, these well-paying roles are in high demand throughout Indonesia’s creative industry, but also within the financial, tech, education, and government sectors. Depending on which industry women are looking for, it should be relatively easy to find a position. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 61,000,000 

Job description: Despite the rise in information technology and artificial intelligence, traditional customer service is a viable and highly valued profession for women that is very well paying in Indonesia.

Average annual salary: Rp. 220,000,000 

Job description: Graphic designer roles are readily available throughout Indonesia due to the increase in creative design work, and because it is a position that can typically be done remotely, skilled candidates who happen to be women can also benefit.

Average annual salary: Rp. 72,000,000 

Job description: Recruiting coordinators are a valuable part of any companies hiring and HR departments. They can typically be relied upon to help members of the Human Resources department review resumes, filter ideal job candidates, execute background checks, participate in interviews, and perform onboarding responsibilities with new employees.

Average annual salary: Rp. 209,000,000 

Job description: Leading a team of forward-thinking creative, business-minded coordinators using results-driven online skills to boost sales is the hallmark of a solid digital marketing manager. Women in Indonesia looking to enter the marketing industry can find jobs like these in major cities like Jakarta.

Average annual salary: Rp. 60,000,000

Job description: Companies across Indonesia require telecommunications specialists to help with sales and support. Female job seekers who have a passion for service, as well as the skills required to track contact lists while calling prospective customers to sell the benefits of a company’s particular products or services, can expect to earn excellent wages.

Average annual salary: Rp. 240,000,000 

Job description: An effective Project Manager plans and allocates resources for a company, as well as prepares budgets, monitors project statuses, and ensures that stakeholders are kept well-informed throughout a project’s life cycle. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 200,000,000 

Job description: Creative Directors across all types of media are generally responsible for helping companies create content –– which includes, but isn’t limited to advertising for print, radio, film, or digital elements. Many Creative Directors don’t typically have or require a degree in any particular creative field but instead can be hired based entirely on an impressive portfolio of creative work. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 96,000,000 

Job description: Also known as Content Specialists or UX/UI Developers, this integral role is essential for companies looking to create navigable web and mobile sites for their customers. As the shift to e-comm continues to grow, these types of jobs will remain high paying to men and women alike.

Average annual salary: Rp. 1,300,000,000 

Job description: Surgeons provide advanced health care to people from all walks of life, making them extremely in-demand positions. Due to the high-risk nature of a surgeon’s day-to-day tasks, including the quick thinking across multiple patient cases, and the qualifications and experience expected, these critical jobs are so well-paid.

Average annual salary: Rp. 406,000,000 

Job description: There are many job openings across Indonesia for skilled female software developers. If you have a robust software development portfolio and development experience under your belt, you’ll have your pick of jobs working for all kinds of companies, from those in the manufacturing field to healthcare providers.

Average annual salary: Rp. 373,000,000 

Job description: Judges make some of the most important decisions that affect individuals and society as a whole. Their rulings, which they make based on extensive reading, researching, and experience, are incredibly important and they bear the weight of all their actions.

Average annual salary: Rp. 280,000,000 

Job description: Solicitors provide legal services to people in need––and they are typically compensated based on how valuable they are to their clients, depending on the degree of seriousness in which they find themselves, the higher they’ll pay to have a more experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent them in court. Even solicitors who specialize in reading wills, buying/selling a property, or putting together contracts are well-paid because of the importance of the work involved.

Average annual salary: Rp. 266,000,000 

Job description: Marketing directors lead managers and their curated teams of creative individuals to execute ad campaigns, analyze results, and help businesses expand their reach to get in front of more customers and sell more products or services.

Average annual salary: Rp. 260,000,000 

Job description: Indonesia is a haven for tourists, so hotels and restaurants in major areas of the country––as well as many other beach-heavy locales––thrive on the income accrued from overseas visitors. As such, the need for qualified Hospitality Managers, who run the day-to-day operations of such businesses, is in high demand and pays exceptionally well.

