Can I Work Part Time while Working Full Time in UAE?

Is it possible to work a part time job if you are working full time already in the UAE? GrabJobs dives into the details of how to do so in the UAE.

There are many reasons why one would want to find a part time job to supplement their income. But is it alright for an individual to work part-time while working full-time in the UAE? 

For entry-level professionals who have just entered into employment or are interning, a part time job could provide the right amount of financial padding until the ideal amount of full time work becomes available. New ex-pats in the UAE might also find themselves in need of more financial padding after accounting for all the costs associated with the relocation.

Luckily, there are many options for those who want to work part time and full time all at once in the UAE. 

This UAE is booming when it comes to the job market in a number of different industries. If you’re interested in looking for part time work, our jobs list at GrabJobs is a great resource to use for finding a part time job in the UAE. Our platform makes it easy to filter through different part time job listings. 

We’ll also breaking down the basics of acquiring a temporary work visa. But, if you’d like to find out more, check out our in-depth article on the topic of visas in the UAE.

What are the benefits of working Part-Time while Working Full-Time in the UAE?

There are many benefits to working part time while also working full time in the UAE. Here are just a few:

COVID-19 affected many workers’ full time employment in the UAE.

While there are many job opportunities in the UAE, many ex-pats living in this nation suffered from temporary unemployment. Many are still struggling to make ends meet with their main job due to lockdowns. A part time job could be a great way to supplement your income until you are able to go back to your job full-time.

You can use this opportunity to pay off debt.

When relocating abroad, there are so many costs to consider. It’s not only costly to acquire visas for you and your family, but it also includes travel, accommodation, and many other costs that can add up. If you’re finding yourself having trouble making ends meet after spending so much on a move, a part time job to supplement your full time income is a good idea.

You could discover a new job that your love.

Perhaps you’re currently working for a full time employer in a field that you have grown out of. Taking on a part time job while working for your full time employer could present a unique opportunity to explore another industry in the UAE. 

Just keep in mind that it would be wise to leave your full time position during the six-month temporary visa period. You may need to apply for an additional visa to work at your secondary job on a full time basis.

You’ll be making more money.

This benefit is the main one that people consider when seeking a second job. You’ll be able to earn extra money to pay off your debts or start building up your savings account after an international move. 

While the UAE is a bustling nation with many opportunities for professional growth, it’s also quite expensive to live there. The cost of living fluctuates quite a bit. But overall, the cost of housing, food, healthcare, and others are pricey. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are particularly expensive cities for foreign workers.

You’ll have more financial security.

We are living in uncertain times. One benefit of working a second job is that if something happens to your main job, you will still at least have some financial security. This is especially so for industries that are not considered essential.

Is it legal to take on a part-time job on top of a full-time job in the UAE?

The short answer would be “Yes, but you’ll need to have the right circumstances and paperwork.”

According to Gulf News, the UAE’s labor law regulations are a bit more flexible than you’d expect. If you have found the ideal temporary work option in the UAE that would supplement your main job, you can easily begin working with a new employer by applying for a temporary work permit that is issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, also known as the MOHRE.

With this work permit, you can work for two different employers. You’ll need to have written permission from your original full time employers in order to work part time at your secondary job. To successfully apply for this permit, you’ll need to have your full time employer to submit the application for you. There are also very nuanced guidelines that need to be outlined, such as the length of time you’ll be working with the temporary employer, the amount of hours you’ll be able to work a week, and other permissions. 

More legal info

In the event that you currently have a case with the UAE’s Labour Court against your full time employer and have found a secondary job, you can submit the application for your work permit on your own. This also applies to scenarios in which your current employer has not paid you your established wages in over two months.

The temporary work visa is a service offered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in order to encourage the growth of immigration and expatriate workforces in the UAE. Specifically, this temporary work visa can be used for up to six months. Applications can be found at Tas’heel service centers or even through the company you work for if they are registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

“Once the temporary work permit application is filled out and the necessary documents submitted, the application will be transferred to the Ministry for verification,” the Gulf News writeup reads, “If there are any requirements which have not been met, such as missing documents, the applying company will be notified of it and asked to complete the requirements through Tas’heel service centres. If all the conditions are fulfilled, the work permit will be issued. The company can print the approval notice by visiting the Ministry’s website”

What do I need to apply for a temporary work visa in the UAE?

You’ll need a few documents to apply for a temporary work visa. Copies of these documents will need to be given to your employer so they can submit your application on your behalf. You’ll also need to pay an application fee of AED 100 and an approval fee of AED 500. The necessary documents include:

  • Copy of your full time and part time jobs’ trade licenses.
  • 1 photo of yourself, in color, with a plain white background.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your diploma or proof of graduation from an academic institution. This document will need to be attested by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
  • Letter of recommendation and approval that has been issued by a reputable authority if required for the position. This is typically needed for teachers, doctors, nurses, etc. that are seeking part time employment.
  • Full copy of the contract.
  • Certificate of no objection from your sponsor.
  • Copy of your visa, which should include your sponsor or establishment’s name. Your visa will also need to be valid for at least six months.

