Top 8 Hotel Front Office Interview Questions Answered!

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Hotel front office questions can be tricky as recruiters test our the emotional intelligence of the candidate. Front Officers are the first interactions that guests would experience in any hotel. They set the tone and the first impression to guests. Be prepared to answer lots of situational questions during the interview so that the hiring manager can gauge your character.

Take a look at the top 8 Hotel Front Office Interview Questions below!

Why did you choose a hotel front office as your career?

If you’re equipped with good communication skills, you’ll fall in love working as a hotel front officer. You can show your interest to the hiring manager that the reason why you love working as a hotel front officer is because you like to communicate with people on a daily basis. You love helping people to solve issues with your friendly personality.

What are the qualities of a hotel front office?

The qualities of a hotel front office are- good communication skills, the ability to manage and organize your daily schedule, make your first impression the last impression to your guests.

How do you convince an unsatisfied guest of our hotel?

First I’ll find out why the guest is unsatisfied, then I’ll do service recovery based on the issue. I would also offer room upgrades if it’s available, or massage vouchers during their stay. I’ll inform the guest that their valuable feedback will be heard by the management and we will do something about it.

How would you organize your schedule?

I believe we all will be given a roster and I will follow it accordingly. In the event if I need to change shifts with my colleague, I will discuss with them and see if it’s possible. If it’s not, then I’ll speak to my manager and see what they can do.

What do you think are the responsibilities of a hotel front office?

There are many responsibilities. But the most important one is to ensure guests are checked-in, their rooms are ready for them and we are always there for them when they need us.

How do you encourage yourself to work well in this repetitive career?

I will encourage myself to work twice as hard as my colleague. I will always ask questions and gather feedback from my colleagues on how I can do better everyday. Read up some self-development books to help me further improve myself as an individual.

Why do you think you are perfect for this position?

I’ll say I’m suitable. Because I’m a people-person. I deal with people all the time and they enjoy talking to me. I’ll be an asset to your company because I’ll help your company to bring in new guests and return guests as long as I’m interacting with them at the hotel front.

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