Average annual salary: Rp. 245,000,000 

Job description: Psychiatry focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders in patients looking for a less-invasive form of rehabilitation. Mental health service workers in Indonesia treat men, women, and children with any of the above issues, as well as prescribing medications and conducting non-physical forms of treatment, such as psychotherapy.

Average annual salary: Rp. 201,000,000 

Job description: Businesses, large and small, can benefit greatly from having an experienced accountant on staff. Independently, accountants also work with individuals to help them handle their finances. Because there’s so much versatility in what accountants can do, qualified women in Indonesia should expect to find many opportunities available. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 150,000,000 

Job description: The educational journey toward becoming a college or university professor in Indonesia is extensive and demanding. But once a university student graduates and reached the level of professor, especially a tenured professor, there are a plethora of well-paying positions available.

Average annual salary: Rp. 99,000,000 

Job description: An Executive Chef fulfills a managerial role in a restaurant, hotel, resort, or other venue and typically involves extensive work behind the scenes. They manage the food operations and ordering of ingredients and products –– plus, they also supervise cooks, sous chefs, and any other staff member working in the kitchen.

Women-First Jobs in Indonesia

While not a requirement, women in Indonesia tend to get hired for roles like these:

Average annual salary: Rp. 72,000,000 

Job description: Though not a law, women in Indonesia tend to get hired as retail sales associates more often than men when selling goods and services to the public––especially when selling women’s clothing or shoes as many companies would prefer that employees interact with customers of the same gender. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 170,000,000 

Job description: Administrative assistants that perform within a business that deals with the members of the public are not only helping with the daily operations of a company’s internal office but efficiently ensuring that others on their team have the resources and time available to help customers.

Average annual salary: Rp. 68,000,000 

Job description: A massively in-demand skill within the digital and e-tail industries, female social media marketers help to spread the word about a company’s products or services to millions of content-hungry followers around the globe. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 63,000,000 

Job description: Baristas are crucial hospitality players in that they are responsible for the quick and efficient preparation of coffee and caffeinated beverages that keep Indonesians operating at their highest energy level possible. Not only do they work in extremely fast-paced environments, but they also clean, open, and close cash registers and order products. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 141,000,000 

Job description: A staple of the medical industry, registered nurses in Indonesia are an invaluable component of the country’s healthcare system. These jobs are some of the most demanding and in-demand in Indonesia due to the versatility and training required––nurses can work a variety of jobs, from traditional positions in hospitals to positions within outpatient or rehabilitation facilities. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 155,000,000 

Job description: Despite many obstacles faced by teachers in Indonesia, especially those who have worked remotely through the COVID-19 pandemic in some of the smaller towns and cities, the need for additional skilled and experienced educators –– especially at the junior and primary school level –– remains high throughout the region.

Average annual salary: Rp. 200,000,000 

Job description: Product Managers are, simply put, in charge of products –– digital products, physical goods, and financial products. Some examples of digital products include websites, apps, and computer games, while financial products are not limited to credit cards, loans, and mortgages. Product Managers are responsible for ensuring that their products are free of issues and increasing overall sales revenue.

Average annual salary: Rp. 108,000,000

Job description: Flight Attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety, comfort, and security of passengers before, during, and after flight take-off. They not only provide customer service when dispensing meals and refreshments, but they also assist flyers with immigration questions and destination tips –– all while creating a sound environment aboard the airplane. 

Average annual salary: Rp. 58,000,000

Job description: Receptionist jobs are some of the most popular for women in Indonesia, mainly because so much of the role is comprised of answering telephones and using organizational tools like Microsoft Office –– skills with which many candidates are already familiar. Receptionist jobs are great for building relationships in the business industry and working with people.

Average annual salary: Rp. 91,000,000

Job description: Food service is one of the most popular positions in Indonesia’s bustling hospitality industry. Most serving jobs don’t require experience and, if it’s a reputable place, they will provide you with foundational training. Plus, you often get to enjoy a free meal on your shift. These jobs are typically fast-paced, but the communication skills (and tips) you’ll develop make it a worthwhile option.

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