Tips & tricks to getting gigs as a freelance writer

Getting gigs as a freelance writer

As an individual who has been actively writing for the past 6 years of her life, I’ve learnt my fair share of tips and tricks to getting gigs as a freelance writer in Singapore. I’ve found out that it is not as hard as it usually sounds too! 

With that being said, the number of available job opportunities have also taken a rather large hit, just like the economy has, due to effects brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

There’s no reason to panic, though! In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve managed to pick up over the years as to how you can get some gigs as a freelance writer!

A word of caution before we delve into the article: the following mentioned tips and tricks are information that has been generally observed across numerous work sectors. There may be instances in which specific advice may not match or suit what is expected for a specific firm, industry or job role.

As such, this written piece aims to function as a guide and should not be read as a comprehensive or exhaustive list of advice when it comes to getting gigs as a freelance writer. The best way to find out what may work for your success would be by conducting ample research. 

Browsing through this article could function as the first step you take into exploring different ways to succeed at work.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the article!

1) Create a portfolio

Whenever you are in attempts to secure new gigs as a writer, employers or clients like to ask for sample projects that you’ve worked on before. This allows them the opportunity to assess your work. It also helps them decide if you can take on projects that might be similar or different by nature. 


In order to reel in writing projects from new clients, you will have to be able to showcase some of your best, past works. The best way to collate them for viewing would be through a portfolio!


I personally host mine on an external webpage. And I use different tabs to segregate between the different types of writings I’ve produced thus far. For instance, I put up all my published newspaper pieces on one page. And on another, I showcase screenplays and video scripts written thus far.


Received any awards, certificates or completed any prestigious gigs before? This platform would also function as a great place to share your accomplishments. 


Most importantly, your portfolio must also include your contact information. This way, visitors of your portfolio know how to reach out to you. Be sure to include more than one form of communication method. So that you can be contacted either through one platform or the other. 



Essentially, your portfolio should work as a tool to impress prospective clients as quickly as possible. As such, the time and effort you invest into this project will be well-worth it in the long run!

2) Create connections


Within the world of communication-sector jobs, it is so crucial for individuals to create and maintain social as well as professional connections with others. When in search of gigs as a writer, knowing the right people can potentially help you land the right job too!


Personally, I first started working with a local newspaper publication company. It was catering its works towards students at the primary and secondary levels.


I kicked off my writing journey by volunteering with them as a contributing writer when I was a student myself. During which time, I also managed to communicate with different members of the editorial team there. 


Not too long later, I was offered a position with the same organisation as a contributing editor too! I was then being paid to write articles for publishing purposes. 


Some time later, I started exploring other options as to how I could explore the art of writing within other industries. However, when the newspaper organisation partnered with a government agency to work on a curation project together, the power of networking came through!


I was put into contact with the government agency by the chief editor of the newspaper organisation. And we all came together to create some written works collectively. 



The power of networking is real. And when it comes to getting gigs as a freelance writer, creating connections is one of the top tips and tricks practised within the field!

3) Read extensively


Do you recall your primary school teachers advocating reading during your school days? For writers specifically, reading extensively is especially important for ideation purposes. 


Reading extensively also allows content writers to take note of the different styles of content that are out there too. Looking through these various forms of material can also allow one to learn and absorb distinct points about different topics too. 


It’s also important to have a couple of different sources that you would prefer to visit for specific writing topics. This will enable you to stay on top of industry trends and take note of writing styles that can influence your own style too!



Perhaps, the biggest plus point about reading extensively is how writers can stay well-informed. It also helps build relevance when creating content for readers.

4) Value and maintain authenticity

As a writer, one of the best ways to secure gigs is by valuing and maintaining authenticity in all your written works. Now, what exactly does this mean?


Some clients may require you to write up reviews for products or services that you may have been asked to trial and test. In such cases, it is important that as a writer, you value and maintain authenticity in your works. How so? By staying ethical and honest. Ensure that you express your genuineness and convey the truth to your readers. 


Additionally, valuing and maintaining authenticity can also be done by referencing secondary material to your written works. Including research points is one way you can increase the credibility of your written pieces too. 


It goes without saying that plagiarism should never ever occur in any of your works. That is the biggest foul for a content writer. It will gravely affect your career as your reputation will undoubtedly take a very bad hit. 


A freelance writer should take special care to ensure that he or she does not, intentionally or unintentionally, copy another individual’s work. 


Sometimes, writers do refer to others’ works in search of inspiration and model samples. Put your work through an online plagiarism checker to ensure that you stay free of this crime! 

To wrap things up...

With all that being said, above-mentioned are the 4 tips and tricks freelance writers in Singapore can use to secure some new gigs.



To conclude, we hope this article gives you a better idea of how you can get more gigs when working as a freelance writer.




With all that being said, we have to come to the end of this article! We hope this written piece has provided you with some insights. Especially, as to what sort of steps you can take to help boost your career as a freelance writer!

In the meantime, if you’re on the lookout for job opportunities at companies within Singapore that are looking to hire individuals like yourself, read on! 😉


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