You’ll also need to consider a few terms and conditions in order to apply for a temporary work visa that will allow you to have two employers. According to Visa Guide, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and both companies involved much not have any violations in this business history. Just as well, the work you do for your second job must explicitly follow the job description of the company hiring you.

Here are some legal details on the matter

“After your work permit for the UAE is approved, it serves as an entry permit, allowing you to enter the UAE on the grounds of employment,” the resource at Visa Guide details, “This permit is valid for 30 days, and can be extended once, allowing you a maximum stay of 60 days during which time your employer has to arrange your Residence Visa. The UAE Employment Visa procedure starts only after you enter the country.”

When it comes down to it, you’ll need to have this temporary work visa in order to work a part time job in the UAE, otherwise you could face some significant problems.

“As per Federal Decree Law No. 2 of 2007, if an expatriate is caught working for another company without an official permit, then a fine of AED 50,000 will be applied to the hiring company, in addition to other penalties in case of repeating the offence,” the UAE’s government website reads.

What are the most flexible part-time jobs in the UAE?

You have quite a lot of options available when it comes to flexible part time jobs in the UAE. Specifically, these jobs are ideal as a side good or as a way to gain supplementary income while also working a full time job. When it comes to different kinds of flexibility such as time, space, physical presence, these jobs are worth looking into.

Creative Design and Production

This is a very popular industry in the UAE. You could easily find job opportunities for designers, web specialists, logo and branding artists, etc. In fact, creative design and product are particularly popular jobs for freelancers.

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The UAE is a huge multicultural country that boasts hundreds of different cultures and nationalities. Naturally, this is reflected in the country’s workforce. It makes sense why translators, particularly bilingual speakers of English and Arabic, are in very high demand. You might find translator positions for big companies or one-off freelance jobs that are paid by the hour.

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Freelancing is a popular job for those who want to moonlight in the UAE. Freelance writers are particularly popular, especially in Dubai. A freelance writer can do a variety of different activities, such as writing for books, magazines, blogs, websites, and more. Pay is typically determined by the hour or per assignment, and varies quite a bit from job to job.

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Social media managers

Social media is a huge marketing corner for businesses. In fact, social media marketing accounts for a significant amount of resources and spend for marketing in different industries in the UAE. As social media continues to become a hotspot for marketing endeavors, the demand for social media managers, professionals, and experts will also increase. For such a role you’ll need to have experience with social media experience, blogging, social bookmarking, brand awareness, etc.

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In virtually any country there will be demand for tutors, and that’s definitely the case for the UAE. Tutors are simply experts in a particular field or study that share their knowledge and study tips to students or professionals in a particular area. Tutors can teach young children, teens, college students, or teams of workers at a company. If you are an expert in a subject like swimming, math, science, or technology, becoming a tutor could be an excellent (and well-paying) freelance job for you.

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Tour Guides

It’s no secret that the UAE is a hotspot for tourism with its glittering skyscrapers and traditional, extravagant mosques. One sector to consider when looking for part time employment is the tourism industry. As a tour guide, you can make quite a bit of money driving tourists around Dubai and explaining the sights, especially if you are bilingual or multilingual. The holiday season is a particularly lucrative season for tour guides.

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Waitstaff and Other Restaurant Jobs

Being a server at a restaurant is a fairly difficult but definitely straightforward type of job. You’ll be responsible for bussing tables, greeting guests, serving food, cooking food, cleaning, etc. If you’re looking for something very temporary that is heavy on tips during the holiday season, working at a restaurant in the UAE (especially in the bigger cities like Dubai) is a good choice.

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Call Centers

Call centers are very flexible jobs and perfect for those who are working full time and part time positions. At a call center, you will only have to work minimum hours. You also don’t need to have a ton of specialized skills to get a job at a call center either. Typically, you just need good speaking and language capabilities. And call center jobs are abundant in the UAE.

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Remote Positions

The pandemic has left many stuck in their homes and working remotely. You can take advantage of this opportunity and find a job online. Many different kinds of jobs are online-only, such as writers, marketers, editors, artists, and much more. The opportunities are virtually endless, and remote positions are incredibly flexible. You won’t have to worry about travelling from your full time job to another job across the city. Instead, you can simply work for a few hours a day at home and pull in extra income.

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Working two different jobs in the UAE really isn’t too complicated. All it takes is a temporary work permit and good time management. The options for full time employment are also very abundant and span many different industries. We bet that with a little bit of hard work and the use of a great job seeking platform like GrabJobs, you’ll be able to find a fantastic part time job in the UAE in no time!

How was our guide to finding part time work in the United Arab Emirates? Drop us a comment below about your success story with working part time and full time at once.

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